[Husky Head]

MayFurr's Art - Husky 'morph Characters

Updated April 2002

Okay, it's a weakness... I think huskies are beautiful animals! :)

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[Husky girl waving]

"Husky Wave"

A female husky-'morph waving. Not much I can really say about this one, really, apart from I was experimenting with some new techniques to get body anatomy right.


"Meet Strelka"

A new character of mine, Strelka Patsayevana, that I was playing around with recently. She's a Siberian Husky 'morph, and it appears she's got a bit of an attitude!

[Sweet Dreams from Tasha]

"Sweet Dreams"

A female Siberian Husky reclines on a bed, watching you, tastefully attired in a night-dress. Suitable for a Windows backdrop! Tasha © her player.

[The Bitch is back!]

"The Bitch is Back!"

A Siberian Husky femme returns in a party mood! Inspired by the Elton John song  of the same name - but who says a bitch can't be nice too? Tasha © her player.

[Back in the USSR]

"Back in the USSR!"

Tasha, a female Siberian Husky from FurryMUCK, sitting on a wall in Moscow. Tasha © her player.

[Cosmonaut Tasha]

"Cosmonaut Tasha"

Tasha, a female Siberian Husky from FurryMUCK, in flight training at Novaya Zvezgorod in a "Soyuz" flight simulator. Tasha © her player.

[Miss Novaya '98]

"Miss Novaya Zvezgorod 1998"

Tasha, a female Siberian Husky from FurryMUCK, poses in a swimsuit. A second-time winner! Tasha © her player.

[Husky femme in sled harness]

"Sled Harness"

A side view of a female husky canine in a very special sled harness.

[Tasha at a fountain]

"Tasha at a Fountain"

Tasha, a female Siberian Husky from FurryMUCK, standing in a park at a water fountain. Tasha © her player.

[Tasha salutes Mir]
"Tasha salutes Mir"

Tasha salutes that famous Russian space-station, Mir, after it's fiery re-entry. The ending of an era in manned spaceflight.
(The flags under the Mir name are those of the Soviet Union, Russia, USA, France, UK and Japan - all nations that contributed crews at one point.)

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