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Updated July 2000

[Fox Head]

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[Fox: 1999 Poster]

[Fox:1999 Poster 2]

"FOX: 1999"

"Moonbase Alphur is Furry's greatest achievement in its space program. Built as a research station and launch platform, this self-sufficient base would be a stepping stone for exploration of the cosmos. However, on September 13, 1999, an accident at the massive furry spooge waste dumps on the far side of the moon blasts Furry Prime's satellite and its base out of orbit, hurling it into deep space. The survivors are unable to return to Furry Prime, and the remaining inhabitants of Alphur now must come to terms with a new life travelling through a strange and sometimes hostile universe..."

Starring MayFurr as Commander John Canid, and Ranthe as his second-in-command Doctor Helena Russett, it's the hit Furry SF series of the 20th Century - 'FOX: 1999'!

"FOX: 1999" is a joint production of Renards Sans Frontieres and Verry Anderfurr Productions. MayFurr and Ranthe © T. Knight, Tasha © her player. Yes, this is a Space: 1999 spoof!


"Roxie Danao"

Meet "Roxie", a charming canine femme in her evening finery, standing on a tropical beach.

Inspired by the setting of Caylabne Bay, Correigodor Island and Fort Drum in the Philippines.

[Tour Poster 1998]

"The 'Renards Sans Frontieres' (Foxes Without Borders) Tour"

The "official" tour poster for my French trip in February/March 1998.

[Vixen in evening dress]

"Rob's Vixen"

A vixen in evening dress, looking quite the sophisticate.

Drawn for Rob Deighton at the UK Furry Housecon, Yateley, September 1997.

[Is that May, or is it something else?]

"MayFurr's Pride"

MayFurr looks like he's got something to be really proud about!

[Pecan festival]

"Grand Southern Ball"

Vicki Fox and MayFurr at the "Pecan Festival". Commission picture.  

Vicki Fox © and TM Mike Russell. MayFurr © Terry Knight.

[You called me a WHAT?]

"One Fine Evening on the FurrySpace Talkback Channel"

MayFurr (from FurryMUCK) mentions the "W" word in earshot of his vixen pilot Ranthe... and she's not happy!

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