MayFurr's Art - ANZ, AP characters

Updated July 2000

This page contains pictures of furry characters I've drawn that belong to people living in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region. Mostly Australasian at this point, but I can hope... :)
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[Jeepney ride!]

While MayFurr is in Manila, Rom and Tamara Fox take the New Zealand fox on a Philippine jeepney ride. Problem is, they seem to have lost their passenger...

[Coming on a coaster?]

While working in the Philippines, Filipino furry artist Rommel Ignacio and I went out on an IBM company outing to "Enchanted Kingdom", a Filipino version of the Aussie "Dreamworld" funpark south of Manila. Rom dared me to ride on the roller-coaster with him, but as you can see here I was just a little reluctant...

Many thanks for the fun time, Rommel!

[It ain't 'arf 'ot...]

Back in Manila, MayFurr finds the Philippine heat a little hard to take. Rom (Rommel Ignacio) wonders however whether May is taking things a bit too far!

[Immigration Problem?]

As part of my recent work in the Philippines, I had to go through quite a lot of immigration-related paperwork, due to my long stay there. The forms were bad enough, but when I had to supply a thumbprint I was starting to wonder what was next...

["Remind me..."]

A commentary on the Manila pollution, as seen by a smoker...

[Rotorua Springs]

My friend Bernard Doove from Melbourne and I went on a road trip through the North Island of New Zealand over the Christmas/New Year period of 1998/1999. Here, our alter-egos Chakat Goldfur and MayFurr visit the thermal town of Rotorua. Goldfur's found a traditional way of cooking, but May isn't so sure...

[At the Skytower...]

After Rotorua we went to Auckland and visited the Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Goldfur here discovers the attraction of the glass windows in the floor of the viewing deck...

[Chakat in a space-suit]

Chakat Goldfur in a space-suit, working in orbit. Goldfur © Bernard Doove.

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