So, why the adult stuff?

Firstly, because I find it fun. Secondly, I'm an adult (last time I looked, at least :) ) and I don't see there's any reason why I can't write and draw adult material, as long as it doesn't get into the wrong hands - that is, children or those who find such things offensive. Hence the warnings. Sex in my opinion is a natural and healthy part of adult life, and as we all like reading stories about adventure, romance, science fiction or fantasy, why not good erotica?

In all honesty, you probably won't find anything here that's too outrageous or degrading - I'm not that sort of person. The key words are consenting adults in anything I do relating to sexuality. I don't find force or outright coertion (as opposed to "playing") any fun at all! And I'm not really into gratuitous blood guts and gore violence either.

Herendeth the lesson.Smiley face

What about legal considerations?

That's an interesting question, because:

  1. I am a New Zealand citizen
  2. These pages are hosted on an Australian-based WWW server.

Who has juristiction? You tell me! Welcome to the wonderful world of international law.

Having said that, I wish to remain inside the law, and if I am faced with a reasonable request from the server owners to remove these pages due to legal reasons, I will probably do so. This is just a hobby for me, after all - I don't make any money from it. I'm not exactly thrilled with the thought of being somebody's test case either, I've got better things to do with my money than spend it on lawyers.

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