"The Dream"

(c) July 1996 Terry Knight

Inspired by (and a sequel to) "The Wish" by Bernard Doove, which was published in the 1996 edition of South Fur Lands - Sex and Violence Supplement. "Marla" used with permission.

The illustrated version of "The Dream" will be published in the next South Fur Lands - Sex and Violence issue.

The white bear girl moodily stirred her drink at the bar, oblivious to the loud beat of the music and the hub-bub of voices behind her. The bar was packed as usual on a Friday night, she noted, but the glum look on her face showed she wasn't really interested. A row of empty glasses lined the bar counter in front of her as she stared dismally over the top of them towards the bottles behind the bar.

"Same again?" asked one of the bartenders. Marla nodded half-heartedly, and the feline disappeared to back into the dark recesses behind the bar, returning shortly with another pink frothy-looking drink and placing it before her. The bear pushed a note to the cat for payment, scarcely noticing her refreshment.

"Man trouble?" the same bartender asked, leaning against the bar, his eyes casually looking at the sad ursine before him.

She nodded. "Sortof."

"Want to talk about it?"

She shook her head. "You wouldn't understand."

He waved dismissively. "You've been coming here in the same night for the last few weeks, sitting on the same stool, drinking yourself silly on the same drinks until the place closes - now don't tell me there's no reason" he smiled.

Again she shook her head, absent-mindedly fingering the stem of her cocktail glass.. She really was quite a looker, he thought to himself. Long flowing blonde hair, thick creamy white fur, a pleasant full figure attractively filling out the dark-blue strapless dress she wore, and he guessed that when she smiled her face would light up like a candle. Come to think of it though, he couldn't recall ever having seen her smile here.

"Alright" he nodded, figuring discretion was called for here. "Just remember I'm here if you want me."

Marla sadly watched the handsome feline depart down the other end of the bar to serve someone else. He wasn't bad looking either, she thought, having noticed the way he was looking at her. If only... if only...

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she fought them down again, angrily wiping her eyes with her hand. Ever since that one fateful night two months ago, her social life had come to this, lonely nights in the company of strangers, feeling like a freak-show...

"That one dammed wish" she muttered under her breath. "I didn't think... I just didn't think..." She sighed heavily again, loneliness washing over her as she surveyed the rest of the happy crowd in the bar. Her stool creaked a bit as she leaned heavily onto the counter-top again, gazing moodily into her glass.

"Excuse me... but you look like y' need some company - may I join you?"

Marla looked up, startled, and turned towards the voice. A golden-furred jackal femme smilingly returned her gaze, perched up on the bar stool next to her.

"Where did you come from?"

"Ah," the jackal grinned, "I've been here a good few minutes at least, hun. I've been watching you all on your own over here."

The bear sat impassively, which the newcomer took as assent to her company. She flagged down the feline bartender, and ordered a drink in a long glass which she sipped briskly.

"Oh sorry, where's my manners," the jackal laughed. "I'm Dale - pleased to meet you." She offered a paw to her, which Marla slowly shook.

"Looks like you've been here for a while hun," Dale continued in a cheery chatty voice, her whiskers and nose twitching with excitement. The bear smiled in spite of her dark mood, her new companion's bubbling personality rubbing off on her, and soon found she had introduced herself to the newcomer and was engaged in conversation with her. She shrugged inwardly - after all, that's what she was here for, wasn't it?

While she was talking, she discreetly studied Dale. She was really rather strikingly dressed, wearing a dark leather skirt and boots, with a simple white top under a stylish jacket. Her dark green eyes were fascinating, sparkling as they did under the light, and her pleasantly-rounded figure was most attractive to look at.

Most attractive... in fact... oh dear...

Marla caught herself, biting her lip as she felt the now unwelcome stirrings under her dress, between her legs. Dale noticed her reaction, and paused. "Are you okay, hun?"

"Oh - y-yes, I think, I mean..." she stuttered in reply, feeling quite unsettled, having being lulled into a sense of normality by the flowing conversation. She took a deep breath, then another, letting it out slowly, trying not to think about the attraction she was feeling for her new found friend. "That's better, yes, I'm okay now" she breathed finally.

Dale smiled, resting a hand on her shoulder, the canine's tail gently swishing behind her. "No problem, hun," she said, smiling a toothy grin. "Feel the same way myself with strangers sometimes - I just let my tongue run away with me. We're very much alike I think, you and I." Marla returned the jackal's smile, having now regained control of herself, silently praying to herself that she didn't have the same thing happen to her again for the rest of the night.

She'll probably leave me and find someone else to be with soon, she thought. Given the choice between me the way I'm feeling tonight and some hunky young canine male, she'll head off with him instead of staying with me... Hell, I know I would...

But, despite her misgivings, the evening actually wore on most pleasantly, with Marla steadily finding herself thoroughly enjoying the company of her new acquaintance. Dale somehow had a knack of putting her at her ease, and so she had relaxed and chatted, joked about various things, forgetting the loneliness she had been immersed in hours before. In fact, anyone watching would have thought that she and Dale had known each other since childhood.

Yet even the evening's pleasantness couldn't entirely suppress the dark thought of fear running through Marla's mind. Dale must suspect something, she thought to herself as the night wore on, stealing surreptitious speculative glances at the jackal's beauty, silently cursing the physical twinges such looks provoked. She must realise I look at her like a man would... that's not normal for a woman to do... surely she must realise? But Dale remained oblivious to the bear's glances, still smiling and joking, buying her drinks, sharing stories... and sometimes, just sometimes, she thought that her new friend was giving her the same sorts of looks...

It seemed too soon when the bar started closing for the night, so when Dale offered to take her back to her place she accepted without a thought, in some ways never wanting the evening to end.

"Well, here we are!" Dale sang out, opening the living room door and ushering her inside. "Make yourself comfortable, hun, and I'll get us a nightcap."

Marla gratefully sat down in the sofa as Dale bustled about in the kitchen, feeling deliciously relaxed. The jackal reappeared with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate, grinning as she set them down on the coffee table. "Hope y' don't mind a little extra something in it, hun - I rather like it like that at this time of night."

"Thanks." She gingerly picked up the mug, and sipped at it. She smiled at the rich aroma of chocolate and rum, and took a sip. "Delicious!"

"I aim to please, hun," Dale chuckled, and sat down beside her, relaxing back into the couch. "Don't know about you, but I've had a hard day today - it's great to go out and unwind!"

Marla sat back in the comfortable sofa, drinking her hot chocolate and feeling very much at peace with herself. "I've really enjoyed tonight" she smiled, sighing a little. "Haven't had such a good time in ages, Dale... I'm glad I met you."

"And same for me, Marla," Dale softly smiled. "I always seem to have a tough time finding someone to spend an evening with."

"Really?" Marla murmured, the nightcap having quite a relaxing effect on her by now. "I can't think why, you're certainly very pretty."

Dale grinned, blushing a little. "Thanks, hun... and you're pretty good-looking yourself..."

Marla took another drink of her hot chocolate, blushing in return at Dale's compliment, before suddenly noticing the jackal was rather more quiet than before. She looked up, and saw Dale's eyes seemingly fixed lower down her body.



She looked down, and to her horror, saw an all too familiar bulge pushing up under the material of her dress...

"Nooooo !!!" Marla wailed, almost dropping the mug she was holding, just managing to place it on the coffee table before trying to cover up her now obvious... erection.

She braced herself, waiting for a cry of shock, of outrage... her whole body shaking in fear of being turned out into the cold night, of losing Dale's friendship, after everything had seemed to go so right...

Images of rejection from her former boyfriend flooded through her mind, of the weeks and weeks of withdrawal and coldness she had suffered, never daring to share her secret with anyone for fear of being cursed like the freak she was... all this tore through her as she waited, sobbing, for Dale to ask her to leave.

A touch. A hand on her shoulder...

She tearfully opened her eyes to see Dale putting her arms around her, giving her a soft hug. "I thought we were much alike, you and I," the jackal smiled. "Somehow, I wondered if you might be like this."


"Yes, hun?"

"Y-y-you're not an-an-angry, are you Dale?"

Dale shook her head, and gently pressed her muzzle against the bear's snout in a gesture of affection. "No, hun, I'm not. In fact, I'm happy... very happy..."

Marla blinked through her tears, rubbing her eyes. "Y-y-you are?"

"Yes hun, I am." the jackal murmured, her eyes sparkling a little. "You see..."

Dale took Marla's free hand, and gently guided it towards her, down to her skirt, pressing down on the material. The bear gasped as her hand felt something long and stiffening between the jackal's legs...

Dale smiled as she noticed her reaction. "Yes, hun, I'm the same as you. And I know what you've been going through... you feel like you're both a man and a woman at the same time, but you can't bring yourself to tell anyone because no-one'll understand." She traced a finger through Marla's face-fur, caressing her gently, lovingly. "But I understand, hun. I won't throw you out. I've been looking for someone like you for a long time... 'cause I've been lonely too."

Marla looked up in shock, stunned at both Dale's acceptance of her condition and the jackal's own revelation. Scarcely able to breath, she whispered "Y-y-you're a hermaphrodite too..." And as she said it, it seemed like a huge weight had suddenly been lifted from her shoulders.

Dale nodded, still gently caressing her. "Yes hun, I am. Been like this for over three years now."

"How... how did you become this way?" Marla asked, trembling a little. Having resigned herself by now to the though that she was all alone in the entire world, she was attempting to come to terms with the fact that there was indeed at least one other like her. "What happened to change you from a female?"

At that, Dale smiled. "Ah... so, you were female before your change then, hun?" she chuckled softly. "At least in your case I guess it was easy to cover up what actually happened..." Calming down a little, she took Marla's hands in hers before continuing. "Marla, the changes when I was transformed were very obvious - not many males have pronounced breasts or anything like that," she said. "I was a student at the university in a town a long way from here - the name isn't important, I'm never going back again - and I was doing some experiments in high energy magic as part of my thesis. I'd found some ancient books that I'd managed to translate properly... or so I'd thought at the time."

The jackal shivered a little at the memory, looking at Marla to see her reaction. Feeling somewhat reassured at the look on the bear's face, she continued. "I don't know what went wrong, Marla... but suddenly there was a white flash of light, and I found myself feeling strange - and also discovering I had gained these," Dale said, running a hand lightly over her generous bustline. "... as well as other... things. I had to leave straight away - I packed up everythin' that night, and left town. I was so frightened of being found out, y' see... I had to get away before someone found out about what I'd changed into."

Recovering from her surprise, and with a building feeling of excitement, Marla showed Dale the magic ring she still wore. She told her of the day she was transformed, the day the One Ring changed her life forever by granting her thoughtless wish to know what it was like to be a man. The jackal sat with her as she told her tale, her large canine ears listening attentively. Marla shared with her new friend the shock of her transformation into a hermaphrodite, her horror of the discovery that she couldn't change back to her former female form, telling her of the weeks of loneliness that followed.

Dale nodded understandingly, and when Marla had finished speaking she looked deeply into the bear's face. "Since the day of the accident, I've always had to pass myself off as female, always having to separate myself from all my family and everyone else so they wouldn't find out, and trying to come to terms with what I am and how I feel... always being alone, always wondering if I'd ever find someone who understands." Her eyes shone in wonderment, a smile of pure joy on her muzzle. "But all this time I never thought I would... I hoped, all the time hoping, but never..."

Marla blinked back tears of her own, listening to the jackal's story. Here was someone who had been changed even more than she had, by accident rather than thoughtlessness, and who had been so alone for far longer than she... A wave of compassion towards Dale washed over her, and Marla put her arms around her, pulling the jackal close into a tight bear-hug. "Oh Dale..."

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just holding each other, before as if by some unspoken agreement they stood up together, Dale guiding her new found friend towards the bedroom. Once inside, the two morphs gazed longingly into each other's eyes as if in a dream, reaching out to touch each other, each recognising the dual attraction she felt for the other and celebrating it for the first time. Then, slowly, carefully, they started to undress each other, their clothes falling to the floor unheeded, as the two hermaphrodites nuzzled and brushed one other. Finally clad only in their natural fur, they stood against each other, their eyes shining, their male members fully erect from their sheathes. They stared at each other in wonderment, breathlessly taking in the sight of each others furred bodies...

"I want you tonight, hun... I've been so alone..."

"So have I, Dale... please... don't leave me..."

Dale sat down on the edge of her bed first, taking the bear's hands in hers. She ran her eyes over her partner's lovely white fur coat, smiling warmly at the sight. Leaning forward, she kissed her, lightly at first, then long and lovingly, opening her mouth to her and cupping her lovers ursine head in her hand, pressing her closer. The jackal's golden speckle-furred chest rose and fell as she breathed, her tail thump-thump-thumping against the bed as gently, ever so carefully, the two hermaphrodites lay down on the bed together.

Dale giggled a little into the kiss. "You know, I'm not sure..."

"You, mean, how people like us...?" Marla chuckled softly.

"Exactly." Dale grinned. "Though I think we've got more options than others..."

"Mmmm... I never thought of that. Indeed we do..."

A ursine hand brushed between the jackal's legs, stroking through the wet matted moundfur around her female parts, before gliding up to stroke her erection. Dale shivered at the touch, gasping a little at the sensation as fingers gently teased around her straining shaft, firmly grasping for a moment before lightly touching the tip and around the head. Marla rolled her onto her back and bent over her, lowering her muzzle to the jackal's generous breasts, kissing and licking her way down her chest, whispering under her breath. Before too long Marla had reached her lover's penis, and proceeded to run her long ursine tongue down its pink extended length, causing its owner to draw in a deep breath of pleasure. "Ooooh... Marla.... oh my, that's... aaaaaahhhmmmmm..."

Dale smiled naughtily, her tongue hanging out as she sat up, her own erection straining from her sheath as her sexual excitement mounted. "You're so lovely, hun... mmmmm..." she breathed, unable to take her eyes off her lover's beautiful form. Even the normally incongruous combination of soft heavy breasts and a shining pink cock failed to dispel any of the desire she felt for her new lover tonight. "So wonderful... you don't have to be alone any more, hun... I'm here..." Marla whispered in return, guiding her hand down between her lover's legs and feeling her fingers slip easily between canine netherlips. Sensing her lover's readiness, the bear eased her partner's legs apart, and positioned herself between them, the tip of her ursine shaft pressing against wet moundfur before she eased her rock-hard length inside Dale's waiting sex.

The recipient of this loving attention gasped, moaning a little at the sensation of the warm hardness of Marla's cock entering her... it was totally different to anything Dale had ever felt before in her life! She half-closed her eyes, lying back as Marla steadily eased further inside her. The jackal listened with rapt happiness to her ursine lover's panting and straining, whispering her name to her, slowly but surely and lovingly filling her up. Marvelling at what was happening to her, Dale squirmed from side to side, revelling in the new feelings of female love-making she was experiencing...

For her part, Marla was almost overwhelmed by the intense feelings of mating like a male, as she gasped for breath, rocking forwards in her haunches, watching almost in disbelief as her proud cock impossibly disappeared further and further inside her lover. The sensation of a part of her gripped tightly in a hot snug tunnel, being massaged with every thrust, every stroke and movement was incredible, a mind-blowing experience, and already she could feel a buildup of excitement around the base of her sheath demanding to explode forth... "Urrrrgggh... oh lover... " she growled between each gasp for breath.

"I'm right here, hun...."

Marla eased the last inch of her cock into her lover's stretched pussy, groaning with exertion... then slowly at first, she started to thrust her shaft in and out, pulling on the jackal's hips...

"Oooh love... I want you..."

Dale couldn't believe it as she watched Marla over top of her, rocking between her legs and giving her the most wonderful sensations...

"Ooooohyessss hun..."

Marla screwed her eyes shut, shuddering, pumping at her lover hard and fast, thrusting herself deep -

"I'm going to - "

Gasping for breath and whimpering helplessly, Dale lifted her hips up to meet the bear's rapid urgent thrusts -

"- can't hold on much longer - "

They met in the middle, Marla's shaft buried deep inside Dale up to the base, the jackal's womanhood filled with throbbing ursine maleness, come together as one -


Two sets of voices, raised as one, howled towards the ceiling as climax overtook the two lovers... Marla's entire body stiffened, the bear groaning with release as thick creamy ursine cum flooded through her throbbing shaft deep within her lover - the jackal beneath her rolling and crying out under her with ecstasy - both of them sobbing and panting with release as they had reached out and found each other...

"Whewwwww..." Marla finally sighed, recovering her breath, wobbling weakly with exertion as she exhaustedly laid herself down on top of her lover.

"My god, hun... you can say that again..."

"Don't think I've got the energy... !"

Dale giggled at that, wrapping her arms tightly around her new-found lover as Marla kissed her on the nose and nuzzled her face, the bear's softening cock slowly slipping out of her lover's female sex. Even though she was tired at the moment, Marla felt her female side was still in need of sexual satisfaction, and if the still-hard shaft of her friends cock pressed against her belly-fur was any indication...

The bar was packed as usual on the following Friday night. Marla dreamily stirred her drink, sitting at her usual place at the bar, listening but not really paying attention to the loud beat of the music and the hub-bub of voices behind her.

"Same again?" asked one of the bartenders. She nodded, and the feline disappeared to back into the dark recesses behind the bar, returning shortly with a pink frothy-looking drink and placing it before her. The bear pushed a note to the cat for payment, scarcely noticing her refreshment, instead looking eagerly towards the door.

"My, you certainly look better tonight!" the bartender commented. Indeed, the change in his customer was remarkable - this glowing confident lady was nothing like the sad drunken girl occupying the same stool last week. "Something good must have happened..."

A new voice interrupted him. "Well, y' could say that!" Dale laughed, as the jackal lady strolled up to her friend at the bar and gave her a warm hug. She looked into Marla's eyes. "Ready, hun?" She nodded, and after finishing her drink stook up and left the bar with her, Dale's arm around her waist.

The barman smiled to himself, and shrugged, chuckling to himself as he returned to his work. Sometimes, it would seem, dreams of companionship came true after all.

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