1996 Terry Knight

"Damn!" I swore, picking up the eraser and rubbing out the pencilled drawing for the umpteenth time. Again, the resulting sketch just didn't look right, and I wanted this picture to be the best. I was busy trying to do a picture of a reclining furry femme for the latest issue of the fanzine, and I had to get it finished tonight so I could get it in the post next morning. It was so annoying - having a picture in my mind how I wanted this piece to be, but as for trying to transfer that image onto paper... it was typical artist frustration, I was sure.

I glared moodily at the remains of my pencil roughs, and at the reference materials I had propped up next to the drawing board. Photos of animals, outlines of human life studies, rough scribblings and previous work. Normally helpful, but nothing seemed to jell tonight. The wastepaper bin was almost full of crumpled smudged sheets from my previous efforts that evening.

The clock overhead beeped quietly, and I glanced at the time. 12:00, the red display softly glowed. Midnight. The witching hour. The rest of the house was asleep, as well as the neighbours - only the street lights and the full moon above keeping this wannabe artist company. The tape I had been playing for inspiration had long since finished, and I hadn't bothered turning it over. Everything was still and quiet.

Stifling a yawn, I reclined back in my chair, the old wooden frame creaking under the strain. "If only I could actually look at what I was trying to draw..." I muttered to myself, picking up my coffee cup only to find the brown liquid at the bottom had gone cold. Sod it, I thought. Trying to do too much in too little time was not the way to get things done. I really ought to be getting to bed now I suppose, leave it till morning.

I laid down the mug and my pencils, slowly stood up from my desk and turned the study light off, plunging the room into a eerie twilight lit only from the glow of moonlight outside. Stretching and yawning with weariness, I turned around to go to bed - and got the shock of my life. For there, standing in the flesh with an amused expression on her muzzle, was the anthropomorphic Samoyed canine femme I had been trying to draw.

"Wh-wh-whhhaat?" I spluttered, hastily grabbing onto the back of the chair and steadying myself, blinking quickly, scarcely able to believe my eyes. White-furred she was, wearing a simple but classy deep-blue dress and a golden necklace around her thickly-furred neck... just as I had pictured her in my mind.

"Is there a problem?" she softly asked, her voice having a tinge of a Slavic accent to it, just as I had envisioned. "You seem surprised." The Samoyed's clear blue eyes sparked in the shaft of moonlight coming through the curtain as she slowly walked closer, the claws on her feet tap-tapping on the varnished wooden floor with each step. "Am I not as you expected me to be?"

"Nonononono!" I shook my head emphatically, trying to clear my head. "It's just... just... well, you - who are you?"

The Samoyed femme smiled, drawing closer. "My name is Strelka. Strelka Patsayev." She cocked her head to one side in a very appealing gesture. "Do you not remember?"

To say I was stunned was an understatement. A creation of mine that had hitherto only existed in my head and on flat drawings was now standing large as life before me, engaging me in conversation as if we were old friends. "I... I remember all right..." I slowly mumbled, unsure of myself and my words. "But... Strelka - you exist only in my mind, only in fiction... how did you get here?"

Strelka came up beside me and leant on the desk by the now-forgotten drawing board, her bushy tail brushing across the furniture as she spoke. "You called me, and I came," she answered. "Could I do any less for my creator?"

I had summoned her? How could that be? I said as much to her. She looked down at the incomplete drawing that I had been working on, and pointed with a paw finger, a claw touching the paper. "Hmmm... you do seem to be having some problems here with this." she murmured. "This is what you called me for."

"I don't understand." I said, not comprehending.

"You wished for - how you say, a model? for your art?" Strelka replied. "This is what you wished for?"

"Yes, but - " I started.

The Samoyed femme held up a paw, looking up at me. "So I am here for you."

I glanced suspiciously at the remains of the coffee. Sleep deprivation, caffeine overdose, stress, all causing a nervous breakdown - at my age. Had I been fantasising about my creations coming to life for too long? It certainly looked like it...

"You do not believe I am real, no?" Strelka asked, somewhat sadly. "You think you are going mad." She looked away from me, down to the drawing again.

"It's just that - " I stopped. What was I doing talking to an illusion? She must be an illusion, had to be, just a -

" - a hallucination, or something, yes." Strelka finished for me. She moved away from the desk and stood directly in front of me, looking me straight in the face, warm canine breath flowing over me. "You see," she smiled, continuing, "I know you very well, in some ways better than you know yourself. You created me with your thoughts and dreams... and I know them all. All the ones you have given me."

Now I was shaking a little, fearing that my sanity was slipping away. "Strelka - " I gulped, no longer realising what I was saying. "Strelka - you really are here, aren't you? This isn't a dream, right?"

A paw touched my shoulder, pressing reassuringly against my shirt. I yielded to the pressure, and sat down heavily. "Does this feel real?" she whispered, her muzzle lowering closer to my face. "Is this a dream?"

I sat there amazed, unable to speak. Gingerly, I reached up to her, my fingertips sinking into soft silky fur that was exquisite to the touch, my hands pressing through the Samoyed femme's winter coat to the warm flesh beneath, exploring and marvelling. "My god..." I finally whispered in amazement, "You... you are here, you're real..."

Her shiny black nose was now millimetres from my own, her breath - not offensive like a normal canine, but slightly sweet - gently washing over my face. "As real as you want me to be," Strelka whispered in reply. Her mouth opened, revealing her shiny white teeth, and she lightly licked my cheek with her long canine tongue. It felt like fine sandpaper on my skin, a little rough, but somehow reassuring. The Samoyed lowered herself onto her haunches, her tail curling up over her back as her nimble paws started to unfasten my shirt and brush my skin underneath.

"Strelka, I - " I began, but Strelka put a paw up to my lips. "Calm," she replied, her voice low and soft. "Relax."

"Um..." I tried again, only to be silenced by the Samoyed's muzzle pressing against my lips and kissing me. She held the kiss for several long moments, her tongue lapping against me. "You need to relax," she whispered, her eyes gleaming and alert, looking at me in an impossibly endearing way. "You cannot draw if you are tense... I will help you to - how you say? unwind?..."

I mutely surrendered to her then, my eyes telling her what she wanted to know. If normal Samoyed dogs were blessed with "the thousand-watt smile" than Strelka's face could light up an entire city... oh god she looked so beautiful! I slowly stroked her gorgeous fur coat with my fingers, running them through her neck-fur, across the straps of her dress as she continued to unbutton my shirt and massage my tense muscles. The Samoyed growled appreciatively with my efforts, removing my shirt and nuzzling my neck before her paws strayed to my trouser belt.

"Do you think..." I started to say, but my voice trailed off as Strelka carefully slid my trousers down my legs and smiled at me. As if in response to my unfinished question, she spoke. "Do not worry, I will not do anything you do not want to do," she reassured me. "Remember, I know all your thoughts..." Her paw slipped inside my underpants to caress me. "All your dreams...", Strelka whispered as she licked and nuzzled her way down my chest and belly, "... and all your desires."

My god, she was exquisite... tasting me, teasing me, swirling her tongue over me, making deliciously wet erotic noises as she played my body like an instrument. I lay back, gasping for breath, hoarsely whispering her name over and over, pulling the Samoyed morph closer, tugging passionately at her body, sliding the straps of her dress over her shoulders. "Oh Strelka.. oh Strelka... Strelka..."

Now she sat up straight in front of me, pulling her dress down and stepping out of it, revealing all of her furry beauty before placing herself on all fours before me with her soft furry rump poised tantalisingly in the air. As if by unspoken agreement, I stood up from the chair and knelt behind her, totally naked, her thick softness pressing against my skin as I stroked her. "Yes, oh yes..." Strelka encouraged, "Lose yourself in your desire... "

Strelka wriggled in excitement, her tail curling up tight over her back as she backed against my crotch. "Take me as you've always wanted to take me..." the Samoyed femme softly murmured, sighing happily. My questing maleness slipped easily into her waiting sex as I took her, tugging on her hips and grinding Strelka's soft sweet backside against me. The sensation of fluffy fur pressing against my bare skin was extremely erotic, that and the almost searing heat inner walls around my cock threatened to push me over a delirious cliff of pleasure, but somehow she was in control, always bringing me to the edge but wanting more.

It seemed like an eternity that we were coupled together, each of us sensing and responding to the pace of the other - caressing, kissing and stroking one another, the furry femme straddling me and rocking slowly and deliberately with my cock engulfed inside her body before lowering herself and covering me like a snow-white blanket. My mind was reeling as I looked up to her, the Samoyed's face an image of loveliness lit up with desire, her tongue hanging out of her open mouth as her hips moved in quickening circles. I clutched at her, feeling the impending urges straining to be released, groaning passionately into her ears, wanting nothing more than to continue this for ever.

Suddenly, it was all too much, and neither Strelka and I could contain ourselves any longer. Urgently switching places, I thrust myself into her again and again as I took her from behind, the two of us madly mating with each other in frenzied excitement. I felt Strelka's inner walls convulse around my rock-hard shaft and I couldn't bear it any longer - my climax rippling through my body as my seed pumped deep inside her. Strelka let out a howl of ecstasy as her own orgasm washed through her, arching her back, raising her head to the roof as her voice echoed through the room in a cry of triumph and passion...

As our shared climax subsided, we collapsed onto the hard cold floor in the moonlight, utterly spent, my manhood still buried inside the gorgeous Strelka as we both gasped for breath. I wrapped my arms around her, resting my head on the back of her thickly-furred neck as I struggled to regain my strength. "Oh Strelka..." I whispered, kissing caressing her face and neck. "Oh my lovely... oh love..." She turned her head and returned my kisses, licking me carefully and lovingly, her tail twitching under my tummy as it lay trapped between our bodies.

We lay joined together for what seemed like an eternity, before gently disentangling ourselves from each other. I rolled onto my back on the floor, no longer noticing the hardness of the wooden boards beneath me as I lay back in a sense of pure bliss. Strelka lay on her side facing me, her Samoyed fur ruffled and dishevelled, a satisfied expression on her muzzle. "You enjoyed that, mmm?" she giggled, eyeing me cheekily. "I know I did..."

"It was heavenly!" I gasped happily, reaching over to tickle the beautiful canine 'morph under the chin. She smiled warmly, shifting herself just out of my reach, obviously pleased. "I thought you might... you are feeling better now, more relaxed, yes?"

I nodded emphatically, turning my head to gaze lovingly at her beautiful form that reclined sensually before me. The way Strelka lay there, the grace of her body in her pose, it almost looked like...

Seized by sudden inspiration, I quickly sat up and grabbed the drawing pad and pencil from off the desk. "Oh Strelka... I want to remember you like this!" I flicked the desk lamp on again and began to sketch the lovely Samoyed femme in front of me. "I have to draw you... just as you are now..." Strelka nodded, and lay there on her side smiling knowingly as I sat naked before her, my pencil flying over the paper, working like a man possessed, concentrating feverishly as each stroke and line built and enhanced the image of love I was creating.

All sense of time was lost as I worked, glancing up at my beautiful model occasionally now as the drawing neared completion. A line here, a touch of shading there... the lines flowed together so easily as if an unseen spirit guided my hand, my best work ever materialising before my eyes. Each pencil stroke added more and more detail to the vision of loveliness that I was striving to capture.

Now I worked slower, more critically, considering each addition to my work of art before adding it... finally, I reached the point where I was satisfied that I was finished. There Strelka was on the paper, each line faithfully drawn in place, a perfect record of the pose she had assumed for me - an image of loveliness and perfection.

"Here, Strelka, " I smiled, turning the pad around for her to see. "Look at what - "

The room was empty. She was gone.

"Strelka?" I whispered. "Where are you?"

I blinked, frantically looking around for her. "Strelka!"

Nothing lay on the floor where she was, it was as though she had never been. Not even traces of her luxurious fur were left, and the air that had been filled with her musky love-scent now only contained the usual smells of paper, ink and varnish. I desperately searched for some trace of her - my love, my dream - all I could find was what I thought might have been fresh claw-marks dug into the floorboards, but it was only scuffs from the scraping of my chair. She had vanished into thin air.

Tears welled up in my eyes as a tremendous sense of loss ran through me. "Strelka..." I whispered tearfully to myself. I stood up, and dropped the pad and pencil onto the desk. Was this what it all was? A dream after all? But she had seemed so real - I had touched her, she had touched me, we had made love together... yet all of this incredible experience now was fast dissolving into nothingness.

"Will I ever see you again?" I whispered, not expecting an answer any more, for the bubble had burst, leaving stone-cold reality behind. I collapsed despondently into the chair, placing my head in my hands, a growing emptiness gnawing at my gut. To be suddenly alone again...

"I am part of you, and you of me. I shall always be with you, for as long as you want me."

Her soft husky voice replied inside my mind, and I felt drawn to gaze again upon the picture I had just completed. Strelka was there, on the paper in full loving detail, every line and tuft of fur faithfully recorded just as I had seen it. It was the best picture I had ever drawn, making all other work I had done before pale by comparison.

"I wanted you to be able to see for yourself what you have given me. You gave me my form and my life, and I am forever grateful to you for this." I could almost here an indulgent chuckle to her voice inside my head as she said, "Besides, how could I refuse a request for help from my creator? All my thoughts, all my desires... they are a part of you too."

I picked up the picture and hugged it to my bare chest, blinking back tears.

"Thank you Strelka... thank you. For everything."

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