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Hosted here in this section is the latest "Super Collie Adventures" artwork that can be considered "Adult" material - that is, material PG rated and beyond. Here's the related Copyright information for my images. 

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[Blitz in boots on a bed] [Blitz on all fours, wearing boots]
[New!]"Bedroom Booty / Bitch in Boots"

A rendition of Blitz on all fours wearing sexy boots, with different cartoonised photo backgrounds (I couldn't decide which one was best!).

The pose was heavily referenced from a photo from an erotic website. Digitally inked and coloured using GIMP.

[Esmerelda in a 'Tank Vixens' card game collectable card]
[New!]"Tank Vixens Card Game - Esmerelda"

After United Publications created the "Tank Vixens" collectable card game, several furry artists (predominantly Style Wagner) started creating character cards and an informal 'expansion pack'. After seeing these, I got suitably inspired and adapted some previous artwork for reproduction as cards. John Tatman redid the actual card details using the Official templates after he saw my first attempt...

ESMERELDA (Alignment: Girl Next Door). Obsessive Neatness: +2 when wearing Top and Tail with a matching Keyword. Gains full Pose value for 'Spandex' and 'Girlie' costume cards.

[Blitz in a 'Tank Vixens' card game collectable card]
[New!]"Tank Vixens Card Game - Blitz"

Another "Tank Vixens" collectable card game character card.

BLITZ KNOCKERS (Alignment: Bimbo). Hot Body: +2 Pose when wearing Top or Tail with keywords 'Nude', 'Seethrough' or 'Tight'.

[Blitz spread on a bed]
[New!]"Blitz spread"

The lovely Blitz showing off her other goodies :)

This picture is the first one that has been 100% digitally inked from an original pencil sketch. The background is a photo that I cartoonified through various GIMP filters.

[Women of Super Collie - Alesxia deHavilland]
"Women of Super Collie - Alexsia deHavilland"

A heavily-inspired-by-'Playboy' rendition of Alexsia deHavilland, a.k.a "Okker Chick", small-time criminal who got in WAY over her head when she brought Daughter Night back to life...

(This picture was started in mid 2004, but only finished this year after I decided to do a digitally rendered background instead of trying to draw one.)

[Women of Super Collie - Zalika Corby]
"Women of 'Super Collie' - Daughter Night, a.k.a 'Zalika Corby'"

A heavily-inspired-by-'Playboy' rendition of our favorite undead sex-fiend sorceress from Hell...

[Blitz in lingerie]
"Blitz Lingerie"

Blitz modelling some lingerie. A rather different colour scheme... does hot pink really suit her? You be the judge!

[Blitz getting it from behind]
"Bitz Fucked Again"

Another scene from one of Blitz's adult movies... Again, the pose is heavily referenced from a photo from an erotic website.

[Zalika getting a pounding]
"Forceful Zalika"

Zalika, a.k.a. Daughter Night, certainly doesn't mind a bit of rough stuff in bed. It rather looks like she enjoys it - and when someone who can lay waste to downtown Wellington with a wave of her hand asks for something, you'd better be able to deliver...

[Blitx Knockers in an enticing pose]
"Come fuck me - Blitz!"

Frederika von Braun (a.k.a. Blitz Knockers) in a classic spread-'em pose, showing off her goodies!

I've altered Frederika's colour scheme slightly as German Shepherds don't seem to have white underfur.

[Blitz getting screwed and loving it]

Blitz Knockers and a friend indulging in some al-fresco sex in a scene from one of Blitz's erotic movies.

Pose is heavily referenced from a photo from an erotic website.

[Blitz receiving a load]
"Blitz's Cumshot"

In what is probably my most hardcode and sexually explicit picture to date, we see Blitz Knockers at the... well, let's face it, climax of a scene from one of her many erotic films.

Pose is heavily referenced from a photo from an erotic website.

[Blitz receiving a load - sepia version]
"Blitz's Cumshot (sepia version)"

When playing with filters in GIMP while colouring the inks for the above picture, I was struck by how good the image came out when it was run through a 'sepia' filter. So here it is.

[Frederika - KISS 1]
"Frederika's KISS Outfit (1)"

I got inspired by a furry Strip-KISS game by Greg Panovitch to try doing a KISS dress-up set using Frederika as the model. The fun part was figuring out how to do the various clothes in the computer...

[Frederika - KISS 2]
"Frederika's KISS Outfit (2)"

Another KISS outfit, somewhat racier and with generally better shading. Frederika's top is entirely done in the computer, no pencils or pens!

[Women of Super Collie - Cymbeline]
"Women of 'Super Collie' - Dr Cymbeline Lathasar"

A heavily-inspired-by-'Playboy' rendition of our favorite resident Egyptologist and part-time sorcerer.

[Women of Super Collie - Frederika]
"Women of 'Super Collie' - Frederika von Braun (a.k.a. Blitz Knockers)"

A heavily-inspired-by-'Playboy' rendition of Frederika von Braun, noted adult film actress from "On the Lamb".

[iPod parody art, with Esmerelda]
"iMseverelybehind (iPod parody)"

Apparently there's this series of ads out done by Apple for their iPod music player... so I knocked together one of my own featuring Esmerelda. Done with GIMP.

Never let it be said that I miss out on the latest trends. Oh, wait... I did. Bugger.

[Women of Super Collie - Super Collie]
"Women of Super Collie - Super Collie"

A heavily-inspired-by-'Playboy' pose of Super Collie in front of the Guardian Shepherd statue, otherwise known as the Collie Monument at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

The text is the Maori version of New Zealand's national anthem, "God Defend New Zealand".

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