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Older adult-themed "Super Collie" artwork.
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['Johnny and Essie, by the tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G!']
"Essie and Johnnie, by the tree..." (Colour)

A colour version of the original inked picture, coloured digitally with GIMP.

[Doggie Style!]
"Doing it 'doggie style'" (Colour)

A colour version of the original inked picture, coloured digitally with GIMP. The background was digitally rendered using Vue d'Espirit 3 in an attempt to find an alternate source of backgrounds to photographs. The results were mixed - for character scenes I needed close-up shots of greenery, but Vue d'Espirit seems to lend itself more to grand vistas rather than gardens!

[Blitz on all fours! Phwoaarrr!]
"On All Fours"

Frederika in a scene from the adult film "Blitz Bangs Berlin", showing off her assets!

I had a devil of a job getting them right...

[Blitz playing with herself!]
"Blitz's Toy"

Frederika in another scene from the adult film "Blitz Bangs Berlin", proving that with the right equipment being alone can be just as much fun!

[Frederika in leather outfit]
"Frederika in Leather"

Frederika in a pseudo-bondage - well, probably more fetish than anything - leather outfit. She fills it out very nicely, wouldn't you say?

[Esmerelda and John getting intimate]
"Essie and Johnnie, by the tree..."

A rather naughty picture of Esmerelda and John finally getting it on, in a nice outdoor setting. And of course, as both are canine, "doggy style" is their favorite position!

Pose inspired by panels from the comic story "Lassie, Come" in Wild Kingdom #4.

[Doin' it doggy style]
"Doing it 'doggie style'"

Esmerelda and John again, enjoying each other. I came up with a rather naughty rhyme in conjunction with these two pictures, which might result in these becoming a series!

Pose inspired by panels from the comic story "Lassie, Come" in Wild Kingdom #4.

[Essie giving oral sex]
"Essie's treat"

And on it goes - Essie gives her boyfriend oral sex (or a "blow job" if you're that way inclined). Well, just because you're monogamous doesn't mean you can't have sexual fun with your partner!

[Frederika's latest film!]
"Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Finally discovered what Frederika was doing in the Bahamas - shooting a film, of course! How did she manage to get through Immigration, I wonder - bet she didn't tell 'em about THESE holiday snaps! Obviously they hired a boat and set off to a private cay of the sort frequented only by British secret service agents and mad scientists for the actual, er, action... Anyway, Frederika was kind enough to give me a sample DVD cover for the upcoming production, so here it is.

[Merry Christmas 2002]
"Merry Christmas from the Bahamas (2002)"

Frederika again, posing topless in the Bahamas. My goodness, someone's already started unwrapping THEIR presents!

[From Germany with Love]
"Auf Deutschland Mit Liebe (From Germany With Love)"

Frederika "Blitz Knockers" von Braun, expat German and porn star from John Plunkett's story-in-progress "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb", in a rather more naughty "Playboy" pose.

[Merged Zalika and Esmerelda]

[Photo version]

"Closer Than Sisters" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Desires")

In an attempt to save her from the afterlife, Daughter Night makes the slain Esmerelda an offer - but the result is quite unexpected...

"Um-" Esmerelda shifted uncomfortably. The sensation of Zalika's soft but powerful fingers in the fur on her face and throat was distracting, to say the least. But she couldn't bring herself to pull away. In fact, she longed to feel those hands on other parts of her body. "Can you help me?" she asked in a tiny, quavering voice.
"I can." Zalika stepped through the car door. Her clothing remained hanging in place, neither coming with her nor collapsing. As her breasts and belly pressed against Esmerelda's they felt completely real. With her hands on Esmerelda's cheeks Zalika held Esmerelda's head and kissed her passionately.
Esmerelda raised her arms. She may have meant to fend Zalika off but ended up embracing her instead. Zalika's questing hands and probing tongue lit off a firestorm of lust in Esmerelda's heart. She squeezed hard, her left arm around Zalika's chest, her right on Zalika's rump. She pressed her thigh against Zalika's crotch, pressing her own crotch against Zalika's thigh. But the feeling of flesh against flesh lessened instead of increasing. Frustration finally drove Esmerelda to break the kiss and look down. She almost fainted when she saw that Zalika had passed through her, at least partially. From neck to crotch their bodies had merged.

[Cymbeline raising spirits]
"Cymbeline's Magic" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Desires")

Dr Cymbeline Lathasar, Te Papa museum curator and self-taught sorceress, prepares ancient Egyptian magics in a Wellington Hospital ward. With Super Collie believed to be dead, and the revenant searching for Daughter Night destroying everything in sight, Cymbeline prepares for the worst...

[Frederika von Braun]
"Frederika sprechen sie Deutsch"

Frederika von Braun, expat German and porn star from John Plunkett's story-in-progress "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb", in a "Playboy" pose. As I am learning to speak German, I included some (slightly incorrect) German dialogue.

"My name is Frederika von Braun, I am also known as "Blitz Knockers". I come from Bickenbach in Germany, now I live in New Zealand. I am 29 years old, and am single. I enjoy music, reading, and my work with "Cinema Perversio". I have much fun in the bedroom with my boyfriend Jaleel!"

[Blitz Knockers promo poster]

[Blitz Knockers the Teutonic Bombshell]

"Introducing... Blitz Knockers!"

Meet Frederika von Braun, expat German and porn star from John Plunkett's story-in-progress "Super Collie Adventures: On the Lamb". This busty German Shepherd lady is one of the stars of the adult film company Cinema Perversio, where she goes by the stage name of "Blitz Knockers, the Teutonic Bombshell".

These two pictures were done in the style of a promotional poster - one with legend, one without.

 Frederika von Braun is © John Plunkett.

[Frederika nude, in a barn]
"Germans build 'em better"

Frederika von Braun poses in a scene from one of her first adult films with Cinema Perversio, "Old MacDonald's Farm". Frederika (billed as "Blitz Knockers") here plays the part of a young milkmaid who decides she is going to fully enjoy a hot summer's day in the privacy of the milking shed. However, it isn't long before she is discovered by one of the young farmhands... with predictable results ;)

[Esmerelda Kneels in the nude]
"Esmerelda Kneels"

Esmerelda just loves posing for her boyfriend. Here she is kneeling on a rug in front of a fireplace, with a romantic look in her eye...

[Esmerelda confronts Daughter Night]
"Striding to Destiny" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Designs")

Super Collie walks boldly - and baldly - to her final confrontation with Daughter Night.

Esmerelda got out of the car, leaving the robe inside, and threaded her way through the crowd. The Spirit of Bast had affected her profoundly; as Super Collie she'd been full figured but also muscular and athletic. Now she was, if anything, even more full figured and without the muscular firmness. Her pelt gleamed as if it too were silk and everything about her, from her sultry walk to her partially lidded eyes, radiated raw sex appeal. In spite of this, and that she was butt naked, no one paid the slightest attention as she climbed over the barricade and continued down the street, the Talisman of Isis clutched loosely in her left hand. 

[The best planned lays...]
"Zalika gets it in the end!" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Designs")

Having snatched Super Collie's boyfriend John from a Wellington art exhibition, Zalika proceeds to get her hooks into him the best way she knows how!

[Zalika Corby, or Daughter Night]
"Meet Zalika Corby" ("Super Collie Adventures: Dark Designs")

Introducing Zalika Corby, also known as Daughter Night, a back-from-the-dead Egyptian sex fiend with a quest for ultimate power. The only person that can stand in the way of this menace from the past is... Super Collie!

[Esmerelda topless]
"A Portrait of Esmerelda"

Esmerelda Braithwaite (aka Super Collie), painted by her boyfriend.

[Esmerelda in lingerie]
"Esmerelda in Lingerie"

Esmerelda poses for another portrait, this time in a lingerie glamour setting.

[Esmerelda in the fur]
"Esmerelda Au Natural"

It's Esmerelda again - this time in all her collie glory.

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