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Hosted here are the stories I've written that have an erotic or otherwise theme in them that make them "adults only".

G to M-rated stories of mine are found on my main Story Index page.

The Dream (erotic, 23K) Marla, a victim of a magical accident, finds a kindred spirit who is also more than she first appears to be... Inspired by and a sequel to "The Wish" written by Bernard Doove.
Apparition (erotic, 17K) An artist with a creative block gets help from an unexpected quarter.

About "The Dream"

This was inspired by (and a sequel to) "The Wish" by Bernard Doove, which was published in the 1996 edition of the South Fur Lands - Sex and Violence Supplement. The original story never named the central character, so I originally wrote this trying to avoid giving the central character in Bernard's story a name - which was very difficult! It turned out that he'd written a sequel as well, naming Marla the central character, so he gave me permission to use that name as well as some suggestions for improvement. Thanks also to Will Sanborn for his help as well - very much appreciated!

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