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Hosted here in this section is the latest artwork of mine that can be considered "Adult" material - that is, material PG rated and beyond. Here's the related Copyright information for my images. 

If you haven't read the "Pillow Page" cautions, I urge you to do so now.

[YiffClass Girl]

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[Rump Rovers video cover]
[New!]"Rump Rovers V DVD cover"

Another notional adult DVD cover for an adult film starring "Mandy Light", and yet another digital inking effort.

For the uninitiated, "Khyber" is Cockney rhyming slang for the backside, i.e. Khyber -> Khyber Pass -> Arse!

[Rump Rovers video cover]
[New!]"Rump Rovers IV DVD cover"

A notional adult DVD cover for a film starring "Mandy Light", produced by the same studio that features Blitz Knockers from "Super Collie". Another digital inking effort.

[Delilah, a canine femme]

A canine femme of 'no particular breed' inspired by an idea I had for part of Super Collie's backstory - in this case, the somewhat butch leader of a city gang. Delilah, as she was eventually named, was conceived to have a mix of masculine and feminine aspects to her personality as evidenced (hopefully) by her choice of clothing: butch jeans and cowboy boots below, and a lacy bra and cigarette holder above. This picture is digitally inked from a scanned pencil sketch.

[Cross-dresser in brown lingerie]
"Dale in Lingerie (#1)"

A handsome male canine dressed in stockings and suspenders, showing off his... assets :)

[Cross-dresser in pink lingerie]
"Dale in Lingerie (#5)"

An alternative colour scheme for the above picture. I was trying to get a feel for the "cross" in cross-dressing - is he tending towards transsexual, or merely effimate with a penchant for lingerie?


A vulpine gentleman indulging in a little cross-dressing for his obvious enjoyment. He enjoys the look and feel of certain items of apparel normally worn by ladies, and rejects the idea that to do so one must either wish to be female or harbour some secret desire for members of his own gender. Comfortable and secure in his masculinity, he enjoys the best of both worlds of erotic fashion. After all, why should girls get all the good gear? :)

Not to mention that fashions change all the time - back in the 18th century men were wearing stockings and hose, and no-one thought they were effimate!

[Aylsa the Milk Vixen]
"Aylsa the Milk Vixen" ("Love and Livestock" by John Plunkett)

Another picture inspired by one of John's stories. When Jimmy MacGregor goes to the local livestock market to replace his dairy herd, someone makes him an rather unusual offer as an alternative to raising cows - one that is three metres tall, intelligent, and produces over twenty-five litres of milk a day...

[Buy New Zealand Made!]
"Buy New Zealand Made..."

... and keep your country wanking working! 

This picture was based upon a sketch I did for Kitsune Inokuma during my stay in Tokyo.


"Pedigree by Harrods, hairstyle by Disney... and body by Cadbury's!" 

This zaftig lady was inspired by Rita from the Disney film "Oliver and Company".

[As subtle as...]

As the saying goes... 

The signs are: Open Road Speed, No Stopping, Dual Carriageway.

["Yiff-Me" boots!]

["Yiff-Me" boots, take two!]

"Yiff-Me" Boots

Okay, I admit it. I have a weakness for nice ladies wearing sexy boots! This was drawn after seeing one too many Tokyo girls wearing boots in the middle of winter. Ooooh baby... <drool> ;) 

Due to popular request, I drew two version of the canine girl, differing in the amount of curliness in her tail.

[Lady Husky Lovers]
"Lady Lovers"

Two lady husky lovers share a loving kiss and embrace...

["Bugger me!"]
"Byron's Bike Bar"

Some common exclamations have more than one meaning... 

This picture was inspired by a one-liner remark in an on-line text game called "Mornington Crescent". To see the game in question, follow the link, and look for an old game called "Lord Byron's Bicycle".

[Collie femme in lingerie]
"Rainy Day"

A collie lady leans on her dressing table, clad in her favorite lingerie as rain falls outside her bedroom window. My first picture of the new year, using an ink wash for the toning.

[Female Thylacine huntress]
"Thylacine Huntress"

A rear view of a thylacine-morph huntress, looking back at you before departing on her daily hunt. 

For the uninitiated, a Thylacine is a (presumed) extinct marsupial wolf from Australia, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger. After years of being hunted by the early European settlers in Tasmania, the last known specimen died in captivity in the 1930s. Although there have been rumours that they still exist in their natural Tasmanian habitat, no confirmed sighting has been made since.

[B&D club fundraising]
"The B&D Society Fundraiser"

Even social societies catering to such specialised interests as bondage & discipline run out of money for club activities from time to time! So what do they do for a fundraising event?

[Zaftig Collie Nude]
"Zaftig Collie"

zaftig a. Desirably plump and curvaceous, having a full, rounded figure. Well, I guess this lassie meets the description :)

[Shagged out, baby!]

A young tod-fox takes his tigress date home for some fun - and finds she tests his endurance to the limit!

[My Riding Tutor (Greyscale)]
"Riding Tutor: Greyscale"

"My riding mistress says I need some very personal instruction..." A canine femme, dressed for action, ready to teach you in the finer points of discipline and technique for the bedroom!

[My Riding Tutor - Colour]
"Riding Tutor: Colour"

A colour version of the previous "Riding Tutor" picture, coloured with Faber-Castell pencils. Which do you think is better, the greyscale or the colour?

[What's everyone looking at?]

Don't you just hate it when your models start being aware of their surroundings - and talking back? You have to wonder what they are worried about - after all, they're getting more 'exposure'...

[Strelka modelling lingerie]
"Husky on the Catwalk"

My newest character, the lovely Strelka Patsayevana, models some of the latest lingerie fashions for you.

[When you're the lead dog...]
"Lead Dog"

Ever wanted to take the piss out of those silly business management sayings? 

Well, one day I did :)

[On Her Majesty's Yiff Service]
"O.H.M.Y.S. - On Her Majesty's Yiff Service"

Here's what you get when you try to draw a nude male furry while listening to the Propellerhead's track "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" at the same time. Drawn as more practice in illustrating the male form as a change from females. The ladies out there might like this as well ;) Yes, it's a Bond piss-take!

[Nude Strelka playing with herself]
"Introducing... Strelka!"

Strelka Patsayevana, the new cuddly Siberian husky femme on the block, poses in the fur with a predatory gleam in her eye...

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