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This page contains some of my older adult furry art. It's been split off from the main page to reduce loading time.

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[YiffClass Girl]

Old Favorites.
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[Something hard and heavy]

"Bar Tails: Introduction"

When travelling overseas and drinking in bars in foreign countries, you may come across some quite friendly ladies. Very friendly in fact. And they're after just one thing from you...

[Cat got your tongue?]

"Bar Tails: Getting Acquainted"

A variation on an old saying... (ouch!)

[Oh sweetie...]

"Bar Tails: Ready for Fun"

One thing leads to another, and well... you know...

[Suggestive licking!]

"Getting Your Licks"

A lady Husky in the fur having a snack. And a rather suggestive one at that!

[A Valentine present for a lady]


My first attempt at nude males... Here, MayFurr presents himself as a personal Valentine's Day present for a very lucky lady!

[A toast, dear lady?]

"A Toast, My Dear..."

MayFurr proposes a toast to an off-picture lady friend. He's certainly dressed - or should I say un-dressed - for the occasion...

[Accidents will happen]

"Accident at the Sky Tower"

A giant vixen encounters the Auckland Sky Tower with disastrous results!

["Cuddle a Husky" Club]

"Cuddle A Husky Club"

A side view of a Siberian Husky femme wearing a dog-sled harness! Rrrowr!

[Husky in harness]

"Ready and Waiting"

Another in the "Cuddle A Husky Club" series - a Siberian Husky femme wearing a dog-sled harness (rear view).

[Mount the drive?!?]

"Fix Files, Mount Drive, Enter Root Mode, Withdraw Floppy"

A male canid misundertands computer jargon...

Drawn at the September 1997 UK Furry Housecon.

[Husky sketch for Ian]

"Want a Sled Ride?"

A sketchbook picture of a husky femme, inviting you for a sled-ride.

Drawn for Ian Stradling at Eurofurence 3, Bodsted, Germany.

[Balancing Act]

"Balancing Act"

A suggested answer to the question "Why do vixens have such bushy tails?"

[Tamara Cheesecake]

"Tamara Cheesecake"

And tonight's dessert special is...!

Tamara Fox (C) Rommel C. Ignacio. Drawn on the train back to Hamburg from Eurofurence 3, 1997.

[Cream, cheesecake and vixen!]


Tamara just loves cheesecake, especially when served with fresh cream!

Tamara Fox (C) Rommel C. Ignacio. Drawn at the November 1997 Yately Furry Housecon, Yateley, Surrey, England.

[Parliament Problems]

"Parliament Problems!"

A giant vixen towers over Paliament Buildings, causing mayhem and... other things!

[Shower fun!]

"Shower Fun"

Two canine femmes - one a husky, the other a German Shepherdess - having fun in a communal shower.

[Nude Husky]

"Nude Husky"

Female husky in a simple pose. An experiment in ink wash toning.

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