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The Tasmanian Devil shown below is a 1 ½ year old female named Cleopatra. She replaced two very elderly Tasmanian Devils Lone Pine previously had sharing this enclosure. One disappeared and I was told she was in hospital. The other soon followed suit and was replaced by this younger and much more energetic animal, who, as you will note from the photos below, provided better entertainment value for the tourists.

Cleopatra is dead. She passed away suddenly of an unexpected illness around March 2000. She was going to move to a different sanctuary, but she never got the chance. Cleopatra was a playful, young Tasmanian Devil with a sweet disposition. I'll miss you.


Lone Pine's Tasmanian Devil was snoozing in the warm sun, which also happened to be a very convenient spot from which to photograph her from above.

Watering Can Encounter

When the keeper came to clean her cage, she stole his watering can. Watch him take it back with the help of his rake.


Photos of Cleopatra generally being out and about.

Begging for food

Here's a new trick Cleopatra has learnt: begging for food. I don't know if many tourists feed her (there are signs about saying not to feed the animals--except the kangaroos of course!), but it certainly looked like it was in expectation of receiving a treat. Note the white stripe across her chest.

In the Water Dish

Cleopatra cooling off in her drinking water.


Cleopatra has been replaced by a four year old male named Spitfire. He is not as playful as Cleopatra was, but he is fiesty and is sometimes in a foul mood.


Spitfire poses for the camera, including a candid shot of his testicles.

Spitfire's Canines

Spitfire yawning and snoozing, either way he shows off his gorgeous canines.

Spitfire Snoozing

Spitfire snoozing, which also lets us look at one forepaw elegantly draped over the edge of his pool.



Two tassie devils fighting.

Male Anatomy

The male anatomy of a tasmanian devil. You will have to click past a warning to see this one.

Siblings mating

A male practising mounting on his sister, with the sister getting rather annoyed at this. They are both too young to breed.


Tasmanian devils feeding, most pulled from my trip to Tasmania.


Sisters at Australia Zoo, including a nice open mouth shot.

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