A Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) that my father has partly tamed. This species of possum is very common in the suburbs of Australia, because they will eat practically anything. This one is feasting on a banana my father gave him. I know it's not good to tame wildlife like this, but if you think I'll deny a lonely old man his possum, then shame on you.

He doesn't like the sound of my camera.

I met this possum quite by accident. He wasn't in the least afraid of me. (I don't know possums well enough to be able to tell their gender just by looking at them unless I get to see their genitals, but I'm assuming this one is male from the state of the ears. It looks like he's gotten into a few fights.)

A female possum, looking for a free feed from my father.

A possum peeking out of one of my father's nesting boxes, wondering what's with the sunlight.

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