Three crows converged on an upturned softdrink cup to work out the best way to get to the sweet liquid inside. (Only two are shown here.) Corvidae are easily the most intelligent of the avians, and are the only species to have worked out how to safely eat cane toads, which are endemic in Queensland.

Two crows that were investigating a road kill possum near my apartment.

Not one of my best photos, but I wanted to share it for the expression on her face. This crow was actually hopping towards me, wondering what I was doing with the camera. Curiosity is one aspect of intelligence. These are crows that hang around Lone Pine, and have learned not to fear humans.

They serve a valuable function in our ecosystem as scavengers. In spite of this, many people vehemently hate crows, because they don't have colourful plumage and they like to assert their territory with a raucous cry early in the morning.

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