Assorted photos that don't fit anywhere else.


Kangaroos reclining.

Other Macropods

Other lesser known macropods. Species featured: Red Legged Pademelon, Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos, Quokka, Rock Wallabies and the Agile Wallaby.

Whiptail Wallaby sitting

Whiptail wallabies (both male and female) often sit in this position with their tail facing forward. This is also the posture of kangaroos preparatory to giving birth. Note the joey's tail sticking out of the pouch.


A close up on various body parts of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo and the Whiptail wallaby.

Young macropods snoozing

So cute! This is just some shots of young macropods snoozing.

Kangaroo drinking

Kangaroos drinking from a watering trough. Note the tongue. The red and grey kangaroos are so plentiful in the outback due to the easy access they have to watering troughs and dams to water sheep and cattle. When they are denied access to water, they are well equipped to control their own population.

All Your Base

All your base are belong to kangaroos.

A red kangaroo getting creamed

A red kangaroo getting creamed. That is to say, this is a leucistic red kangaroo at Australia Zoo getting sun screen applied to her nose and ears. This is necessary to protect her from the sun because of her lack of pigmentation.

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