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Animal Rescue

Native Animal Rescue

There's a special place in Heaven reserved for those who dedicate their lives to taking care of orphaned joeys. Native Animal Rescue will give you an idea of what's involved in looking after joeys and other native Australian animals. It includes a photo gallery.

Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc

Another volunteer-based organisation that fosters orphaned and sick native animals. The Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc website will provide valuable information about looking after wildlife in need.

Pet Rescue

PetRescue is a website that helps you find a loving pet among the many rescued pets that need a new home.


Australian Wildlife Protection Council

The Australian Wildlife Protection Council has lots of good material on their site. A site dedicated to the issues surrounding the kangaroo 'industry' and other wildlife in Australia.

Save the Kangaroo

I was reluctant to include this group on my links of kangaroo protection sites because I'm very conscious of the criticism of foreigners telling us what to do with "our" kangaroos, but quite frankly, they are the most active organisation in this field and it doesn't really matter where the message comes from as long as the message gets out there. is sponsored by Viva, the UK animal rights group.


You can sponsor fostered kangaroos on this site, but she is also dedicated to helping to protect kangaroos in the wild. This site contains the most intelligent defence of kangaroos I have read on the internet. You can find it at:


The Plush Palace

Roophilia's sister site! At The Plush Palace, you can visit my favourite plush, mostly kangaroos and other native Australian animals. Go to:


Open Darwin

In late 2001, I discovered the joys of open source computing. I manipulate my photos in The Gimp, edit my pages in Vim and upload the results using Cyberduck, all running over Darwin, Apple's open source BSD-based platform for Mac OS X. This site is made (mostly) using open source software.



Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe is a fanzine for which I eagerly await every issue. It combines some of the best fan-based science fiction writing you are likely to find in a shared universe with funny animals. Check it out at:

Web Comics

I read more online comic strips than I should. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of my favourites.

Doc Rat

The continuing adventures of a rat who is a doctor and his wife, a dentist, who is also a rat.


A shyster alien, his long-suffering engineer, and a naive robot.

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