Let's face it; we're all interested in animal reproduction. (You wouldn't be here otherwise.) Why is that? Maybe we envy them their lack of restraint. Maybe we see a reflection of ourselves; of how we must have been before we left the Garden of Eden.

Male Genitalia

Photographs of the male genitalia of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Whiptail Wallaby and Swamp Wallaby. Don't go here if you are of a very sensitive disposition, okay?

Female Anatomy

And as a counterpoint, the reproductive anatomy of a female Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Common Wallaroo, Whiptail Wallaby, and Red Kangaroo.


Here you will find a sequence of photos, showing mating and post-coital activity, with some of my own observations.

Pretty face Wallabies mounting

A pair of Whiptail Wallabies mating, most of the photos were pulled from the video available under Movies.


This male has clearly found a female he likes the smell of. Here's a series of photos showing him in various states of arousal.


This series of photos more clearly explains the process by which a male decides he likes the smell of a female. See the flehmen posture in kangaroos.

Doe Urinating

A doe urinating in a steady stream.

Swamp wallaby Urinating

A male Swamp wallaby urinating.

Red kangaroo on her back

This is a photo I have been hoping to get for some time. Red kangaroos are the only species I know of to frequently go on their back for a scratch. (I suppose other kangaroos just suffer in silence.)

Whiptail wallaby's pouch

A whiptail wallaby with a distended pouch after joey had been drinking for an extended period of time.

The whiptail and the kangaroo

"These photos are all very nice, but don't you have something a little more... unusual." Yes, actually, I do. A female Whiptail Wallaby repeatedly tried to mount a male Eastern Grey Kangaroo. No, wait! I have photographs to prove it!

Female scratching

A doe scratching at the downstairs part of her anatomy.

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