Steel Kangaroos

These 'roos have been a popular focal point in King George Square for tourists and curious locals alike for some years now. They are part of the Petrie Tablaeu. It's interesting to note that the kangaroos really have nothing to do with the scene at all; they were just included to lend the tableau some popular appeal.

Here is notionally the whole point of the tableau, out of harm's way above the kangaroos who actually get all the attention.

You will note that the male is whole. With our propensity for stealing or otherwise mutilating testicles, it's a wonder he's managed to stay intact for so long, though I suppose being made of solid brass helps a lot.

Such noble bearing borne on that pitted surface, marred only by their sightless uncaring eyes.

The male standing silent sentinel over Brisbane's streetscape.

The female waits...

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