A bronze kangaroo by Bodo Muche.

A roo sculpture including joey by the artist Andrew Whitehead. She will be premiered at the Spirit of the Land Festival at Lockhart in October 2008.

This wallaby is part of a mural promoting conservation of our waterways. It was made possible by the Brisbane City Council Community grant scheme and the Burnett Swamp Creek 'FREECS', among others. The artists are listed as "Mikey Newman, Sonny Baker, Jason Wooward, and many local artists."

The Thiess Kangaroo in the Thiess building.

The steel kangaroos that used to inhabit King George Square in Brisbane and some of my own personal observations on them. King George Square is currently being redeveloped; hopefully these 'roos will have a new home in the new King George Square when it is finished.

These scrap metal kangaroos live nearby on George Street.

This kangaroo lives on one of the council trailers; sort of like a mobile office/meal room for council workers. Most of these are littered with tags and other crude forms of graffiti (having said this, I should point out that a friend taught me to appreciate even tags as a form of artistic expression as many of them learn their art from tagging and move on to do better), but the Brisbane City Council decided to commission better quality graffiti artwork on this one to discourage taggers. (In Brisbane, most taggers have enough respect for others' work not to tag over it.)

These are photos of a gorgeous mural of Australian native animals that has been painted on the concrete walls of a huge roundabout in Mount Ommaney. It was probably commissioned for the same reason the kangaroo on the council trailer was.

Artistic power poles from Logan.

Bronze kangaroo sculpture in Canberra by Jan Brown.

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