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Please read all of this document before going on, willya?


furry.org.au's main purpose is offering furs a place to show their personal www pages and related stuff, for free. Despite the site is more biased to Australasian furries and furry artists, anyone feeling furry enough can get a site in here. Our only major requirements are that you must put your real name on the application form, and apply with a paid e-mail address, such as from your ISP. Free e-mail accounts from Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, Netscape.net, etc., will generally not be accepted.

What you will get if you sign in:

'Standard' users:

'Standard' users get a directory on our site, and an FTP account to access their page directory. The URL of the standard user is http://furry.org.au/<dirname>. (like, for instance, http://furry.org.au/Zorch). The structure of furry.org.au doesn't need tildes (~) to access a user directory.

The directory name becomes a part of your URL and also the login name for your ftp account. Because of this, names with spaces or non-standard characters may cause problems. Some special characters can be used, but if you want to keep it easy for people to type in, please consider just using plain letters and numbers only. Also be aware that account names AND passwords are case sensitive, so avoid inconsistent names like http://furry.org.au/zOrChMAsteR

All our users get a periodic e-mail to inform them about furry.org.au's news and stiffy things, that will be sent to the e-mail address they gave us to contact us. Periodic usually means only a few times a year, or less. furry.org.au will NOT trade your personal information or e-mail address to anyone, unless we are enforced by Australian law to do so. We hate spam mail too.

'Big time' users:

furry.org.au can host more big and ambitious projects, as long as they're intended to serve furry fandom. This includes things like artist link pages, forums, and the like. If you want to use furry.org.au for those purposes, please contact us and tell us as much about your project as possible.

What you may put in your pages:

You are free to put contents of any kind on your page, as long as it's all related with furries (please read our definition of furry below). Besides, we've got two or three exceptions to this rule. Read carefully.

We have to warn you that the contents of your page should be totally original and you must own the copyright of them. We will give access to some contents by others if you have been granted by the author/copyright holder to do it so. Corporate brands like some video game manufacturers tend to get picky when they find something wrong about their creations and can cause us troubles by decades.

We will accept erotic and/or pornographic contents on your pages as long as you discharge of any responsability for its distribution to Scott Neville, the owner of furry.org.au, and Marc Leveille, its designer, and explicitly warn any user entering the site that they are going to access a site that may hurt sensibilities. We encourage the use of rating and blocker services, to prevent misuse of your stuff. There's a lot available out there, and they're cost free. Please, warn us, too, about your pages contents. References to kinky stuff like pedophilia (even furry) and/or pornography containing humans is totally and expressly forbidden. Anything else will need to be discussed - please contact the webmaster.

What we will do if you put things you can't put in your page

If we catch you breaking one of these basic laws, we will get mad and will discuss what to do with you, depending on the seriousness of your acts:

  1. We could warn you to remove the thingy causing trouble from our site;
  2. We could just go straight and remove the thingy from our site, without warning to you;
  3. We could even go further and remove your WWW page for a week or two weeks, without warning to you;
  4. We could get angry at you and remove your WWW page forever, telling you that you've gone too far;
  5. We could also get really angry and warn other furry services' owners or responsables to ban you;
  6. If things are really crude, we could go and warn the authorities of the place where you live (we keep all our FTP accesses logged and would track and find you with no trouble) so they could have a couple of words with you.

So please behave and you won't have any kind of trouble, okay? :)

Our definition of 'furry':

In this document, every time we say 'furry', we mean:

  1. Any kind of imaginary creature featuring both animal and human morphologic shapes. This includes 'anthropomorphics'; cartoons with animal shapes or characteristics; centaurs like Chakats (© Bernard Doove); half breeds between human and/or animal species; werecreatures; and of course, dragons.
  2. Any person who feels an attraction to this kind of creatures; also called 'furry fans'. When we talk about attraction we only mean people who 'like' furries. You are free to believe whatever you want about the meaning of the word 'like' in this case. If we tralk about them as a collective group, we will name them as 'Furry fandom' or 'furrydom'.
  3. Furry art is any expression of art (including, but not only pictures, photograpic manipulations -or do you expect to find pictures of imaginary creatures?-, songs, stories, suites resembling their images, etc) containing furries (as defined in point a), of any kind. People doing this kind of art will be considered 'furry artists'.
  4. We will also consider something is into the category 'furry' when it is intended to support 'furries' and creation of furry art (see point b and c), like, references about life of real living animals, characteristics of their way of life, morphologic features, etc. Anyway, things like above mentioned but related to humans are NOT furry, cause we humans usually know ourselves clearly enough. :)

Hopfully, this serves to clear things out about our point of view about furries. :)

How to apply for a “Standard” account:

Required information:

Optional information:

If you are going to put some kind of erotic stuff in your site:


To request an accout, proceed to the Account Application Form.

How to apply for a “Big Time” account:

Contact us and tell us more details about it, please.

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