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What's New?

15 May 2010

22 July 2007

8 July 2007

  • Ratto, so named because Italian happened to be the first language on his tag. Part of the Cuddlekins' Wild Republic series.

1 April 2007

25 March 2007

6 January 2007

  • Marty, a Folkmanis mouse puppet.

22 December 2006

10 December 2006

2 December 2006

18 June 2006

27 May 2006

6 May 2006

  • Mousey, rescued from a claw machine.

29 April 2006

23 April 2006

  • A new rat named Minnen Råtta under Rats.

26 February 2006

  • Brenda is my latest bilby, which tend to show up in the stores in Australia around Easter time.

15 October 2005

14 August 2005

  • StatCounter is now providing the web counter and tracker.

1 August 2005

  • No new photos even though I do have some new plush I should share. Maybe later. This update is just to announce that The Plush Palace has a new home generously hosted by furry.org.au.

14 December 2004

30 June 2004

9 June 2004

  • New photo of Ben.

23 March 2004

  • Katelyn the kangaroo, also from Talk to the Animals.

21 March 2004

  • Another possum, this one called Floofy.
  • I recently splurged at the sad closure of Talk to the Animals, the best plush specialty store in Queensland, from which Floofy came, so you may see more photos in the near future.

19 March 2004

19 October 2003

  • A massive revamp of the site, which involved making the site more modem-friendly. As a result, some of the older links below may be broken. If any links elsewhere are broken, please let me know.
  • Also a photo of Scabbers the plush under Rodents.

18 October 2003

9 May 2003

  • I updated my Plush Code to 2.0. Not before time.
  • Don't despair! There will be more photos, but I have to get firewire fixed first...

3 May 2003

  • Nothing much, except that the Plush Palace has moved to a new home.

11 October 2002

  • This is my first major update since last year, in part to celebrate my new computer. (Details under About Me).
  • Various new photos dumped on the end of Other.

7 December 2001

  • I have a new web counter (this one from Bravenet) because I was sick of the chronic unreliability of the last one. Unfortunately, I can't remember what my counter had last reached so rather than make a number up I decided to restart the counting.
  • I have added another new plush. Yes, it's another kangaroo, this one called Kaye.

4 September 2001

  • Wow! A year and a half and I do another update. I've changed how my email address is handled in an attempt to beat spam.
  • I have a new rat featured under Other.

27 May 2000

  • Terry the Tasmanian Devil has finally shown up under Other.

5 April 2000

  • The Plush Palace shows some stuttering signs of life. Apart from some minor updates, you can find Eeyore under Misc.
  • Still to come: A Tasmanian Devil plush I am very fond of.

13 October 1999

  • You can see my latest plush that I got for my birthday; a puppet named Karyn under Kangaroos.

18 September 1999

  • I've been quiet for a long time? I was moving house! Under Misc you can find a photo to mark the event.

22 July 1999

    Roophilia button
  • The hottest new site on the internet is here! To get your 'roo fix, check out Roophilia today!

7 July 1999

  • Kath is my latest plush, a huge floppy kangaroo. You can visit her under Kangaroos.

28 June 1999

  • My good friend Dimon now has his own website, and it's full of kangaroos! Be sure to visit Dimon's Plushies at http://www.plushies.da.ru/!

25 June 1999

  • Go look at Ben, my latest plush under Other!
  • You'll notice I've been fairly quiet of late. I've been busy with real life, and also working on my exciting new page about kangaroos, called "Roophilia". I'm just more interested in the challenge of photographing real live kangaroos right now. This is not to say goodbye, just to explain why The Plush Palace has been so quiet of late and why there probably won't be that much activity in the near future either.

13 April 1999

  • I'm back! Thanks for your patience. The real world intruded for a while there.
  • Two fresh 'roos for the Kangaroos page: A patriotic boxing 'roo and Kim.
  • There are some extra photos of Meeko under Other.
  • The Links page has been getting tinkered with a lot over the last few months, and now has a slightly different structure and several new links.

30 January 1999

12 January 1999

  • Thanks to a digital camera I borrowed from Apple-Q, there are some fresh photos of some of my smaller plush under Kangaroos, as well as a close-up of Kanga.
  • Meeko! Check under Other for Meeko. More to come soon.
  • A special feature on Kanga, entitled "The Washing of Kanga", will be coming in the next week or so...

4 January 1999

  • Some fresh photos under Kangaroos and a harp seal under Other.
  • You'll already have noticed the changes to the main page, but the Links page has been rejigged as well. Go there to check out my new animated button!
  • Do be sure to click on the "Powered by electricity" icon on my main page, so generously provided by Mouse. Generosity such as this deserves not to go unnoticed!
  • And there's more to come! Stay tuned...

29 December 1998

  • Well, this page is for a start! Just something quick which I'll be able to update with a text editor to notify you of any updates. To save time, instead of including a last updated date (which will still appear at the bottom of the homepage), the "What's new?" graphic will be updated. So click on the "What's new?" button every time you see a new one. (You do check my page for changes every now and again, don't you?:)
  • The "E-mail me" button has been turned into an animated gif. You people don't e-mail me enough so I thought I should make it more prominent. I really do welcome your feedback.
  • There's going to be photos of new plush I got for Christmas, plus a group shot and maybe even a special feature on Kanga, all hopefully in the next few weeks. Come back soon and check it out!
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