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Plush guarding the television set in the furry video room at Conspiracy, a science fiction convention held in New Zealand in 1997. The one on the right is, of course, Esther the Easter Bilby, the one in the middle is Bernard Doove's Ambassador Ferret, who has become quite famous in furry circles, and the one on the left is the unnamed "false bilby".

Esther with Danny
This is Danny John-Jules, who plays "Cat" in Red Dwarf, sharing a pint with Esther. Danny John-Jules is probably better known in the UK and Australia and New Zealand than he is in America. Red Dwarf is a comedy/science fiction program produced by the BBC. There was an American pilot of the program, but it wasn't very good and is unlikely to go any further than that. With luck, Americans will be able to catch the original Red Dwarf on cable. Apparently, there is also a Red Dwarf movie in production.

Plush at bar
Various plush enjoying the hospitality of the bar at Conspiracy.