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Me with rooThis is me cuddling a kangaroo. Yes, I know I'm balding on top. Thanks for pointing that out. :) I'm 30-mumble, I work full time as an information professional/IT support officer.

As you'll probably be able to gather from this site, I'm especially fond of kangaroos. In fact, I quite like all marsupials and animals in general. I used to be active in the animal rights movement; I was Secretary of Animal Liberation (QLD) and I am still a subscriber. I find that being a former animal rights activist is a lot like being a lapsed Catholic; you can never quite leave behind all the old rituals and catechisms.

Not wanting my life to be devoid of contoversy, I went on to ditch my old 486 for a Power Macintosh (a 7200/90 with 64MB of RAM and a total of 2.76GB of hard drive capacity running MacOS 9, for those of you who are interested) and joined Apple-Q, a macintosh user's group. A year later, I became Secretary. I've been surprised at the number of PC users who seem to be offended by this. It begs the question: What are you so afraid of? I want to celebrate a diversity of platforms sharing space on the internet; Windows and Macintosh and Amiga and BeOS and umpteen different flavours of commercial and freeware unix and others, rather than see the stark landscape of a monoculture. My PC was a disaster, so I've gone back to the hardware I know and trust. My current computer is a PowerMac G4 (nicknamed "Windtunnel" by the Mac community, but since silenced with a new fan/power supply from Apple) with dual 1GHz processors, 80GB internal hard drive and a 60GB external firewire drive with DVD-R and DVD-ROM drives and 768MB of RAM running MacOS X.2. It is geared towards doing digital video.

I love old and supposedly obsolete computers and I have a fair collection of them, mostly purchased cheap from flea markets.

SFL logoI was co-publisher of a furry fanzine called South Fur Lands. It was started in 1995 and is still going strong under new management.

Plush Code 2.0

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