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Cartoon#872 Nov 22, 2004
"Ace recieves a really warm welcome."
Effene Acelyn

Name: Effene Acelyn
Species: Fox
Age: 12 Gender: F

Remarks: Purity of heart, optimism and enthusiasm that knows no boundaries are this 12 year old vixen's best traits. Her gentle and frail appearance is opposite of the strength of her character and will. Always has a positive outlook in life and loves to get involved. Ace is never afraid to try out something new at least once. She has absolutly no sense of danger and most times she finds herself bitting off more than she can chew. Good thing her new found friends are always there to bail her out. This cute little vixen has lived most of her life on the fox homeworld and has recently just moved to Russetville so she's experiencing alot of new things for the first time.

She is Ix's newest recruit to his small circle of friends. Though they're the same species, they have nothing in common. But this doesn't stop them from being good friends or her being Ix's girlfriend. At first glance, Ix immediatly became romanticly interested in Ace. He has a crush on her and does everything he can to spend more time with her. Ace doesn't seem to mind. In fact she likes him the same way because she thinks he's cool. That shows how much she knows...

Her heart is always in the right place but Ace tends to get involved too much for her own good. To a point that sometimes even annoys her friends. But what are they gonna do? She's too adorable to say no to. Ace has an uncommonly strong faith in other people which Ix finds so interesting about her. He calls it her "super power". Her ability to never give up on people even if they've given up on themselves brings out the best in them whether they like it or not. If Ix can detect the goodness and potential hidden in a person, Ace can force it out into the open for everyone to see... Again, whether they like it or not.

Ace loves animals. She has a pet male bikit named Elwood. Her family is relatively typical consisting of a mom, a dad and an older sister who is currently in college. Unlike Ix, since she grew up on the homeworld, she can talk in the fox native language called Vulpine. But she's not very good with commoner language so her friends occasionally have trouble understanding what she says. Sometimes its an advantage as it allows her to verbally vent off her frustrations without anyone understanding what she says.