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Cartoon#862 Sep 07, 2004
"A.P.O.V.'s signature bad girl makes a debut."
Maryane Abriel

Name: Maryane Abriel
Species: Wolf
Age: 12 Gender: F

Remarks: Maryane Abriel, Mahr only to those whom she allows. The only daughter of the Abriel family's alpha, she's a rebelious but independent little princess. Self-centered, concieted and prideful, no one can push her around or tell her what to do. Intimidating and head strong with a monopoly on self-esteem to describe her lightly. Athletic, and is a practitioner of the wolven martial arts, she is as crabby as she is stubborn. Mahr's no team player and she has difficulty handling her own feelings along with understanding other people's feelings. Perhaps thats why she creates an impression of being an obnoxious elitest jerk.

Ix met her a few months ago after the start of the school year seeing as their classmates. The class reffered to Mahr as a bully but the only students that Mahr ever messes with were other bullies that picked on smaller weaker students than them. This caught Ix's attention because he noticed a strong sense of justice about her. Ix tried to make friends but she didn't want to waste her time talking to him. At least not at first. Over time she opened up to Ix for a couple of reasons; One, Mahr's best friend became Ix's girlfriend. She feels obligated in protecting her best friend from a creep like Ix. And two... She wouldn't say, although it probably has something to do with one of Ix's friends. Who knows?

Mahr's hard to get allong with but when the situation requires it, she will unhesitantly stand up for her friends. Partly because of her dislike of unfairness and partly because she really does care about them despite her inability to express it. The same friends who she treats as if something she dug out of her ear, at least three of which. Though she'll never admit it, to Mahr, her friends are her surrogate pack. She is bound to them by that wolven loyalty of hers. Even secretly attracted to one of them.

Mahr's tough and tomboyish but at the same time still a GIRL girl. She has some "issues" with her father being the alpha of the family and all. She can never seem to see eye to eye with him. Maybe its cause they're so alike in many ways.