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Cartoon#861 Aug 31, 2004
"My locker textures are hideous. I'll work on it."
Lambert Tameheart

Name: Lambert Tameheart
Species: Sheep
Age: 12 Gender: M

Remarks: When you're the new kid in school and you don't know anyone, it doesn't matter how many friends you make cause it only takes one friend to help you settle in. Lambert "Bleet" Tameheart is Ix's dearest friend and the very first friend he met when he first moved into Russetville two years ago. The nervous sheep noticed an equally nervous looking new fox in class and decided to make friends. They have been close ever since.

Bleet isn't socially superior in most standards but he is kind and sweet. Bleet's intellegence is only over-shadowed by his sensitivity to other people's feelings. One friend calls him naive while the rest call him good-natured. He hates being in trouble cause he easily gets nervous about the simplest things, worrying about stuff that hasn't happened yet. Being dependent on a small comfort zone, there are a lot of things that easily make Bleet uncomfortable. He likes it when things go expected as planned and dislikes it when things change beyond his control. Obviously he's not big on taking risks, hates being the center of attention and would not want anything more than to fit in with everyone else. It gets particularly nerve wrecking since a certain someone keeps noticing him more than he'd want to.

Now, unlike Ix's other friends, Bleet doesn't have any special physical abilities. He can't fly or swim, he doesn't have any super heightened senses like hearing and smell or evolved speed, agility, or stamina. Instead, he's visually impared, has asthma, is really, really uncoordinated, has a few dozen allergies and is lactose intolerant. Despite all this, Ix looks up to him because where he lacks in all those things, Bleet makes up for his freakish brain. Bleet is very mechanically inclined and could probably build anything out of anything for any circumstance if needed. Given enough confidence in himself, he'd be dangerous.

Bleet doesn't have a dad anymore. He died when Bleet was young but not too young to not remember his dad's face and personality. Living with his mom, he had to learn how to handle loss at an early age both on an emotional and practical level. Ix says Bleet is a lot stronger than he claims to be for surviving something like this.