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Cartoon#859 Aug 17, 2004
"One by one, you will know them."
Quino Kyuman

Name: Quino Kyuman
Species: Duck
Age: 12 Gender: M

Remarks: Q is the nickname was given to him by his friends. Rude and obnoxious, Q is your standard trouble-making slacker/punk. He's not very fond of hard work if it can be avoided and he will scheme up ways to cheat and cut corners when given the chance. Sometimes he cheats just cause its fun and not cause he needs to. He's sneaky, devious and reaches from questionable resources, such as his familiarity with various black markets. Q means well most of the time, just doesn't care how he accomplishes things. But he loves his friends and will do anything for them. They're probably the only people he'd never abuse or take advantage of.

Generally Q has questionable traits when it comes to choosing friends. He's the perfect bad influence. But Ix is very picky with his friends and he considers Quino as one of his best. Ix met him when they were in 6th grade. They were classmates back then. On the first day of class, Ixis was late and he met up with another late student, Q. Q taught the Ix to sneak in through the cafeteria window to avoid the hall monitors from giving them a tardy mark. They've been buddies since.

Theres another reason why Ix and the others like him. Q has an over developed sense of loyalty. He's a punk only when it involves himself but once Q senses that someone is counting on him, when someone believes in him, he will fight for that person. He will never let you down with absolute disregard for his own well being. Kind of like a reluctant hero, he would rather have his wings cut off before even thinking that you misplaced your trust in him. Q values his friends faith in him that much.

Q is known for having a colorful vocabulary. Fortunately his uncontrollable chronic quacking which is triggered by intense negative emotions covers up most of the profanities. Sometimes he just "ducks" around them. Q's an adopted child as a duck thats adopted by a platypus family. His original family died in a fire while he was still in an egg so he doesn't remember them. He is very sensitive about his height because he wants to grow up big and strong so he can ba a fire fighter someday. Q's not very strong or fast but he is a great flyer and swimmer. Maybe he'll get his wish yet.