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Cartoon#857 Aug 03, 2004
"I dunno whether to start with the romance elements of A.P.O.V. or Blue's
evolved foreign language device."
Ixiah Kitsunei

Name: Ixiah Kitsunei
Species: Fox
Age: 12 Gender: M

Remarks: Born and lived in a deep space colony for 10 years, Ixiah Kitsunei is the first son of Kita and Mary Kitsunei and older brother of Fox Kitsunei. Two years ago, he and his family decided to migrate to an inter-species colonial planet and eventually settled in the town known as Russetville.

Reffered to as Ix by his carefully chosen circle of friends, he is a great judge of character despite his age. Its a unique gift to instantly have an accurate impression of another person's character at sight, almost as if seeing goodness in people like a floating aura. Either that or he's just very sensitive to detail particularly about scent and sound based body langauge. Though they're not aware of it, Ix's friends benefit from it the most, subconciously using Ix as a guide to enjoying each other's differences. Writing is Ix's hobby but doesn't want to do it professionaly cause he considers writing as a joy. Ix likes playing video games and watching super hero tv shows. Three of his friends think its corney, but he's ok with it. With his over developed sense of humility, he has become immune to all forms of embarrasment. Totally thick skinned and shameless... Whether you view that as a good thing or not is up to you.

On the outside, Ix is described as calm and focused by his friends. He's patient and always thinks first and plans before exerting energy upon an action. Patience, awareness of his suroundings, attention to detail and control of his actions allows him results of precision... That is if he's not feeling lazy to do all that. He's usually carefree and goofy, taking on life one day at a time but he can be serious too when he needs to be. Normally triggered by protecting someone or something thats important to someone or... someone thats important to someone. Its rarely ever for himself.

Being Fox's older brother by default, he has to handle the ups and downs of being an older sibling. Ix likes his brother and says it openly. But Fox doesn't like that corney gross stuff so he doesn't like being around Ix very much. Maybe Ix does it on purpose to annoy Fox.