No Greater Love
by John R. Plunkett

It is a dark time. The Jedi Knights, defenders of peace and harmony, have been hunted all but to extinction by the Emperor and his dark minions, the Sith. Without the Jedi's stabilizing influence old animosities flare up and the worlds of the Republic fall into disarray, bickering and fighting amongst themselves. Against this backdrop of chaos the Emperor consolidates his power through intrigue, betrayal, and brute force. Yet still there are those who cannot stand by while the peoples of the galaxy are reduced to servitude, who will gladly pay any price to see the tyrannical New Order cast down and the Republic restored. Though the Empire is too powerful to face directly they fight anyway, striking covertly from secret bases and hidden camps all over the galaxy, damaging the Imperial war machine, eroding the Emperor's popular support, and keeping alive the conviction that the galaxy will once again be free....

Episode 1