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Welcome to my library. Have a seat; the chairs are quite comfortable. The fire is warm, there are cigars in the humidor, and if you but ask Jeeves will fetch you a brandy.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Robert Plunkett; I live in the city of Eugene, the state of Oregon, in the United States of America. By profession I am a PC consultant and database programmer. My hobbies include computers, railroading, and ships, but my first love is and always has been science fiction.

My father is also a science fiction nut and he amassed a huge collection of paperbacks- many of which are no longer available. As a child I virtually lived in this library, devouring the works of Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Anne McCaffery, Frank Herbert, Jack L. Chalker, H. Beam Piper, A. Bertram Chandler, and may others. I spent my youth in the ancient forests of Zaratustra; I travelled to Mars with the Stone family, I toured the world of Pern, and the entire Rimworlds Confederacy.

While reading about these places I always dreamed about what I'd do if I were there. One day I realized that I didn't have to dream; I could send myself as those writers had done. Thus at the tender age of sixteen I took up the pen. I wrote diligently for many years, during which time I perfected my technical skills, but the great novel I'd envisioned never materialized. My archives became full of stories I'd begun, then abandoned, when after dozens of re-writes I still didn't have a result that satisfied me. I did produce a number of short stores; to my infinite sorrow the only survivor is Wally & Me. Looking back I can see that I needed time to mature. How can I tell my story if I don't know who I am? Getting out of the creative doldrums took a lot of work; for their love and dedication I wish to thank my brother, David (who is himself an artist of great talent), my mother (another artist of great talent), and the Landmark Education Corporation, which granted me some opportunities for personal development right when I needed them the most.

Lastly- but far from least- I must give special mention some individuals who each contributed something specific- and critical- to my continuing literary development. While looking for a context in which to place my latest story idea Bernard Doove came along and dropped one right in my lap. Terry Knight and Grant Preston co-wrote an incredible story (check out Terry's web site) that inspired me to publish my work on the Internet.

Stay a while. Look through the library. Tell me what you think.

Your humble host
John R. Plunkett

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Please visit my Yahoo groups:
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Note: both these groups are classified as Adult. This is not necessarily because they contain explicit material, but to avoid getting dinged by the Yahoo administrators. An Adult rating allows anything at all to be discussed without fear.

PS: Each story I post includes a version number in the document title. If I update an already posted work the number will increment. The rightmost number indicates minor changes, such as spelling or grammar corrections. The middle number denotes larger changes, where I re-wrote whole scenes, inserted additional ones, or re-arranged them. The leftmost number means I made huge changes: adding/deleting characters or reformulating the entire story arc. If the version number includes a "beta" suffix that means it's still a work in progress and may be added to, rearranged, or completely discombobulated at any time. Check the Revision History log for updates to art pages and finished stories. Check the Status Page page for updates to works in progress, which will generally happen much more frequently. Usually I post an addition every day, or at least every few days. I do have a tendency to jump suddenly from one project to the next so I don't promise to work steadily on any one story (though if enough readers respond I may reconsider).

Stories, and Related Material

Star Dancer

These works are presented, more or less, in chronological order. They are not, however, a linear series. I've grouped them here because they all deal with common themes, settings, or characters.

Note: Star Dancer was written first, and is the thematic keystone binding all the stories together.

Eden Two


Other Stories

Special Features

Art inspired by and related to my stories

When, back in 1999, I first asked Terry if he'd do some illustrations for me I had no idea what I was setting in motion. Since then a tremendous amount of art has been generated; only some of it is appropriate for use as illustrations in stories but it seemed a terrible waste not to present it. Also, it gives me a chance to thank the wonderful folk who've helped me so much in making my work what it is today.

Story Source Material

This section contains background material and tools I've used to create my stories.

A selection of 3D renderings

A record of my long, strange trip through Cyberspace

Final Words

A person who denies another the right to be commits violence first and foremost against his/her own humanity. If to err is human and to forgive divine, then practicing forgiveness brings us closer to God.

Fur Peace

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