Links of Interest

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JaSpace™ - A site belonging to Josie McQuillan, a fellow artist and lover of ravens. Oh, and a fellow Aussie, too. Gotta stick together down here in Oz. Anyway, a good site with a raven page and some really great digital art as well. Cheers, Josie.

Toby Taur - Neat and original design-style art from Toby Taur.

Gryf's Gallery - Home to Gryf's excellent furry art. Themes of transformation and shiney latex-suits abound.

Asai's Den - Some great furry stories.

Pictures/Art Links:

Elfwood Science Fiction and Fantasy Galleries - The first place that I got my artworks up on the web. It's a fantastic site for amateur artists and a great place for inspiration because of the sheer volume of artists. A lot of them are way better than me, so don't worry.

VCL - Another place that you can find my art and a lot of other good artists and authors. It's exclusively furry and be warned that there are virtually no restrictions to what artists can display as long as it's furry, so you might find some adult stuff up there.

Side7 - Another place where I have a gallery. Any kind of art, so it contains a lot of animal pictures and the likes that my other online galleries don't have. The most complete collection apart from here.

DeviantART - Yet another place my art can be found. My most recent journey into the world of online galleries and art communities. Deveiant is pretty cool and becoming quite popular. Some real quality art there, too, notably some very neat photography.

Marlos's Picture Emporium - An expansive sight with a lot of pictures of wild cats big and small. I've found it hugely useful whenever I want to draw a cat of some sort.

Animal Related Links:

The Lurker's Guide to Stomatopods - If you like little critters that can cut fingers to the bone or smash glass aquariums but have never heard of a mantis shrimp, you have to go to this site. Mantis shrimp are quite possibly the very coolest inverterbrates in the world. Besides their handy skill of being able to strike at something faster than you can blink, they are also very pretty animals. Check it out.

Animal Diversity Web - A very useful site from the University of Michigan if you're interested in finding out stuff about pretty much any animal in the world.

Ravens Versus Crows - A cool little page that tells you the general differences between crows and ravens. We all know that ravens are better, but here's proof.

Internet Resource Guide for Zoology - Another useful page for finding out stuff about animals. It's good if you know what you're looking for.

Cryptozoology - A fun page for all those people who want to learn about bigfoot and all the other fanciful animal stories out there. This is the best site I have found in this category.