Welcome to the stories section. Only the very best of my stories ever make their way here. I'm actually quite a prolific writer, but most of what I write is terribly indulgent and usually a work in progress that I would never consent to letting anyone else but me even look at. Most of what you'll find here will be short, mostly unrelated stories about all sorts of unrelated things. Hooray for that. Enjoy my stories and have fun. I hope you like them. All pieces are © Melissa Starling.


Thyla -an interesting short story designed to raise more questions than it answers.

Over the Top -don't you ever feel limited by what's expected of you by society?

The Void -the first part of a contemplative series I'm playing with. It's a bit weird, so be warned.

A Leaf in the Wind -one of my better stories that I wrote quite a while ago. There are a few glitches, but the overall effect isn't bad. A story of a different Australian bush than the one most people know of.

Fayn-Tharal -the story of a wolf's fight with himself for freedom.

A Battle Lost -a much shorter story about the same thing as the one above. This time a battle is lost, but who was the loser?