Greytail Finds a Mate - Part 2
Characters and text © 2004 Sandwalker

I went through the next day in a happy mood. I was never usually totally happy, but today... I felt everything was right with the world. Not even the fact that Rondo chewed up one of my favourite shirts could upset me - much.

"Wow, Grey. I've never seen you so...buoyant. Not for a long time," Sandy observed, walking through the front door in the afternoon. "Looking forward to seeing Koski again, hmm?" Shi grinned, padding over to give me a lick-kiss and a hug, before leaning down to give Rondo a good scratch behind the ears. "Oh, 'River will be home soon. Shi had to drop by a friend's house to get help with hir homework."

"You two will have to get your own dinner tonight. I'm not going to do anything." I smirked at Sandy's dismayed expression, which I knew was just a show. Shi liked to cook sometimes -- including poaching fish in the dishwasher. "Don't look so enthusiastic," I said, kissing hir again. "And don't even think about using the dishwasher."

Sandy put on a hurt expression. "Would I do that, sister dear?" Shi giggled when I lightly smacked hir arm. "Fine, no poached fish. I'll settle for spaghetti bolognaise with a salad, then."

I smiled and nodded. "That's better. Now, how was your day?"

At seven o'clock I was standing on Koski's doorstep, pressing the doorbell. I was rather taken aback when, instead of a few musical tones, I got a low growl, which escalated into a furore of barking. A few seconds later the door was opened, revealing a neatly groomed skunktaur with a smile on hys face. "Good evening, Greytail. Please, come in." Hy stepped aside for me to walk in, then closed the door. "Doorbell give you a bit of a fright, hmm?" hy asked with a chuckle, seeing the shaken look on my face. "Part of my inscrutable charm. Keeps nuisances like salesman and Jehovah's Witnesses away. Care for a drink?" hy said then, changing the topic.

"Oh...claret, if you have any, thank you." Koski led me into hys living room, a large, open space laid with a number of Persian rugs and pillows. On the walls were various paintings, among them landscapes and what seemed to be portraits. "Make yourself comfortable." Hy padded over to an elaborate cabinet, with glass doors and gold inlay, and opened it up, pulling out a green bottle. "Hmm...this one should be suitable." Hy pulled out two large wine glasses, and shut the doors with hys tail as hy turned to come back to me.

Hy filled our glasses, and handed one to me. "What do you think?" hy asked after our first sips, waving hys arm around to indicate the living room. "Too overdone, perhaps?"

The room was a little extravagant for my tastes, but the way everything was laid out made it seem more inviting. "Just a bit, but that's just my opinion. I love the way you've positioned everything, though. And the rugs...they must have cost you a fortune!"

"Oh, yes, they did indeed. I have an occupation on the side that helps pay for these things." Hys eyes flicked briefly to the wall and back again. Hy smiled into hys glass, gazing into my eyes. "Perhaps you might guess...."

I blinked, then glanced at the wall. Almost immediately my eyes lit upon a small painting of a skunktaur, posed against a sunset. Hys fur was tinted with the reds and oranges of the lowering sun, and hys expression seemed to be one of...longing? "You painted that? These others?" I asked, totally surprised.

Hy simply nodded. "I took an art course not long ago. My instructor said that my work could sell for quite a bit. That was proved when he put one of my paintings up for auction. Someone bought it for nearly three hundred dollars. Since then I've sold another couple of dozen. I keep a few, of course."

I got up and went over to inspect the painting. I was amazed at the quality of the brushstrokes; so small and well-defined. "I'd love one of these," I said, turning to face Koski. "Do you take commissions?"

Koski smiled and nodded. "I'd be honoured to do one for you. Of yourself? Or the rest of your family, perhaps?" Hy sniffed suddenly, and rose to hys feet. "I think dinner's must about ready. If you'd follow me?" Hy led the way into the spacious kitchen/dining area. The table was about three metres long, and half that wide, and was covered with a grey damask tablecloth. The place settings were for two, with shining silver on either side of the large plates, along with serving implements in the centre. The kitchen was impressive, with various items hanging from hooks around the ceiling, amongst them salami and garlic. A large 'island' was in the centre of the room for convenience. On this lay the remainder of what looked like a chicken and some veal. Koski now padded around the island to the wall oven mounted on the far side of the kitchen.

"That smells wonderful, Koski," I said, stepping closer to get a better look at the meal as hy took it out of the oven. "What is it?" I moved aside to let Koski put the steaming casserole dish on the bench.

"I'm not sure, actually," Koski said, chuckling quietly. "It's a recipe I made up a while ago. It's just veal wrapped around lean chicken breasts in a brown onion sauce. I also have...." Hy moved back to reach into the oven again, and pulled out a tray of what looked like crumbed chicken breasts. "Chicken Kiev," Koski said, placing the tray next to the first dish. "If you haven't guessed already, I like chicken."

I laughed. "Yes, I think that's becoming evident. It's been a while since I've had it; it will make a nice change. May I help you serve it?" We both carried a dish into the dining area, and set them down on the place mats provided for the purpose. "If you'll seat yourself, I'll go retrieve the wine, and we can begin."

I took my place at the table, curling my tail around my feet, and barely a minute later hy returned, and refilled our glasses, before serving out generous portions of what hy'd cooked. "Bon appetit," hy said, raising hy glass to clink it against mine.

The first bite of the 'vealed chicken', as I thought of it, was nothing I'd ever tasted. I just sat there, a beatific expression on my face as I savoured the intense flavours. It took Koski a few moments to realise that I wasn't eating. " something wrong?" hy asked, slightly anxious.

I quickly chewed and swallowed before replying. "Oh, nothing's wrong. It's just the opposite. I've never tasted anything so delicious before." We shared a few seconds of laughter before going back to our meal.

When we had finished, Koski took our plates and cutlery into the kitchen and put them in the sink. "I hope you're not full, because we still have dessert!" I heard the fridge open and close, then a few seconds later hy came back in with a massive chocolate cheesecake. "My all-time favourite dessert," hy said, a big grin splitting hys muzzle." Hy put it carefully down on the table, and fetched some bowls.

The cheesecake was even better than the main meal had been. It had a base made from crushed chocolate biscuits, a chocolate cream filling with the consistency of slightly unset jelly, with chocolate chips scattered through it, topped with sweetened cream and chocolate shavings. "You really love chocolate, don't you?" I murmured through a full mouth. Koski could only nod in reply.

Finally we had eaten all that we could. "Are you as stuffed as I am?" muttered Koski, burping quietly. "Excuse me."

"I am, if not more. I think I made quite a pig of myself." I took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "That was an excellent meal, Koski. Thank you." I slowly raised myself from the floor, stretching my cramped leg muscles. "Now comes the worst bit - doing the dishes!"

We argued for a minute or two over my helping hym, and we ended up playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. "I win," announced Koski with a smug grin. "I'm washing and drying them by myself. I'll do them later, though." Hy moved around the table to give me a gentle hug. "Let's retire into the living room to digest some of this food, hmm?" I smiled and nodded, leading the way into the other room.

We selected a few big cushions and laid ourselves down on them with quiet groans. "Remind me not to eat so much next time," I muttered with bemusement as I stretched out, my full belly forming a large bulge. I sighed with contentment and glanced over at Koski. "My compliments to the chef."

"Thank you, again. If I didn't have my job as a columnist, I'd be a chef, most likely," Koski replied, yawning. "It's not often I have people to cook for; my talents usually go to waste, living by myself."

We lay there for about an hour, talking about various matters, until a clock on the wall chimed nine o'clock. "Time for me to go home and salvage what I can of the house, I think," I said with a laugh. "If I know my sister shi'll have created a mess for me to clean up tomorrow."

The handsome skunktaur walked me to the door. "I greatly enjoyed our time together," hy murmured as hy opened the door. "I hope you'll come round again."

"Of course, Koski. Perhaps next time you will come to my place. I'll kick Sandy and 'River out for the evening if I have to." We leaned close to share a kiss, before I stepped over the threshold. "Well, goodnight, Koski. I'll be seeing you very soon...if not sooner." We laughed at my little joke, then I padded off down the front path. I looked back, waved, then disappeared from hys sight.

I walked into our house twenty minutes later, expecting the worst to have happened. To my surprise, everything looked normal. I padded around for several minutes, making sure nothing was unusual or out of place. Then it hit me - the house was quiet. No, it wasn't. Faintly I could hear the shower running.

Going to investigate, I could hear a lot of noise coming through the walls - sounds of pleasure if I was not mistaken. I chuckled lightly to myself, wondering whether to let them be, or to join them. I pushed down on the door handle, and found the door unlocked. Pushing it open, a cloud of perfumed steam billowed out as I slipped in and quietly closed the door behind me.

The steam having cleared somewhat, I was able to get a reasonably good look at what Sandy and 'River were doing. Sandy was crouched on the floor of the shower cubicle, hir torso turned so that shi could kiss hir mate deeply, while 'River was busy thrusting hir maleness into Sandy's warm depths. I cleared my throat loudly, crossing my arms with a stern expression on my face. Their own expressions when they saw me were almost enough to make me lose my straight face. "I'm highly disappointed in you," I said, shaking my head. I let them open and close their mouths for a few seconds before continuing. "You could have waited until I was home, at least."

"Eh?" muttered Sandy, totally confused. "We thought you were going to stay the night...." Shi sighed, then grinned. "Well...seeing that you're here now, perhaps you'd like to join us? I think we'll have to vacate the shower, though. Not enough room."

"Get out, dry off, and we'll go into the lounge. Plenty of space there." I giggled for a few moments before adding, "We can show 'River the joys of the Chakat Manoeuvre, hmm?" 'River looked blankly from Sandy to me. "Don't worry, dear. It's a lot of fun," assured Sandy.

A few minutes later we gathered in the lounge, Sandy and I with big grins on our faces, and 'River with a quizzical look. "Sandy, 'River," I said, "if you'll assume the position you had before?" I watched with a smile as they did so. 'River hadn't lost any of hir hardness, which was good to see. My own member slid out as I watched, until it was at full stretch. "Now, my turn...." I moved up behind 'River and mounted hir, pushing my hard cock into hir hot pussy. Part of my mind noted that this was the first time I had ever coupled with 'River, which made performing the Manoeuvre all the more sweeter.

'River shivered beneath me, turning hir head to look at me. "This feels so...different, but wonderful. I never dreamed that I could be part of a threesome like this." Shi gave me a quick kiss, which I returned. "Now, I'll have to warn you that our timing will be a bit off to start with - it always seems to be that way," I explained to 'River. "As I thrust into you, push back against me. At the same time, Sandy will move forwards. Then, as you thrust into Sandy, shi'll push back and I'll pull out. Got that?"

'River nodded, smiling. "I think I can handle it." With that, shi suddenly thrust forward, starting us off.

As usual it took a few seconds to establish a rhythm, but once we had we moved as if we were a lean, well-oiled machine. 'River continuously engaged in a war of tongues with Sandy while kneading hir mate's breasts, while I fondled 'River's own hard-nippled breasts. Of hir own accord shi moved one of hir handpaws to grasp Sandy's maleness, which had slipped out of its sheath unnoticed, and began to stroke it up and down. "Oh, 'River, love, that's great! Keep it up, please! I don't think I'm going to last much longer."

As if it was a cue, we started moving faster, each of us wanting to achieve orgasm simultaneously with the others. All three of us were starting to moan and pant as we reached the edges of our climaxes. 'River was first to explode; with an incredibly loud yowl shi came, hir hot pussy squeezing my cock so hard it almost hurt. That triggered my own orgasm, unleashing thick jets of chakat seed into 'River's depths. Shi yowled again, and contractions of a different sort started pumping hir own creamy semen into Sandy's body. Sandy finished the chain effect by clenching hir vaginal muscles around 'River's cock and spurting copiously onto the carpet.

It seemed as if it lasted for hours. We were all on an orgasmic high, feeling as if we'd transcended the bounds of reality. The feeling couldn't last, however, and we soon came back down to earth, totally drained of energy. We collapsed to the floor, still embedded in each other, panting quickly. "That has be the best...climax I've ever...had!" I exclaimed, almost too exhausted to talk.

"And the first...time we've done...the Manoeuvre!" added Sandy with a tired grin. "What about you, 'River? 'River?"

"Shi's out of it," I said, chuckling. Hir breathing had deepened and got steady, a sure indication of hir slumbering condition. "A good idea, though. I haven't got the energy to move, let alone get to the bedroom."

Sandy didn't bother to reply. We just lay there on the lounge floor, drifting into an exhausted, but happy, sleep. My last conscious thought before slumber overwhelmed me was that I was going to have quite a job getting seminal stains out of the carpet.

* * To be continued in Part 3.* *

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