This Valley of Ours

Chapter 14

G. F. D.

Hannah woke with a twitch, then groaned through her sore muzzle. The bed sheets rustled as she turned over, her tail following her as she moved. It was only as she began to think of Fred did she open her eyes.

"FRED!" Hannah screamed as she kicked out, and stumbled and fell. Her injured leg tangled in the red silk sheets. She could hear voices, and then claws scraping the floor as Cloud opened the door first, Wakan peeking past him.

"Ahh Christ, Hannah," Wakan sighed, and entered, pushing past a bleary-eyed Cloud.

As soon as Wakan took Hannahís wrist she struck out, sobbing as she scrabbled to grab any fur or flesh, yelling incoherently for Fred. She fought Wakan until Cloud took her arms from behind and pinned them, Wakan straightened out his fur then looked at her as she laid her ears flat and growled.

"Fredís ok, but he canít see you. Heís got at least three broken ribs, a fractured shin, and other complications. Not to mention we met him in Golden trying to drive the two of you while going into shock," Wakan looked quickly at her thigh. "You seem to be healing nicely. That cut mustíve hurt but it was clean, so just some Spray Seal fixed it with those stitches he gave you."

"Where is he?"

Cloud looked at her; the left side of her muzzle was slightly swollen. "You donít want to see him, and you canít see him even if you wanted to either."

"WHY CANíT I SEE HIM?" she screamed as Wakan and Cloud flinched. She could feel that strain in the back of her throat.

"BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE SHIT!" Wakan thundered, then turned, instantly sorry for yelling at her as she squinted at them from the floor, fighting tears.

Hannah squinted more at them, then slowly got up and sat on the bed, slowly wrapping the sheets around her, only wearing a T-shirt and panties. "You can leave now."

She waited until she could hear them walking around below her, possibly in the study on the first floor. Slowly she stretched her legs over the bed and dropped the sheets, wincing slightly from a sore pang that shot up her leg. She crept to the door, listening as the muted voices below her continued. Then held her hand over the handle as she softly nudged the door open, everything else continuing as if nothing had happened.

She did the same to Fredís door, slowly pushing it open. Then she froze Ė he wasnít there. She walked to the mirror and activated the security monitor; he was in a guest bedroom on the first floor, across from Cloudís room, above Wakanís. Just down the hall from the study.

Her heart hammered and leg shivered in small spasms as she slowly descended the stairs. Fear of being sent back, even being found added to her already stressed body. She peeked around to the study, they were in there. But the door was almost closed; she could see shadows of them in the study as they walked about.

The door to the guest room opened on smooth magnetic hinges, the small room was cozy as she glanced at Fred lying there, and closed the door before Cloud or Wakan would see anything abnormal. She turned and looked closer at him, the late noonday sun from the window behind the bed illuminating his covered legs and torso. One arm lay out on the bed, a bruised right knuckle black with cuts on it covered with a patchwork of bandages. His whole arm covered in spots with light bandages and the vinyl-like sheen of Spray-Seal. His eye swollen with a Cool-Paste on it, a cut under his jaw, Spray Sealed, the ear lobe was cut down to the cartilage on his left ear, the Spray Seal securing the skin together. She neared him, looking at his battered body, then moved the sheets carefully aside. She stared at his chest. Black bruising covering most of his chest, she stood for a moment before hearing a ragged breath escape from the cool air touching his bare skin.

Slowly she slid into the sheets, careful not to touch his left arm, or any part of his battered body until she was comfortably in the sheets. Slowly, nervously reaching to run her hand over his hard chest, soft and swollen in spots, the taut skin pricking under her blunt nails, the rubbing pads made him shift.

Cloud watched his laptop screen as the homeís security showed the two of them lying in the bed calmly. If he woke up, there wasnít much they could do now. But Hannah hadnít bothered anything, so Wakan and Cloud had decided to stay put in the study. Next to large medical texts and dictionaries, even a few manuals on different medical items and drug information cut-outs scattered on the tables around the study.

"What do you think sheís gonna do?" Wakan asked.

"What? Itís not like Hannahís going to blow him," Cloud snorted.

"Well, I donít want to have to fix Fred up again. That took hours to clean off all his blood and patch him up. I mean that shin too, itís gonna be sore. And if he sneezes itís going to hurt like a bitch." Wakan looked warily at Hannahís thick tufts of fur and the hair still stuck to him in some spots from her assault earlier.

"Well, probably not as bad as whatever he went through in Denver."


There was nothing at first, then rubbing, gentle, slow, calm. My eyes stayed shut, but the pricks of pain began invading the sleep like rude cockroaches on a warm picnic. Scuttling, unavoidable, marring the beauty of sleep.

"Morning, Hannah."

"Afternoon. Stay quiet Ė Iím not supposed to be with you." Hannah kept rubbing my chest. My uncovered arm shifted uncomfortably, she felt it, and it was freezing. The covers flicked once as she pulled it under, warmer in the sheets next to her.

"So, why are you here with some ugly torn up tom like me?" There was a gasp of breath as I breathed in too deeply.

"Youíre still handsome, and on the bright side, youíll look rugged after youíre all healed." Hannah sighed, unable to look at my face. Instead focusing on the blankets on my chest as they steadily rose and fell, watching the roving hand under it.

There was a long pause as my breathing broke rhythm periodically. The slow breathing making my ribs hurt as I inhaled too deeply, rather, having to resort to short interrupted breaths.

"Do youÖare you ok?" I nervously asked.

"What? They didnít do nearly anything as much as they did to you," she mumbled, her head butting his as she rested her muzzle over his shoulder and throat.

"They still hit you, stabbed you, and God knows what." I coughed sharply. I cried out as tears stung the corners of my eyes, smaller coughs running like aftershocks as I tried to calm my breathing. Hannah looked at me, stopped stroking my chest and turned away.

"Hannah?" I gave a pained whisper.

"Fred, you promised that no harm would come to anybody else within this home."

"And you especially," I sighed, and laid back. Looking at the ceiling, unsure what to think, a sinking feeling overtaking me.

"Iím not worried about what happened to me. But you, from what I hear you tried to drive while going into shock!" Hannah turned back and flicked Fredís bruised chest, eliciting a gasp.

"I donít care Hannah, youíre still here."

"How can you say that?" Hannah hissed. "I couldíve been raped, you almost died, and donít you care about yourself?"

"As long as youíre here," I grumbled.

Hannah pulled the sheets and got out of the bed, spinning. "AS LONG AS IíM HERE!" She quieted her voice to a growl. "How can I care for my life when you would throw yours away so quickly?"

I stared, hearing muted voices through the fog outside the door. Hannah looked at the door, then walked to it and left, brushing past Wakan and Cloud as she swung the door open. She limped back to her room, brushing tears away. The blanket she had ripped off of me lay on the floor until Cloud picked it up and placed it over me as Wakan helped straighten it out.

My head pushed back into the pillow. I didnít want to be there. Wakan and Cloud quietly shut the door; guess it wasnít good advice to tell a guy "You should go after her," especially now.


Hannah lay in her bed like Fred, thinking. Watching the guest bedroom monitor, she had to use her admin rights and used a bypass to use the cameras. She watched him stare un-moving at the ceiling. For hours she watched, Wakan bringing her a tray, all the foods she needed for a full meal stacked on it. Fresh bread on it, stuff she didnít recall grabbing, she saw a thin near-transparent strand of hair on it. Wakan didnít say anything about her camera. After Wakan left she saw him bring a tray with softer foods on it to Fred on the monitor.

Fred would eat, then hobble to the restroom every now and then. Never asking for help, only coughing every so often, looking lonely, she watched still.

His room was quiet when she opened the door, the breathing still shallow, but not as ragged. She slid through his room, holding her tail so it wouldnít hit anything.


"Hannah?" I gasped as she slid in next to me, bumping a bruise on my arm.

"Iím sorry for yelling," Hannah whispered into my ear and lick-kissed my cheek. I just lay there, stock still, cold again, not clammy, or shaking, but hours of near perfect inactivity had made me cold.

She laid the rest of the night there as I thought, her body a welcome warmth. I finally turned my head to nuzzle hers.


It was a week before the swelling was gone, the bruising lingering in little patches of blue and yellow, black over the still broken ribs. I could walk better, the fractures had been small ones and while it hurt to go up the stairs or change positions, if I was still it wasnít sore most of the time. The fingers hadnít been broken, or at least as bad as previously thought. One was dislocated, another set fractured, and finally all of them strained. The swelling had made them hard to diagnose for Wakan.

Hannah slept at my side every night, keeping me warm. And even if her fur and hair was a bother the benefit of having her was far better than the disadvantages. Wakan and Cloud didnít object.

"You going to feel better soon?" Hannah whispered. Her voice like a soft breeze in my ear.

"Been feeling better, so I donít know what you mean by saying better," I mumbled back.

"Good enough to help my upcoming heat?" Hannahís rubbing on my chest stopped as she nudged closer to me. I could feel her soft body against mine. A hard nub poked my arm.

"I think youíd be better off grabbing the pills I brought back," Right after I had stitched Hannah, who had healed nicely, I had brought back dozens of items from the house into the MAV before driving off. A few heirlooms, guns, pills, and other odds and ends, including ammunition and wills; not that the wills would be of any use here. Wakan and Cloud had stared in disbelief at all the items I had brought back. I had even stopped at where the Kerrs laid and grabbed all the guns. The adrenaline had helped me work more, faster, they said.

"Those pills donít do as good of a job as you," Hannah nudged her head against my shoulder, feeling the bump now where the scar from the bullet wound hadnít healed completely. It worked better on cuts immediately after they were made.

"Well, I canít do as good of a job as those pills the way I am now."

"Why? Afraid youíll get tired?" Hannah grinned and began rubbing again, sliding lower.

"Every time I move it hurts, Hannah," I growled as she paused on my abdomen, her fingers tickling the base of my shaft.

"Well, letís see how much you have to move now," Hannah whispered back and drew her hand back. Flicking the blankets below my waist, she snickered at the tented boxers.

"Hannah, what if you screw something up?" I was scared; she had a glint in her eye that shone through the moonlight coming into the room. She bared her teeth.

She didnít even utter a word as she turned on the bed, laying next to me, but belly down and facing the foot of the bed. I could see she had shed everything but the lace panties, an organic pink line bisecting her mound showing through the thin cloth.

Her first lick caught me off guard as I stared at her tail, my gasp sending a sheet of rolling pain across my chest. She licked again, base to tip, slowly letting her tongue dance under the head before rubbing with her hand, spreading her saliva, making a thin sheen reflect the moonlight. She sat and played, rubbing her thumb over the head, letting her tongue flick over it every now and then, just enough to keep it wet.

Her teeth rubbed the shaft as she put her long muzzle over my manhood. I closed my eyes and tried to keep my breathing steady, but Hannah was making me fight for every controlled breath as she sucked hard before swirling it around in her mouth. Then she bit down.

I coughed as her teeth sent a prickle of pain through my body. She immediately stopped and looked up. I breathed in deeply as another cough stole my breath. My lungs seared as I cried out. The pain made me go limp, the erection evaporating as I tried to breathe in between spasms of pain. Hannah sat up and pulled the blankets back up, getting out of bed to grab a cup of water as I continued to cough.

The coughs subsided only after an eternity, Hannah standing in the shadows by the bed holding a glass of water. She gripped the glass tightly with both hands as she watched me try to control the coughing. Finally propping me up to drink the water, I could taste a gritty solution Ė she had poured a pain killer in it.

She sat next to him as I drank slowly, the weight of her taking the seat tipping me enough to bump against her shoulder.

"Iíll use the pills," she whispered in a small voice. She waited for me to finish.

"Iím not hurt."

"Yeah, I didnít bite it off did I?" She looked straight ahead; I smiled and rubbed her arm.

"You had me surprised still." I gave a small cough as she took my hand and spread the fingers between her own.



Mid August came with cooler weather. I stretched in the hotel bed. After healing for half a month, by now I felt better, far better. Breathing didnít hurt, walking was easier, and I was back to normal. Just a few more "rugged looking" scars, as Hannah put it, Wakan and Cloud called it badass, of course after saying I was stupid for doing what I did. Hannah didnít say anything about her outburst or concerns anymore, only sleeping every night with me for a change.

"You ready for your off day, Fred?" Hannah moaned scratching her chest fur between her breasts.

"Yeah, what am I going to do though?"

"Well, Iíve noticed Wakan and Cloud acting a lot more comfortable around each other. Why not watch them and see what theyíre up to?" Hannah yawned, remembering catching the two wolves holding hands. She smiled as she recalled their faces.

"You sure thatís all you want to do?" I asked and grinned as I shifted behind her.

"Maybe, why?" Hannah barely got the last words out before squealing as I grabbed her tail while another arm wrapped below her and pulled her close enough to feel her breathing.

"Some days you seem ready to do a lot of things, or am I wrong today?" I mumbled through my teeth as I pressed my head against hers, feeling, smelling that faint shampoo she used last night.

"Maybe you are wrong." She pulled away and turned back. Then grinned and snaked her hand through the front of my boxers and grabbed, claws digging in.

"Iím always ready to do a lot of things, especially with somebody who likes to be taken control of."

I began to protest to her last comment, but felt her grip tighten.

I lay still as Hannah rolled me onto my back, then placed her leg over my mid-section, straddling me as she shook her hair back.

"BREAK DAY!" Cloud yelled as he shouldered through the door as Wakan ran in behind him, then froze.

"You and doors, Cloud," Hannah mumbled and gathered the sheets around her to cover her bare chest. Still staying on my mid section, covering what was exposed.

"Well, weíll wait outside, err, in the lobby," Cloud sheepishly mumbled and shimmered as he turned in the morning sun out the door. Wakan looked once before winking and giving two thumbs up and leaving while Hannah gave him a salute.

"Well, looks like I didnít have to submit. Saved by the wolves," I grinned and tried to get up, only to be forced back.

"Iím going to get you later," Hannah winked and got up. Sliding herself over me before getting off the bed.

I lay in bed while listening to the running water in the shower. Slowly an idea dawned on me, something I still needed to get back at Hannah for.

The music was turned up loud enough to smother any sound that Hannah could catch. Like my breathing or shuffling on the carpet next to the shower door. Or the blanket held up like a wall in front of me.

"Fred, your turÖ!" Hannah yelped and jumped to the side as I tackled her with the thick blanket and wrestled her to the ground. My bruised chest flinched as Hannah kicked out and grazed the side. The blanket wrapped around her slowing her, then caught her feet and tripped her. The blanket rolled as I pushed it along.

"WHAT THE FUCK, FRED?" Hannah yelled as the thin phone snapped a picture.

"Iím going to caption this ĎHannah Burritoí later," I snickered. Then snapped another picture as Hannah scrunched up her muzzle in a growl. Then stopped and blew a raspberry.

"You want to eat this burrito, Fred?" Hannah bared her teeth, I knew my face was red, it had to be. Hannah wriggled her shoulders, then gave up and bent her hip, slowly creeping forward in jerks and rolls, like a caterpillar. The phone began to record video as I back-stepped. Then I tripped over a pillow that fell on the floor when the blanket was pulled from the bed, Hannah giggled as she caught up.

"So, the food gets the chef?" Hannah snickered and gave one last lurch before rolling over onto my side, then up on my chest.

"Or the chef has the food?" I slowly felt her figure through the thick blanket, her tail twitched as I stroked it. Hannah laughed and got an arm free, pulling herself up to eye level.

"Are you guys done yet?" Wakanís voice came over the still active phone. Still taking video I bet on the floor beside me.

Hannah grumbled then took the phone and flicked it shut, cutting off the connection. She turned back, resting her head on my cheek as I turned.

"You know, itís rude to keep people waiting," I mumbled, then looked back into her eyes.

"But itís been too long," Hannah whined and drew a claw tip over the scar under my chin.

"Well, later then," I pushed her hips through the blankets. Hannah obliged and rolled over again and again to let the blanket unfurl behind her until she could get up. The towel she had on when she came out lay in the blanket, now damp. I stared as Hannah pulled her hand through her ruffled belly fur.

"Do you still want to wait?" Hannah laughed, her soft voice carrying past the music still playing.

"What took so long?" Cloud asked as we entered the lobby. Wakan shut down the laptop he was playing with and looked up, both of them had been playing in a LAN party.

"Taking pictures," I replied. Hannah looked out the windows at the bright day. White clouds floating above the towering peaks.

"Naughty pictures I bet," Cloud snickered.

"With naughty intermissions," Wakan added.

Cloud and Wakan looked at each other. "Look, we didnít do anything serious," I shot back at them.

"Yeah, not yet," Wakan laughed. "You know teens are supposed to practice abstinence."

"Yeah, and Hannah and I are nineteen, so what?"

"So what happens when Hannah gets knocked up?" Wakan barked. He smiled a little at his own joke.

"You know Iím still standing here," Hannah growled.

"Yeah, and what would you do if you did get pregnant?" Wakan asked.

"I canít, itís almost a given that Fred and I would be incompatible." Hannah sat on one of the couches and glared at Wakan as if that was common knowledge.

"So, the doctor that held me had to take care of abortions because the human master got their slave knocked up. AND this happened on a regular basis," Wakan pointed out as Cloud began tapping away at his keyboard.

"So, even if I got pregnant, we wouldnít have half as many problems taking care of a child here as I would have back home," Hannah looked back at him. I could see that doubt of being safe from pregnancy had gotten into her mind. Her eyes revealed those thoughts.

"Ok, you still have to take care of the basics; Iím just saying maybe you should practice safer sex," Wakan grinned. "Or you could just become gay, Fred."

A pillow hit Wakan in the chest as Cloud laughed. My arm still had light bruises but I could still throw alright.

"Alright! Fine! Be like that, but Iím saying the door is always open for you, Fred," Wakan winked.

"Yeah, the back door," Cloud laughed as Hannah smiled a little before getting off the couch.

"So, itís early morning still. What are you guys going to go do?" Hannah asked Wakan and Cloud.

"Just explore the town, I donít know, weíll think up of something along the way," Wakan looked at Cloud. Hannah was right; they seemed to be getting closer. Awkwardly, but closer still.

Wakan and Cloud drove off in the truck. The back lights flickering while Wakan drove on the wrong side of the road as they took off. Nobody was here, nobody would see us breaking every law there was. Reckless driving, speeding, running red lights, all things done by us during our supply moving spree.

"HEY!" Hannah ran off giggling while1 I rubbed the spot she goosed. She ran down the block with her hair waving behind her. I stood and stared, then went after her, leaving my M-24 behind the check in desk in-between shelves.

Hannah was waiting at the corner of the next block as I rounded the corner, then took off again. I cursed before looking around; there was a pizza delivery shop right next to where she had stood.

Hannah was still standing on the next corner when I rounded it on the electric pizza delivery scooter. She gave a surprised yelp before running down a side alley. The motors whined as I gunned the engine, the lightweight and powerful engines making the scooter accelerate quickly.

Trash bins flew by as Hannah dove between bins while I tried to keep balance on the scooter. She rounded different alleys, the sharp turns tricky, and slow for the scooter.

Sunlight broke over the street as Hannah ran out of the shadowed alley. She looked back, her mouth slightly agape. Then looked around, the motors screamed as the straightaway alley blurred around the scooter, Hannah ran out of sight down an avenue.

I looked over to where she had gone, her tail swishing once before the doors to a furniture store, a large one, closed behind her.

Everything was still quiet, only the air conditioning unit humming in the background as I looked around. The main floor was open, two stories high. Around the store stairs led to a second level that bordered the main floor. Chairs, couches, beds, rugs, even TVís were on display. Most of the TVís were shut off though, and dusty rugs hanging from the second floor. The scooter stopped as I flicked the power switch below the speedometer. It laid leaning against a register as I slowly stepped into the huge store. Somewhere on the second floor I could her rustling.

"Hannah?" I stopped and listened.


Cloud and Wakan lay on the green slope; the truck parked a ways off near the closed ski-lift. They were both on the edge of the ski-slope; near the towering Lodge pole Pines and sparse Aspen trees.

For the last few weeks they had been getting closer, and they had almost been caught by Hannah a week ago kissing. Their first kiss. Hannah probably knew they had sex once, she should have smelled it if anything.

Cloud looked over unsure of what Wakan was thinking. He looked back at the sky. The next time he looked over he flinched; Wakanís nose poked his as he stared back.

"Are you bored?" Wakan asked.

"Yeah, but do you have any ideas on what we could do?" Cloud replied. He could feel his lungs taking in every breath of Wakanís.

Wakan sat and stared, quiet as usual. Then Cloud rolled over.

"Are you gonna be mine today?" Cloud questioned.

"Yours?" Wakan smiled.

"To do with what I please," Cloud leaned in and nuzzled Wakan before kissing him.

Wakan could feel his pants sliding off and his erection already hitting the air as Cloud straddled him, his semi translucent tail flicking once as Wakan pushed. They could smell each others excitement in the air as Cloudís erection rubbed Wakanís belly fur when he leaned down.

Wakan grabbed Cloudís erection as Cloud began to buck, trying to take Wakanís large knot. Feeling every inch of Wakan rubbing inside of him, Cloud could feel uncontrolled claw tips scritch the fur around his sheath as Wakan neared climax.

Cloud came first, his mess sticking in Wakanís chest fur as he felt Wakan spasm inside of him before he felt a spreading heat under him.

"That was quick," Wakan gasped.

"Donít worry, itís just morning," Cloud replied before rubbing Wakanís knot between his legs.


Hannah watched Fred walk around the store. He cautiously looked around each corner of the main floor, and between every piece of furniture thoroughly before moving on, he was hardly halfway through before Hannah got bored. It was slow waiting for him to find her, and watching him from in between hung rugs. She slowly moved. Watching him for any indication he would make from any noise she might make.

Hannah creeped by the plush couches as she ducked behind the ones he had already passed. Making sure he didnít hear anything. She was sure he had, he did look back once before walking to the next bed and spreading the sheets before remaking the bed.

She was only ten yards away before she looked out from behind a couch a final time before she planned on running. He was gone.

"Hunter becomes the prey?" Fred whispered, Hannah flinched as she sat against the back of the couch, having lost her balance.

"How did you know I was here?" she whispered as I sat down next to her.


"You could hear my claws clicking on the tiles?" Hannah rested her head on my shoulder as I rested my hand on her thigh.


"Well, what are you going to do with your fox now that youíve caught her?" I could feel her turn before feeling something wet touch my cheek.

"Maybe eat her, then get her stuffed," I turned and felt her hands, the thin digits soft between my own.

"Sounds good, but what if the fox fights back before she gets eaten?" She got up and sat sideways on my lap, her tail flicking behind her as a furry arm snaked its way behind my neck.

"Well, that doesnít sound fair, the game was won, and shouldnít I decide what happens?" Hannah spun as I said those words. Quickly bringing a hand to rest on the bulge in my pants.

"Well, the loser always has the last words," Hannah drew the zipper on the jeans. "And the games, theyíve just begun." Clothes began to find their way into a pile near the couch Hannah had been hiding behind.

Fred could feel Hannahís warmth as she ground against him before he took her mouth to his. It was awkward kissing. And feeling her tease him was a new experience, he reached down and stopped her sliding, and guided her over his erection before she pushed down quickly.

He felt her twitch on the inside as she moaned then leaned forward. Her breasts and fur tickling his chest, her tail beating against his legs, she sat for only a moment before moving, the leather couch behind Fred sliding from the sweat after a few minutes.

Hannah couldnít go all the way down; almost an extra half inch was left of him to take. As she pounded Fred, she started slowly to get through the last of what was left of him to take. Slowly stretching with every push to try and take him whole.

Fred began to feel pain in his chest but didnít move, only helping Hannah, talking to her, feeling her. Finally she came, twitching around him, and soon after Fred did too, Hannah feeling him push deeper for a moment before leaning back and breathing heavily, Hannah leaned into his chest, gasping for air herself.

"Fred, if I get pregnant from that, I have no regrets," Hannahís tail twitched as Fred shifted to the side, sliding around inside of her as he moved.

"And if you get pregnant, the kids would have to live in this screwed up world," I groaned then turned to lie back on the tiled floor with Hannah still on top. She sighed and lay on my chest, still coupled.

Hannah just looked back before leaning in, holding our kiss until I released for air. Hannah ground her hips again, trying to get me erect again inside of her.

"I think I need a break," I gasped as Hannah kept grinding before reaching between her legs trying to get me back up.

"I think you can go again before lunch," Hannah mumbled as she lay back down on my chest. Slowly moving her hips against mine.

"Since when did you know how my body worked?"

Hannah didnít answer, and finally gave up grinding. She looked at my face as if considering it before rolling off to the side and sighing. A few minutes passed before she spoke again.

"Do you know how interesting this is?" Hannah whispered as I looked at her, she licked her lips before giving a grin and stroking the underside of the flaccid penis.

I just stared as Hannah turned around and began to lick her fluids off the building erection.

Lunch came, and we skipped it, busy recuperating and going back to the hotel to wash up again. Wakan and Cloud were nowhere to be found as we went back to the lobby. Meanwhile Hannah had switched from her knee-length skirt to a full summer dress, she had even found a large brimmed hat to go with it, the dress was white until it turned a light shade of blue at the bottom near her waist. Her hat was similar albeit the blue flower tucked under the similarly colored ribbon around the hat.

"Do you think we should just go mess around more and try to find them for dinner?" Hannah asked as she looked at me in my plain cargo shorts and grey t-shirt.

"Yeah I donít think Iím ready for another round, and I donít feel like driving the MAV," I replied, sitting on a wooden bench in front of the hotel, Hannah doing likewise and crossing her legs. There was a purse somewhere upstairs, but when I had come out of the shower she had tossed the white lace purse with its inlay of sapphire-colored stones aside. No need for money here, and what she needed she could pick from the stores.

"I could drive the MAV," Hannah began, but stopped as I looked over.

"Yeah, and why did that cop pull us over a few months before this whole mess began?" I shot back, recalling the scrubbed curbs, and a few harassed pedestrians. Hannah blew a raspberry.

"Fine, Iím sure there are other cars somewhere. Cant we go find a few more?" Hannah asked before picking a strand of dark copper hair off her dress and letting it float away.

"Sure, but weíd have to take that scooter again to go find them," I looked over to the scooter. I had removed the rear storage box to leave a rough metal platform Hannah had sat on to drive back to the hotel on from the furniture store.

"Why not take the MAV to go look for another car?"

"Because, I said I donít feel like driving it," I grinned as I leaned my head back against the cool concrete wall of the hotel. "So you would be stuck on the back of that scooter while we drive around and look for your new toy."

"I donít mind, itís a new experience riding that little thing," Hannah looked at the sky.

"Alright, where do you want to start looking for cars?"

"Why not just check the whole car garage for this hotel?" Hannah waved to the drive that led underground, three levels below us there were parking garages dug into the granite.

All that was left were three cars. Two concierge cars, both of them Mercedes, one SUV and a Sedan, the third car was a sub-compact hatchback. The status indicator on the dashboard indicating all of its batteries were fully charged.

"Well, at least we wont come out of this empty handed," Hannah said as we stared at the three cars we had all found in the lowest level of the hotelís parking garage in a corner. The scooters light throwing an eerie white glare across the garage as the motor hummed.

"Which one you wanna take?" I asked as Hannah got off the hard metal seat.

"The sedan," Hannah said as she walked over to the sleek black sedan. A Hydro-electric model, brand new, it didnít even have the logo for the hotel on the doors yet, just a lighted sign stuck on the roof advertising the hotel.

"Itís only got two hundred miles on it!" Hannah exclaimed as she sat in the driverís seat, the leather seat automatically adjusting to her. The mirror flicked a light over her face as motors whirred and moved the rearview mirrors so her eyes would already be lined up level with them. One of the keys I had grabbed from the lobby lit up in my hand. The smooth black obsidian was run through with illuminated red lines that gathered into an exclamation mark on the oval stone-shaped e-key.

"Throw me the keys," Hannah said as she leaned out of the car to speak.

She caught the rock-like device, the lines turned green instantly as she placed it in a magnetic slot in the dashboard.

"Are you going to ride up with me?" Hannah winked as she turned the car on, the bright lights now illuminating myself and the scooter on the opposite side of the parking area.

"Well, why donít you get used to it, then Iíll ride with you," I said as I stayed back on the scooter.

"Fine, your loss," Hannah said as she pulled the Mercedes out and past me with only a hum and the sound of new tires rubbing the concrete. We pulled out of the dark garage into the glaring sunlight in a few twists and turns, the sedan reflecting the sky off its surfaces.

The car raised up in ride height as Hannah opened the passenger door so it was easier to get in and out of the low-slung car as I caught up in the scooter. She grinned as I got in, feeling the car sink to a very low slung profile as soon as the door was shut.

"So, you like to scare me driving your huge MAV huh?" Hannah asked.

"I donít think that a luxury car wouÖ" I stopped as my head got thrown back into the headrest, the chair automatically slacking the leather to gain grip and retain comfort. The motors whined as Hannah gunned the engine down a street that led to the center of town, blowing past intersections, watching cameras flicker as we ran red lights. The buildings began to blur as we neared the main intersection. The seat armrests groaned as my knuckles went white. Hannah slammed on the brakes right before the intersection. The Mercedes skidded to a stop at the middle of the road as more traffic cameras sparkled.

"Wasnít so bad was it?" Hannah asked before turning toward the roundabout at the head of the town hall lawn.

"Not as bad as your sex," I shot back, releasing one of the door handles I had been gripping.

Hannah gunned the engine again even before we completely exited the roundabout.

Wakan and Cloud drove the truck back; it was late evening when they neared the hotel, behind them a black car followed them in the dusk. Only a red light in the dashboard blinking, warning Hannah the lights should be on as we trailed the dark blue truck.

Wakan and Cloud flinched as the white LED lights flashed on as they got out in front of the lobby of the hotel. The Mercedes slowly pulling up, the yellow lights above to drive in area reflecting off of the black finish, Hannah got out, her white immaculate dress still neat, even from sitting on it.

"Whoa, look who got a new ride and a new dress," Cloud said. Wakan looked on as he idly scratched his chest.

"Are you guys up for a dinner?" Hannah asked as I looked out from the car at her back. I noticed Hannah had modified the dress. The dress was fastened by a zipper that ran from the neck to the small of her back on the rear side. She had cut a narrow hole out at the bottom and reversed the zipper. Wakan and Cloud had said she had been working on a huge number of dresses while I was "recovering". This was probably one of them.

"What have you guys been doing?" Cloud asked as I realized Hannah had caught me staring at her tail, and more. Cloud got in the back of the car, relaxing as the seat conformed to him.

"Just screwing around, looking at the town, driving, cooking dinner, looking at different buildings. What about you guys?"

"Same," Cloud said as Wakan got in on the other side. Hannah got into the driverís seat and turned the Sedan out toward a chateau lodge we had seen partway up the mountain, after driving the two of us had gone and brought food from the town. Hannah driving the whole time to get used to the car, it was odd seeing a fox-morph behind the wheel of a luxury car.

The dirt road rumbled below the tires as we neared the fully lit chateau, the logs that made it up glowing near the windows as the sun set behind the end of the valley, throwing us into a deeper darkness. The car doors sighed shut as everybody got out and walked away from the car to the chateau.

"You guys worked hard, huh?" Cloud said as he looked over the roasted steaks, sausages, breads, cheeses, and a large serving bowl of salad. Off to the side was a gallon jug that we had split a barrel of the Jack Daniels into. Now that one barrel was divided into seventy eight separate jugs, it had been easier to cram all the liquor into the wine cooler and basement.

"Only took half an hour for the steaks and sausages, the ovens here took care of it. Bringing it all up was a pain in the ass though," I said as I sat down, the wide chateau floor was set up as a rest area and cafeteria for skiers at the bottom of the mountain. It also had several bedrooms in the floors above. Hannah had already picked one out that she had liked.

"Well, start eating," I said as Cloud and Wakan were already reaching for the food. We hadnít been able to get the food already here in the storage since it was all behind locked doors; it had been easier to bring it all up in the car.

"So, anything interesting you guys found other than the car today?" Wakan asked after a momentís silence during which Hannah had begun on the salad, Wakan and Cloud had begun with steaks and sausage, and me, a piece of bread with Brie cheese.

Hannah paused before swallowing and looking up. "Nope, just the car. You?"

"Nothing here, what kind of Mercedes is it?" Wakan replied, he had brought his rifle in also. It lay on a separate table behind him. There were already some minor scratches on the wood and metal where he had laid it in the past weeks.

"Model, I donít know, probably something similar to an S-class, one thing I know for sure is that itís a hydrogen car," Hannah said as she poured water into a thick glass.

"Well, if you could find something that nice, maybe we can find something ourselves too, huh Wakan?" Cloud looked at Wakan as he began to work through his ribeye. Picking it up whole with a silver fork and separating it in huge bites.

Talk drifted from finding different things, to the dayís activities, Hannah teasing Wakan with a strange smell she had picked up. Eventually the talk drifted to the past, I had mentioned Wyoming, Cloud talking about the Bakery, Hannah and Wakan making comments, but otherwise staying quiet.

"Hannah? What about you? Since when did you know Fred?" Cloud asked as he finished talking about his favorite food, cupcakes and Belgian chocolate.

"I think about two~three years ago. Weíve been friends since," Hannah said as she idly poked a T-bone with a serving fork before sliding it onto her plate, Wakan watching it intently before grabbing his own.

"Do you mind telling us before that?" Cloud asked, unaware of Hannah starting to shift, and beginning to fidget with a wrinkle in her dress.

"It was like a lot of other slaves."

"Well, I know about the Kerrs, somewhat, but before that?" Cloud asked, then paused. "If you donít want to talk about it, itís fine."

"No, itís fine," Hannah paused. "Born here, kept in Depot Five, sold at nine to an old lady, then she died and I went back for a stint, then sold to Kerrs at twelve, was with them until I was seventeen."

"Thatís quick," Wakan stated after a pause.

"And every minute of it was unpleasant," Hannah sighed as she looked back at the chandeliers.

"Well, any interesting points?" Cloud asked before he could catch himself. He froze on the spot as what he said sunk in for a second before Hannah shot back.

"Like what? Me almost being raped for Avery Kerrís birthday when I was sixteen? Or getting beaten for not taking out the mail fast enough? Those interesting points?" Hannah said as she put her elbows on the table before I could touch her. Hannah felt my fingers again, the bumpy joints and the lines from old cuts rubbing her back. She turned to take one of my hands.

"Iím sorry," Cloud said. Wakan leaned further back in his chair.

"Donít be, itís a part of life," Hannah said before getting a glance from Wakan.

"Do you have something to say?" Hannah asked as Wakan leaned further back, the chair slowly creaking under his large frame.

"Not much, no."

"Well? What about telling us?" Hannah said as she kept stroking my thumb against hers.

"Ok, had father from when I could remember, saw him get taken by some men, then sold to doctor by the same men who took my dad and felt like making an extra buck instead of shooting me," Wakan finished off and leaned back a little more.

"And every minute of it?"

"Sucked," Wakan finished for Hannah. "At least the parts where dad wasnít there."

"Iím sorry," I said as I looked at the large timber wolf.

"Donít be, whatís done, is done," Wakan said before dropping upright again to work on another steak.

"Well, I think Iím going to call it a night," Hannah said as Wakan kept working at the steaks.

"Alright, I think Wakan and Iíll stick around for a bit longer," Cloud reached for a croissant and Brie as he spoke.

"And Iím going to staÖ"

"Come with me," Hannah finished. Her dress was crinkled in spots. As she got up and tugged on my hand.

The elevator quietly rose up to the third floor, a decent suite that Hannah had picked was at the end of the hall.

As soon as I entered Hannah pushed me toward the bed, grinning before shoving me down and jumping up, straddling my thighs.

"Arenít you upset or tired? And donít you need to take a shower?" I asked.

"Upset, yes, but nothing you canít heal. Exhaustion can be sacrificed, and we already showered at noon," Hannah said as she unzipped her dress and flung it off the bed.

I stared at Hannahís breasts as she reached up and rubbed her shoulders where the white straps of the dress had been.

"Those straps feel so itchy with this fur," Hannah said before pushing me on my back.

"Hannah, Iím tired myself, canít we wait?" I asked, already sleepy and full.

"Just one round," Hannah said as she pulled her lace panties off.




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