The Last Straw
by Tim Rumph
Chapter 3: A Creative Effort


Jo came into her office, tossed her PADD on the desk, and slumped down into one of the chairs in front of her desk, not even wanting to walk around her desk. She planted her elbows on the desk, and her head in her hands. She wished that the world would just go away for a few minutes.

When she heard the door open, she snarled as she turned around, only to see Chakat Springbreeze, one of the staff councillors at the hospital. Springbreeze, generally know just as ĎBreezeí, said, "You are now officially off duty, so stay right there."

Joís forehead creased, but before she could ask anything, the chakat continued, "You have been broadcasting so much frustration that anyone with the least sensitivity has been cringing as you go by and trying to find somewhere to hide." Breeze gave her half of a smile as shi pushed the door closed with hir tail. "Tell me about it."

Jo leaned back in her chair and stretched. That by itself made her feel better and also made her realize just how tense she was. She smiled back at the chakat and said, "Actually, a pretty typical Friday night, the remains of two bar fights, six assaults, including a street walker who had her stash taken, four bicycle accidents. Why do people think that if they canít walk straight, they can ride a bike?" Breeze just shook hir head. Jo continued, "One gunshot wound."

Breeze looked surprised at that. "A gunshot wound! Usually when we get one of those the whole ward is crawling with cops."

Jo shook her head, "This one was self inflicted, he thought the gun was unloaded and it went off while he was cleaning it."

"Was it bad?"

Jo nodded. "He managed to shoot himself in the bladder. He had been drinking." Breeze gave her a Ďso what else is new?í look. "The alcohol not only effected his judgment, but it also distended the bladder, which moved it up from its normal position, where it is protected by the pelvis. The cleaning rod was in the gun when it went off. That and the bullet made a real mess of his bladder, and also tore up the colon. The cleaning rod was lodged in his lower spine. I had to open him up and it took an hour and a half and three grams of nanites to clean him up, then I had to bring in the on-call neurosurgeon and the urologist. Theyíre still working on him and itís too soon to tell yet how much neural damage there is. Theyíve already got a new bladder in a growth accelerator, but he is going to have a catheter installed for the next two weeks until the new bladder is ready."

Breeze gave her a hug and a lick. "That sounds like plenty for one night, bring your mat out here." While Jo got the meditation mat that she kept in the corner of her office, Breeze moved the chairs out of the way. Jo unrolled the mat and then got undressed and sat down in the Accomplished Position and closed her eyes. Breeze sat down across from her and nothing seemed to happen for about ten minutes. Finally, Breeze said, "This isnít all just the job. What else is going on?" Feeling an unwanted emotional spike in the surgeon, shi said, "Stop. Ground first, and then tell me."

Two minutes later, Jo started again. "Teriís been getting harassed at the school."

"The other kids picking on hir?"

"No more than usual, but this is the school administration. The new counsellor has been making life hard on all of the furs, but seems to be picking especially on Teri. Apparently, he dislikes herms even more than he does other furs."

"I heard some of that from Redfoot before shi left. This is more than that bathroom incident?"

"Yes. Itís more stupid, little things. Shi gets held back for something shiís supposed to have done, and then gets in trouble in hir next class, or the supplies for the class have run out by the time shi gets there, extra work after school, that kind of thing. Last week Teri and hir friend Eleanor got into a fight on the play ground with a bunch of human kids, and got two dayís suspension."

"That doesnít sound like hir." Feeling Joís emotional level rising again, Breeze added, "Slow down, youíre getting riled."

After another minute, Jo said, "Will and I think the fight was deliberately provoked, but all that the vid shows is the kids arguing, and then Teri knocking down a kid two years older and 10 kilos heavier than shi is. It went downhill fast from there."

"Have you thought about taking hir out of the school?"

Jo sat for a few minutes more. "Will has suggested that, but we havenít decided to yet."

Breeze sensed that there was more to it than that, but also that Jo wasnít ready to go there just yet. Shi decided to let that subject wait until later. Five more minutes passed in silence, then Breeze said, "Thatís enough for tonight."

Jo got up, stretched again and went up to hug the chakat. "Thanks Breeze, you donít know how much this helps me."

Breeze held her for a minute before letting her go, doing one more quick check on hir patient. "I wish I could get the rest of the staff to study yoga. You do ninety percent of my job; I just monitor and give occasional advice. Counselling you makes me more alert and relaxed."

Jo chuckled as she rolled up the mat and got dressed. "You know I havenít actually studied yoga since I was in medical school? Also, Iím not sure what my yoga teacher would say about using it for counselling."

"Iíll use whatever works, and what you studied has stuck. Itís a big help."

Jo sat down and looked at her friend. "There is one other thing, but it seems so Ö well, odd, in light of everything else thatís going on."

"If it is causing you worry, itís worth talking about."

Jo shook her head. "Iíve been thinking about having another kit, and Iím not sure why. Things have been tense enough lately without a young one to care for."

"Have you talked to Will about this?"

"Not yet. It just seems so silly to me right now."

"Creating a new life is never silly, and I donít detect anything unhealthy in your feelings about this."

Jo shook her head. "With all of the stuff happening at Teriís school, and the general rise of anti-fur feelings that H1 is stirring up, Iím just not sure that this is a good time to be making babies."

"I understand your concerns, but they shouldnít make you rule this out without thinking of the other considerations. What do you think that Will would think about this?"

"Will is so close to Teri he may as well be hir sire. Of course, Marc died while I was pregnant, so Teri has never known anyone other than Will as a father. I think that heíd be happy for us to have another child."

"How old was Teri when you two were mated?"

"Shi was four, but I was seeing Will for a year before we were mated, so shi doesnít have much memory of life without him."

Breeze could tell from Joís emotional state that this wasnít some passing whim, but had been on her mind for some time. Shi said, "You know, if all of those women in the past had waited for a Ďgood timeí to have a baby, humanity would have died out hundreds of thousands of years ago, and we never would have existed."

Jo got a wistful expression on her face. "Have I told you about Quont? Hy was ĎBest Maní when Will and I were mated."

Breeze chuckled. "I remember that. Didnít you say that hy and Will were companions while Will was in graduate school?"

Jo grinned at that. "Yes. How many men invite their old lovers to their wedding, much less ask them to be in the wedding party?"

"I hope Quont was in male phase?"

"Yes, but he threatened to switch just before the ceremony. He was getting fed up with some of the more ignorant guests."

This surprised Breeze. "You had guests at the wedding who didnít know the nature of skunktaurs?"

Jo laughed out loud at that. "Our friends are mostly associated with the university or the hospital, so they are pretty worldly, but some of Willís family could be perfectly described by the word Ďhick.í They had enough trouble with Teriís grandmother and grandsire and their family. Youíre a chakat, so you know what itís like to try to explain to some of these people that these Ďaunts and unclesí are all children of the same parents, but the mother of half of them is the sire of the other half."

Breeze laughed, but tried to steer the conversion back to the subject they had started with. "When you talk about Quont and the kids your feelings about having a baby spike. I can understand about the kids, but how is Quont tied up in this?"

Jo smiled, "Quont went to the conference in London where Will and Jerry, a professor at the university whoís a friend of ours, were presenting a paper. It turns out that Quont is now mated to another skunktaur and a chakat that hy served with in Star Fleet. The chakat, Track, was at the conference with them and was pregnant by their other mate, who was still back on Chakona."

Breeze nodded. "I understand now. Nothing like having some else in the family having a cub to make your thoughts turn in that direction."

This confused Jo, "But Quont and Track arenít Ďfamily.í I havenít even met Track. They had to hurry back to Chakona so they could all be together for the delivery."

"I know thatís what you head says, but your heart disagrees. What is their other mateís name?"


"When you say hys name, I get the same kind of feeling, but not quite as strong, as when you mention Quont. All three of them and the cub are already family in your heart."

Jo got up and gave Breeze a tight hug. "I hadnít thought about that in this way before. Thank you."

"Thatís what Iím here for. Itís not just my job, but Iím family too. Iím happier when youíre happy."

Jo sat back down, looking much more relaxed and at peace than when Breeze had come in. "Iíll talk about this with Will when I get home. Iím sure heíll agree."

"I know that Will hasnít gotten treatments to make you two fertile, and you two are very devoted to each other. Would you do this by artificial insemination?"

Jo gave hir a toothy grin. "We talked about this during our counseling sessions before we were mated. Thatís what I suggested at the time, but Will wouldnít go for it. He said that conceiving a child should be an act of love and affection, not a sterile medical procedure."

Breezeís jaw just about bounced off of the floor. "You two were wed in a church. You talked about infidelity for the purpose of procreation to a human preacher?"

Jo nodded. "Just as humans are not all alike, so to pastors. Some, in fact the majority, are truly concerned first with helping their parishioners, whatever their needs are. Itís just that the bad ones make so much noise; the good ones get drowned out. You know that Iím a member of Willís church. Do you think that I would do that if I didnít like and trust the pastor?"

Breeze just shook hir head. "I just hadnít thought about it in these terms before. I should know better because I work with the chaplains here at the hospital, and they are all like you have described. Nobody becomes a hospital chaplain for political ends. I trust that you have a sire in mind?"

Jo nodded and smiled. "I do, but I need to talk to Will first."

Breeze turned to open the door. "I agree. Get things straight between you two first. Now go home to that sweet man of yours."

When Jo got home, Will was in his usual place in the recliner. Jo climbed in next to him, licked his cheek, and laid her head of his shoulder as Will put his arm around her. Will said, "You seem mighty calm for a Friday night, was it slower than usual?"

Jo smiled and said, "No. In fact Springbreeze cornered me at the end of the shift. Shi said I was making all of the empaths at the hospital hide in the broom closets." Will chuckled at that, knowing what Jo was like when she got antsy. Jo continued, "We had a little session that helped me unwind."

"If it has this effect, you should do let hir do this every night. Did you just talk about work, or were there other things on your mind?"

Jo snuggled a little closer. "We talked some about Teriís problems at school."

Will frowned as he thought about that. "You know that I donít want to push you into anything youíre uncomfortable with, but I really think that Teri would be better off out of that school. It wasnít so bad when Redfoot was there, but since they ran hir off and Bishop Eli Johnson came in it has gotten much worse. It isnít just Teri either, Iíve talked with a lot of the parents of the other fur students there and theyíre all being harassed to some degree. The only exception seems to be the Caitian family that moved in. They havenít had any problems with the bishop, but are aware of the problems the other kids are having. They are as confused by that as I am."

Jo shook her head. "I canít figure that either." She gave him a lick and added, "I know how you feel about this, but it just seems to go against everything that Marc worked for. Taking Teri out of the school makes me feel like Iím giving up on hir sireís ideals."

Will wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. "I understand that, but Iím not sure that I want to pay for it with Teriís health and happiness."

Jo turned and kissed him, then said, "Weíre both busy. How would we fit in the time to school hir ourselves?"

"My time is pretty flexible, and since you usually work the evening shift, youíre here all morning just about every day, barring staff meetings. Iím starting to get some decent income from some of those patent royalties, so I may be able to cut back a bit on drumming up new clients. I know that Andre would help out as well. Shi may not have mentioned it to you, but shi is getting concerned about what has been happening at the school as well, despite what Marcís feelings were about these things."

"Iíll think about it." Then she climbed up on Wills lap, took his shirt in both hands and gave him a real kiss. She smiled and said, "We need to break this sour mood. Breeze and I also talked about something else."

Will kissed her back, then smiled and said, "What was that?"

"How would you like to have another kit?"

"Oh, so youíve figured out how to make me carry this kid to Ö" at which point Will stopped. It is hard to talk when you mouth is full of someone elseís tongue.

Having shut him up, she said, "No silly! Iíll take care of the pregnancy part; you just have to help me."

Will smiled and said, "Ok, I get the easy part. Do you have a sire in mind?"

Jo nodded, "I was thinking about Sean."

"Sean and Alice are digitigrade, will that cause any problems?"

"Seanís line was created after mine was, but fertility is pretty good between all of the red fox morphs. Our kit is likely to take after his or her sire in this though, both in being digigrade and, if heís male, having a sheath. I would have genetic testing done first to make sure that there is a good chance of my becoming pregnant, and to make sure that there isnít a risk of reinforcing any dangerous recessive traits."

Will kissed her. "Sounds like a plan to me, but Iíve never had to deal with a newborn before. Youíre going to have to teach me, and if heís a boy, I imagine his having a sheath will complicate things."

Jo smiled, "I told Breeze youíd go for it. Iím sure that Alice will be more than glad to provide guidance to us."

"They are coming over to the barbeque and pool party a week from tomorrow, along with Eleanor and her dads. Should we ask them then?"

Jo kissed him and nodded. "Yes, but Iíll talk with Alice first. Iíll warn you that she will likely ask for reciprocal rights!"

Will imitated a valiant solder going off to battle. "Iíll try to hold up my end of the bargain!"

Feeling something stirring underneath her, Jo smiled and asked, "Speaking of holding things up, have you already got the hots for Alice?"

Will laughed and said, "No, thatís me thinking about you being pregnant! Pregnancy has always been a turn-on for me and the idea of you being pregnant is very inspiring."

Jo kissed him again, then slid back and pulled the top of his pants down to free him so she could stroke him. "Well, I guess Iím lucky it was Quont who gave you that kiss and not Track. Letís go to bed and put this where it belongs."

The day of the barbeque and pool party was a fine, warm August day. Eleanor and her dads were the last to arrive, and found the other adults, other than Will, sitting on the back deck. Eleanor stripped off her clothes and jumped in the pool with the other kids as Will come up from the pool, grabbed a towel to dry off, and then laid it on a chair to sit on. Jo glanced at Alice, who nodded, then got up and approached Sean. Indicating that he should stand, she looked up at him and said, "Sean Phillips. Will and I have decided to have another kit. Would you do us the honor of siring that child, knowing that we will raise him or her to the best of our ability to be a fine young person of whom we will all be proud?"

Sean glanced at his mate, who smiled and nodded. Looking at Will, he said, "Our vixens have decided already, I think that it is time for us to say ĎYes Dearí." He then turned back to Jo. "I am proud that you have asked this of me, and I know that this child will grow up in a house full of care and love. I am happy to help you in your wish." Jo smiled and hugged him and they kissed each other. At that point, Will and Alice came up to hug them and show their support. Then Sean continued. "While I hope that what I am about to tell you will not make you change your mind, I cannot honorably accept your offer without telling you that we will be leaving at the end of the year. We havenít told the kids yet, but we will soon."

Jo looked concerned. "I intend that our kit knows who his sire is from the beginning. I do not want to deprive him of your company and you of the joy that we will have in raising him."

"I want to do this for you. I will be back from time to time, and I hope that you will visit us in Australia. The world has gotten to be a small place, and we can stay connected even when we are on opposite sides of it. When will you be fertile?"

Jo said, "My next fertility cycle starts a week from Thursday night. Alice and I thought that we should all have a nice dinner out, and then move on from there."

Sean bowed to the vixens. "I will leave all of these arrangements in your capable hands. Iím sure that everything will be done properly and in order."

After sitting back down, Will asked Sean, "So what is taking you to Australia?"

Sean replied, "Iím starting a job there with another company. Part of the deal is that I will also be doing some post-doctoral work at the university in Sydney."

Jo asked, "So what does Raynor think about losing one of its top biochemists?"

"Apparently, not much. When I told them I was leaving, they let me go immediately. Said that the projects I was working on were too sensitive to allow someone outside of the company to be involved in."

Will asked Alice, "Have you got something lined up yet?"

"No, but since there is a major spaceport in Sydney, I donít think Iíll have much trouble finding something in technical sales."

Just then, Teri got out of the pool and, after giving herself a cursory shake, ran up to them. "Dad, can I get us something to drink?"

"Wring your tail out and dry off your feet. Iíll take care of the little drips." Shi turned and squeezed the as much water as shi could out of hir tail. Grabbing two towels, shi put one on a chair and sat on it while using the other to dry hir feet. Will said, "The blue pitcher in the Ďfridge has lemonade in it, and there are some cups on the counter."

"Thanks Dad. What were you talking about?"

Jo looked at Will and, with a smile, turned to Teri and asked, "How would you like to have a little brother or sister?"

Teri looked confused. "But you and Dad canítÖ" Then shi looked at her mom and at Sean. "Thank you Uncle Sean!" and ran over and gave him a hug. Shi then ran in to the house to get the lemonade. Sean, who was still dressed from his walk down to the house, was now soaked.

John and Lindsey looked a little stunned at what they had witnessed. Lindsey said, "When we had our daughter it was, by its nature, a very technical, clinical process. From you attitude, I would say that you will, um," he looked at Sean, "be personally delivering the required genetic material?"

Sean smiled and nodded. "Itís not an uncommon arrangement in the fur community when a couple is not genetically compatible with each other."

John turned to Will and said, "It didnít take long for Teri to catch on to that."

Will smiled, "Weíve been very forthright about these things as shi has been growing up. We felt it was only fair, since shi will have to deal with both side of the issue."

Jo chimed in, with a grin, "Also, while many parents occasionally get Ďcaught in the actí, Iíve never allowed Will to use that as an excuse to stop what he was doing."

Sean chimed in, "I didnít know that bipeds could be part foxtaur!" With that, the rest of the adults picked him up and threw him into the pool, where the kids promptly dragged him down and started taking his clothes off. Will decided it was time to start cooking and put on his apron, while the rest joined their kids in the pool.

The second Thursday after the pool party, Sean and Alice and their kids walked down to the Cochransí house. Mitsy would watch them while their parents were having dinner. They were all dressed in their finest, and were going to Luigiís for dinner.

When they got there, Ben and Francine were waiting for them, and showed them back to a table that overlooked a public garden next to the restaurant. Seeing how they were dressed, Ben said, "When you made your reservations, you didnít tell me that this was a special occasion."

Jo, smiling as she took Willís hand, said, "Will and I have decided to have another kit."

Ben replied, "Ah! And for this you need a little assistance," as he glanced at Sean. "I wondered, when the four of you made reservations, but the kids werenít coming. I hope that everything goes smoothly and you have my best wishes, but I need to get back to the kitchen. Francine, who came back just for you, will see to all of your needs tonight."

Ben went off to the kitchen and Sean turned to Francine. "Came back for us, youíre not working here any more?"

Francine shook her head. "Dr. Cochran, Ö um, Ö"

Jo laughed, "Too many Doctors Cochran. Why not just call us ĎWillí and ĎJoí, since weíre not on campus at the moment."

Francine smiled, "Dr. Will got me a job interview at McKatherine Motors. Iíve been working there for the last week, but I wanted to come in when Uncle Ben told me that you were coming tonight."

Sean said, "What does McKatherine Motors do?"

"They make motors, mostly wheel motors for PTVís. Iím going to be working part time in production scheduling. If everything works out OK, I may be getting a engineering internship this summer."

Sean smiled, "Congratulations, I hope everything goes well there."

Francine said, "Thank you sir. Now, what can I get you?"

They all enjoyed a magnificent dinner and, as they were finishing up, Will turned to Jo and said, "I trust you two have made all of the arrangements."

Jo smiled and nodded. "Since your office is in our house, Alice and I decided that it would be better for Sean and me to go their house."

"Which is why all of the kids are at our house."

"Yes, they will stay there until Sunday."

Will nodded. "You know that I have a meeting with a client tomorrow afternoon."

Jo said, "Already covered, Alice with take care of her kits lessons that afternoon. Andre will also come over. Shi has something planned for dinner."

Alice said, "This will give me a chance to try hir cooking. When shiís been there before when weíve visited, one of you two has always done the cooking.

"Teri was aware of what was going to happen tonight and tomorrow from the beginning. Sean and I have talked to our kids about it, and they seem OK with everything."

Will nodded. "I know that youíve also told them about the move to Australia. I heard Teri and Mike talking about it the other afternoon."

Alice sighed and nodded. "They are a little sad about leaving their friends here, but also excited at seeing something new."

Jo said, "I hope you have good fur traps wherever youíre staying. Going from winter here to summer there, you are all going to be shedding heavily about two weeks after you get there."

Sean said, "There are more furs than humans in Australia, so I expect that they are used to dealing with a little loose fur."

Will stood up and held the chair for Jo, "Well, if youíre all ready, shall we go?"

As planned, Alice came back home Sunday morning. She met Jo coming out of the shower. Sean was still soundly asleep, and they talked as Jo got dressed.

"I see youíve worn him out. Thatís about how I left Will."

Jo smiled, "So what did you think?"

Alice thought for a moment. "I have to say that, despite my concerns beforehand, I found all of that bare skin surprisingly sensual. I can understand now why you two are so comfortable with each other. I was also physically satisfied, but it seemed more about Ďmeí rather than Ďusí. Somehow, if my mate's not inside me, I donít feel itís really sharing."

Jo nodded. "Will doesnít have the endurance of most tods, and has to manage his resources somewhat. I know, though, that he gets as much out of sharing with fingers and tongue and teeth as he does with his penis." She smiled, "He also titillates my mind, which I have grown very fond of. All in all, I think that Iíll keep him."

Alice smiled, "And Iíll keep Sean, but if you need any help like this again, I could deal with that."

They hugged each other and exchanged a little kiss. Then they looked at each other and kissed again, more deeply this time, and they both knew that if either was really in need when their males werenít available, they had each other, and that fingers and tongues and teeth would do just fine, thank you. They then each returned to their own mates, satisfied with the world.

Nearly two weeks later, Jo got home from another Friday night shift at the hospital. She started shedding her clothes almost before the front door was shut, and then climbed up into Willís lap and kissed him. She broke off long enough to say, "I saw Dr. McQueen today," <kiss> "and she said" <kiss> "that Iím" <kiss> pregnant." She kissed him again. "I expect you to be inspired now." There was the sound of cloth ripping. "Oh! Look what Iíve found!"

The next morning, Jo and Will woke up on the living room floor. The sound of cereal crunching and one of Teriís Saturday morning shows on the com came out of the kitchen. Jo kissed Will, and then said, "Good morning love. You donít know how happy I am that Teri can manage hir own breakfast now." Then she noticed something. "Where did this blanket come from?"

Will kissed her and, smiling, said, "After the last time, I started keeping one in the cabinet under the coffee table. You didnít seem to notice what I was doing while you were ripping the rest of the clothes off of me."

Jo glanced at the pile of shredded clothing next to Willís recliner. She turned back to him and smiled, "Iím sorry Ö well, not really Ö they were just in the way and you always take too long."

Will kissed her. "The occasional shredded clothing is worth it. Since Teri is up, shall we tell hir the good news?"

Jo grinned, "Yes, lets. And then we both need a shower, together!"

At the end of the next week, Bishop Johnson asked Will and Jo to both come in and see him together. He was standing behind his desk when they came in, wearing his usual clerical clothing, which looked particularly severe on him. He laid a PADD on the desk facing them. They could see that it had a form on it with the title "Application to Remove a Student from School in Favor of Alternate Education". They both frowned at that, but he didnít give them a chance to say anything.

"You two are too stubborn to take a hint. If your child had just clawed someone in that fight, we could have expelled it, and not had to deal with this unpleasantness."

Willís eyes narrowed as he looked at the bishop. "I knew there was more to that fight. The audio wasnít missing, it was intentionally deleted."

Bishop Johnson shrugged and started laying hard copies of some pictures on the desk near the PADD. They saw that the pictures were taken at their pool party when they had asked Sean to sire their child. Willís face turned dark and he said, "This is a violation of our privacy rights. Thereís no way you can use them for anything."

"I have no intention for these ever to show up in a court. Imagine though, the effect these might have on your friend John McDonaldís career if they were to be made public." When these three families were alone together, none of them ever bother wearing anything in the pool. Will and Jo knew, though, the outcry it would cause in the city, seeing these pictures of John and Lindsey naked with their daughter. Jo reached for the PADD and started checking the boxes on the form.

Will glared at Jo, but didnít stop her from completing the form. Practically snarling, he turned back to the bishop, "Is this what the State Church teaches now, blackmail and harassment? How do we know that you wonít use these against John?"

"Mr. McDonaldís daughter is a human child, and this is where she belongs. As for Mr. McDonald, while I personally abhor his lifestyle, it does not affect the health or well being of his students. He is a gifted coach and teacher who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of his students. It would be a shame to deprive the school system of someone like him."

Jo looked up at him and said, "But not so much so that you wouldnít use the threat of his removal to get us to take Teri out of the school." She sealed the document and laid the PADD on the desk. "Why do you hate us so? But not all of us - Iíve seen you showing genuine affection for the Caitian child in the school, while spurning the other fur students."

"Despite the views of some Human First troglodytes, Ďfurí isnít the issue. The Caitians, like the Rakshani, the Voxxans, and we humans, evolved naturally, and are, therefore, children of God. Your kind is an abomination, created by human hubris, not even fit to be the slaves that many of you were created to be." At that point, the door opened and Teri came into the office, a confused look on hir face. "Now take your beast and remove it from my school."


To be continued in Chapter 4.

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