The Colony
V. Ducain

Chapter Eight
Day Three And Beyond

We passed out the cooked rabbits, mostly to the pregnant and nursing mothers, and hung up the other game to be butchered and cooked in the morning.  We had plenty of help sorting and putting away our other goods with what the other hunter-gathering teams brought in.  By this time Melissa and Jay were sound asleep, and the rest of us more than ready to join them as soon as we could.

The next morning I learned most hunter-gathering groups returned before us, most just after sunset, a few groups found their way back after we got in, but two groups, nine people all together, still had not returned.  Since it was still raining, I assumed they most likely took shelter from the rain last night, and were still waiting for it to stop before returning, so we did not get too worried about them.  As expected both missing hunter-gathering teams returned well after sunup shortly after it stopped raining.  They had ranged farther then most other groups, farther then they should have, and had taken shelter in some dry caves in a ridge a few miles away when they saw they'd not get back before it started raining.  Using crude bamboo spears, they managed to bring down four large antelope-like animals about the size of mule deer, except they had four sharp curved horns instead of two.

All together, the hunter-gathering groups collected twenty-three ‘rat-pigs’, over four dozen ‘tail-less short-eared rabbits’, eleven ‘spike-tails’, six of the big iguana-like lizards, and four of the ‘four-horned antelope’, plus one or two specimens of over a dozen other animals.  Although none was truly alien in appearance, none of the animals was a known earth species.  Many of the nearly two dozen varieties of plants collected also resembled familiar terrestrial species, but several people knowledgeable in botany or herbology could not positively identify any of the plants.  The same was true for the ‘insects’ the groups took notice of, sometimes painfully so.

The ‘wasps’ were not the only stinging insects in the area.  Several varieties of something which looks a whole lot like scorpions, including a big nasty looking brown one over eight inches long.  As one unfortunate forager discovered, this big brown scorpion had very painful sting.  Katherine was very concerned as the victim's right foreleg swelled up like a furry balloon, with dizziness and a barely detectable fever.  The swelling soon went down after a few hours, and vanished totally in a couple of days, although the leg remained weak and sore for several days after the swelling subsided.  Katherine warned everyone shi was sure the sting would have been lethal to any of the smaller cubs, and our first victim may have been ‘lucky’ and received a less than fully potent sting.  Shi also warned everyone of the fact that on earth, the stings of the scorpions with small ‘dainty’ pincers was usually more lethal because they could not use their pincers to overcome their prey.

Although Copperhead was not the only person who thought the gravity might be a little stronger, it was not at all that obvious to the rest of us gravity might be stronger than ‘normal’.  So Copperhead and a couple of others began making plans to determine our new world's physical composition and structure with the relatively simple instruments and equipment we could make.  In any case, it was pretty clear we were not on Earth to anyone with any knowledge of earthly animal and plant life.  While some people had a hard time accepting this fact, others were quite happy about it since we would not have to worry about running into humans.  We may not have had to worry about encountering humans, but Deering and I were not the only ones worried about just what we could be running into as we explored our new world.

Given the amount of food and raw materials gathered yesterday, only half as many people went out in hunter-gathering groups.  Many of the people staying ‘home’ finished preparing the game collected yesterday, and making jerky with the abundant excess meat.  Others worked on other crafts such as making more of the saddlebag baskets.  Some of the former archaeological students began working to develop javelins and javelin-throwers, while others were practicing ‘flint chipping’.  One of the teenagers proved to have a real talent for flint chipping, which had been one of his/hir many hobbies.  All the adults and most of the teenagers were put to work doing something constructive, or helping the baby-sitters watch the young ones.

The first time one of the big brown scorpions turned up in the cavern, everyone who did not go out foraging was set to checking every nook and cranny in the cavern and the area around the entrances, as well as it was possible to do, looking for more nasties like the brown scorpion.  A couple dozen scorpion things were found, including three varieties smaller then the six to eight inch brown scorpions.  One really monstrous centipede was found that was over two feet long and six inches wide from claw tip to claw tip.  The giant black and scarlet centipede was in the process of eating one of the big brown scorpions when it was found.

Katherine suggested the centipede be left alone to continue hunting the scorpions.  Shi pointed out the centipede was so huge it was highly unlikely anyone would accidentally step on it, and it had a distinctly noticeable scent.  While its apparent prey, the more numerous scorpions, had a scent that was not nearly as noticeable and the much smaller scorpions could very easily be stepped on.  The huge centipede would also rear up, and loudly hiss in a most threatening manner at anything much bigger than itself that came near as it backed way toward the closest cover if caught out in the open.  Many of the parents of the smaller cubs did not like the idea of letting the black and red hissing ‘monster’ wander around the area, but they liked the idea of their cubs finding a scorpion to play with a lot less.  So we decided to make sure everyone, even the cubs, knew the scent of the giant centipede.  The older cubs were warned to leave the centipede alone, and asked to help keep the younger cubs, or ‘kittens’, away from it as the huge centipede continued hunting scorpions in and around the cavern.  The centipede's loud hissing display encouraged the cubs to keep their distance, but also seemed to fascinate them at the same time.

It did not take the flint chippers long to produce a variety of very useful flake blades from the very high quality flint nodules one of the hunter-gathering groups found the day before.  These first blades were a whole lot better then the ones I made yesterday, and were immediately put to use butchering the game.  Our claws are sharp and strong enough to rip through all but the toughest hide of the game taken yesterday, but the razor sharp flint blades did a much neater, and faster job of skinning and butchering the game.

It took our young ‘expert’ flint chipper only a little longer to produce razor sharp points we could use as javelin heads.  When Professor Wilson, an anthropologist and one of Di Vargin's people, examined the simple flint arrow and javelin points, shi described a much more advanced grooved javelin point, then casually commented about no one knowing how the grooves were made.  A couple hours later, Professor Wilson, who was called Gray Ghost due to hir dappled pale gray colored coat, was presented with a newly made grooved javelin point just like the one shi described.

After Professor Wilson / Gray Ghost recovered from hir surprise, shi watched our sixteen year old expert make a second point in less than an hour.  Then shi and a couple others set about reproducing the special detachable head javelins which used the sturdy grooved points to make a really effective ‘big game’ hunting weapon.  Gray Ghost quite happily described how the stone age Folson People of North America used the javelin to hunt really big game like mammoths and mastodons.

Another hunting weapon project was started by one of the former soldiers, a full blooded Navajo who had decided to use hir grandmother's Navajo name Wind Runner.  As a boy growing up in Arizona, shi had hunted jack rabbits and other small game using a throwing stick much like some of the boomerangs Australian aborigines also used to hunt small game.  Because of this shi became interested in boomerangs and throwing sticks in general as used as hunting weapons and weapons of war by different primitive people from all over the world, so as a result, shi learned how to make and use all kinds of throwing sticks.  Shi even came up with a couple ‘new’ designs of hir own, before shi enlisted in the army as a way of getting off the reservation and earn college tuition without being obligated to hir tribe.

Several projects were started as people began thinking about things we needed, or could use to make survival and life in general easier.  The most important projects were the ones to supply the few basic things many other proposed projects would need, such as a source of fibers to make twine and rope as well as cloth.  As I helped May and few others weave more of the very useful saddlebag baskets, I noticed thin tough fibers ran the length of the leaves.

I knew flax and other fibers used to make cloth, twine and rope was separated from the rest of the softer plant tissues under primitive conditions by soaking the plants in water to encourage the softer tissues to rot.  If the same technique worked with these leaves, then they would also be a valuable source of useful fibers.  I was not the only one to see the possibility of the fibrous leaves, as well as the fibrous stems of a couple of other plants, and we soon had several bundles of leaves and plant stems soaking in some of the more permanent nearby rain filled pools.

I was happy to see people starting projects on their own to produce or develop ways to produce various useful materials and products.  I did what I could to encourage any such projects.  Deering and Di Vargin also encouraged others to work on various projects, but of course they seldom agreed on what kind of research projects to encourage.  I did not really care what projects people worked on, as long as they were not obviously doing something harmful to others or would interfere with basic survival projects such as metalworking, ceramics and paper making.

***     ***     ***

Everyone stayed busy during the first few days as things slowly got worked out and nearly everyone settled into a comfortable daily routine.  Toward the end of the first week, the recon teams returned from their second scouting sweeps with reports of the territories to the east, south, west and north of us as far away as sixty to eighty miles.  Although the recon teams found relatively little permanent surface water, they reported game was fairly plentiful, as were the plants most of the game fed on.  As we already discovered, the recon teams reported most of the animals and plants they found were generally similar to, but different in detail from, plants and animals they were familiar with on Earth, with a few notable exceptions.

There were feathered ‘birds’ that mostly flew during the day, but most of these ‘birds’ had teeth and wing thumb claws.  There were night flying creatures that resembled bats from a distance, flew like bats, and even used echo-location like bats.  But, these ‘bats’ were more like hot blooded reptiles with their bodies insulated by smooth surfaced hollow ‘bubble scales’ instead of fur or feathers.

No snakes were found, but there were long thin bodied sand-swimming reptiles with six short powerful legs it used to help it swim through sand like a fish through water.  While most of these ‘sand lizards’ the recon teams spotted were less then a foot long, at least one was seen that was well over three chakat body and tail lengths long.  Most people decided it would probably be best to avoid the huge sand dunes a few days to the southeast until we found out just how big these things could grow.

The big black and red centipede had been adopted as a kind of camp pet; and named ‘Hisser’ by the cubs because of the warning sound it made if anyone got too close.  We found Hisser ate at least one of the big scorpions or several of the smaller ones every day, but avoided and hissed at things much bigger than itself.  Although Hisser might try avoiding a nosy cub, I'm not the only one who felt its venom would easily kill any cub or adult that might provoke it into striking.  If it was not for the fact it really did help keep the big scorpions out of the caverns, I would not mind seeing it find a new home, just simply ‘disappearing’.

Based on what the recon teams found, it seemed we were in a wide strip of land between low mountains to the west and rolling plains to the east.  The actual foothills of the mountains began about thirty miles to the west of us and slowly grew into some fairly respectable mountains similar to the Appalachian Mountains.  Beginning about twenty-five miles to the east, the rough ravine fissured cave-filled terrain slowly smoothed out into low rolling hills covered with a thick lush growth of something that had two distinct differently shaped leaves on the same plant.  This dual leafed prairie ‘grass’ was the dominant plant in this area, but many of the lower areas between the rolling hills contained a wide variety of trees, brush and other plants.  The same kind of ravine torn ‘badlands’ terrain that surrounded us continued north and south as far as the recon teams went, with an area of wide rolling dunes to the southeast.

The team exploring the forested foothills encountered a large tiger sized feline creature which hunted alone or in pairs.  The recon team making the sweep to east out on the prairie encountered a hyena-like and size animal which hunted in packs of ten to twenty individuals.  These were not the only carnivores the recon teams came across but they were the only ones actually observed which were obviously potentially dangerous.  Although not actually spotted, the recon teams found tracks and other signs of several other large lone and pack hunting predators.  While none of the teams were attacked, or even seriously threatened, it was clear a lone chakat could be in serious trouble if shi encountered some of these larger predators.

The teams observed three other animals, all large herbivores, which looked like they could be dangerous.  One of these was a much larger version of the rat-pig we already knew about.  Another was a large herd animal which looked a lot like water buffalo, except it had four wicked looking curved horns.  The third and largest of these dangerous herbivores, the only one spotted by any of the recon teams, did not seem to be a pure herbivore although it had hoofs instead of claws.

This last huge herbivore was discovered when the prairie recon teams found seven of the hyena carnivores dead.  Based on the visual and scent signs, about two dozen of the hyenas were stalking a small herd of the four horn antelopes when they were apparently ambushed by a large hoofed animal.  Two of the 150 to 200 pound animals had been hurled twenty feet up into the branches of a tree while five others had been gored and trampled to death before the rest of the pack fled.  From the tracks and condition of the bodies, it looked like the hoofed animal had partially eaten three of the gored and trampled bodies.

The recon team cautiously followed the large hoofed tracks leading from the site of the bloody ambush until they eventually found a huge, and extremely dangerous looking creature.  It vaguely resembled a relatively slim rhino with a single rhino-like nose horn and two heavy curved horns like a water buffalo's.  It also had a long heavy whip like tail and thick heavy plate like scales covering a third of its powerful body.  The creature did not seem to have suffered any visible injures in its battle with the hyena pack, and based on the recon team's report, everyone agreed any such creatures should be avoided if at all possible by any hunting-gathering teams.

By the end of the first week it was clear the area we woke up in was a rather arid area as far as surface water was concerned.  The land all around us was so riddled with caves and caverns, it was like Swiss-cheese and drained off any rain water almost as fast as it fell.  Although there was little surface water, water was still easily accessible below ground in the area's abundant caves.  The caves also provided cool readily accessible shelters during the heat of the day.  They also provided shelter from the frequent thunder storms we had been having since arriving here, if you were careful to choose a cave that did not flood during those storms.

Many of the area's dry ravines and creek beds were very prone to flash floods.  Most of them didn't last much longer then the storm which gave them birth.  These flash floods were usually shallow, a little less than belly deep, and ended in a sinkhole or cave mouth.  While these shallow floods were only a mildly dangerous nuisance to an alert adult chakat, they could very easily sweep a cub, or careless adult into a sinkhole or cave.

***     ***     ***

A few days after the initial long range recon teams returned, five larger recon-survey teams were organized and ready to scout out this side of the mountains and the foothills to the west, as well as the plains to the east.  They were armed with javelins, javelin-throwers, slings and throwing sticks, as well as anything else we could supply them with that they might find useful.  In addition to making a general survey of the territory for potentially useful plants and animals, the recon-survey teams will also be looking for deposits of iron, copper or any other metal ores as well as coal and other mineral resources.  Although not specifically instructed to do so, they would also be looking for any traces of past or present civilizations or tool using sentient creatures.

Teams one, two and three consisted of a dozen members each, and they would be scouting out the foothills and along the mountains to the west.  Teams four and five consisted of fifteen members each and they would scout out across the plains to the east.  This time, the recon-survey teams would be staying out at least three months, and possibly as long as five or six months.

Colonel Deering decided to go out with one of the mountain recon-survey teams.  Shi said shi grew up in the Ozarks and knew the type of low mountains and foothills the recon survey teams would be exploring.  Shi also said shi was going along to help ‘coordinate’ the efforts of the three mountain recon-survey teams.  Privately, I thought Deering mostly just wanted to get away from Di Vargin before something ‘unfortunate’ happened.  Those two really did not get along at all, nor did either one make much effort to do so, except to avoid outright violence.

As I watched the recon-survey teams leaving, I really wished I could have gone out with one of them.  But, as Leader of our little community, it was my job to coordinate the various projects and survival efforts.  At least that was my official job description, but I usually spent much more time soothing tempers stirred up by Di Vargin's cronies, and a few other than I did coordinating anything.

If I had gone out with one of the recon teams, I'm pretty sure I would have returned to find the group split up into feuding camps.  As far as Di Vargin and hir cronies were concerned, I had just about come to a similar point of view as Colonel Deering.  Unfortunately, they did know many very useful primitive skills and crafts, and despite their annoying autocratic bearing, they had at least two dozen loyal supporters.  So I had to be more tolerant with them then I'd otherwise be.  Too bad they were not the total frauds Deering thought they were, otherwise I would not have had to have been as tolerant with them as I was.

***     ***     ***

A couple days after the recon-survey teams left, I woke up feeling kind of odd, not sick just odd.  Over the last few days I'd begun noticing how sexy some of the others were, especially Katherine.  This was not new or unusual but I was not ‘reacting’ the way I usually did.  My breasts felt taught and sensitive, and I my vagina felt different and looked a little swollen.

If we were really chakats, which by all we have observed we are, then I assumed I was nearing the female peak of my fertility cycle.  While I did not really know what to expect, this was supposed to be a lot less uncomfortable then a woman's period.  If so, I was very glad I would not have to go through the kind of discomforts Katherine and May seemed to take such pleasure in describing in more detail then I really needed to know.  They were also very happy to be free of ‘The Curse’, as they referred to a woman's monthly menstruation cycle, but they all seemed to think those of us who never experienced the ‘joys’ of The Curse were somehow ‘incomplete’.  From what Katherine and the others described, I had no problem with being ‘incomplete’, and I was still glad I'd never know the ‘joys’ of The Curse.

I don't know if it was part of the fertility cycle, but I noticed my penis was a little red and a bit tender yesterday.  Today, it was much redder, swollen, and more then a little sore.  Although I was a little embarrassed, I would have asked Katherine to take a look at it if she had not been busy with some cubs who had to learn the hard way to leave the ‘wasp’ nests alone.  I did stink a little, and since I was not busy at the moment, I decided to go swimming and give myself a good washing since I had not had a chance to do so for the last few days, then I could see Katherine.

It was a hot sunny day, and did not look like it was going to rain anytime soon, so I headed off for the cavern we woke up in.  While there was no surface water close to camp, there were several cavern pools which were popular for bathing or swimming.  The pool in the cavern we woke up in was my favorite, mostly because I had some privacy since most of the others used a couple of the bigger cavern pools closer to the caves.

Many of us were happy to discover chakats were excellent swimmers with partially water-repellent fur which does not easily get water logged.  This was only the second chance I had had to go swimming, and as I did last time, I was careful to thoroughly wash my ‘private parts’.  This time my penis was very tender to the touch and an angry red color, the inside of my sheath was also sore and inflamed looking.  I most definitely was going to see Katherine about it first chance I got.  As I carefully washed myself, I wished the soap making project was having more success, and hot water would also have been nice.

After washing as well as I could, I spent a nice pleasant hour or so swimming and playing around in the cavern pool before I finally climbed out.  Shaking like a dog shook most of the water from my fur before I stretched out in the sun on a big flat-topped boulder next to the pool across from the waterfall.  It was not long until I was dozing in the warm sun.  Unfortunately it also was not long after that when someone found me.

I had hoped I would have a few hours to myself, so I was mildly annoyed when some called my name from across the cavern before I realized it was Katherine.  I returned hir hail and relaxed as shi approached since shi did not look like shi had news of some new problem someone thought only I could solve.  As shi made hir way across to cavern to joined me on my boulder I noticed again, how strong, graceful and downright sexy shi was.  I had always thought Katherine looked, and smelled sexy from the first time I saw hir, but shi seemed different now, and hir scent was almost intoxicating.

Katherine looked very happy and pleased about something.  I could think of only one thing to cause hir to act so cheerful as I gave hir a big smile and said, “From your silly grin I guess Lissa had hir cub this morning.  How are the mother and cub doing?  Was it an easy birth?”

Returning my grin as shi plopped down beside me, Katherine said, “Yes, they are doing fine, and the birth was as easy as any I have ever assisted with.  I hope Red Foot and Go Far are right and all births are this easy.  Lissa said shi felt shi'd give birth today last week, and shi was right.  About an hour ago shi calmly walked up to Chow Ling and me and announced shi was ready to have hir cub.  Shi waited till we got a clean reed mat laid out then shi laid down and in about fifteen minutes out popped a wet little sixteen pound fur ball.”

“Sixteen pounds?”

Katherine nodded, “Yeah, between sixteen and seventeen pounds.  Shi is a good size for a newborn, but not really that big given our size.  I'm pretty sure this will not be too far from our average birth weight.”

I sniffed hir scent and commented, “So, that is what a birthing smells like, it is not as strong a scent as I expected.”

Katherine nodded and said, “Yes, hir amniotic fluid was nearly scentless and the fresh afterbirth also had only a slight scent.  Because Lissa's birthing was nearly bloodless, there would be little blood scent to attract predators if shi had given birth in the wild.”

I nodded then asked, “How are the two ‘explorers’ doing, the ones who discovered& that wasp's nest?”

Katherine snorted and said, “Those two will be fine, and hopefully a little more cautious in the future.  Their stings are painful, but I'm glad the wasp stings do not seem to be as poisonous as the bees and wasps of earth.  I counted well over a hundred sting welts on one of cubs; that one could have been a really sick kitty if those had been honey bee stings.”

As shi talked I nuzzled and sniffed hir again and murmured, “Mmmm, you have another interesting scent, a nice sexy scent.”

Shi nuzzled me and gave my nose a quick lick before saying, “You are smelling very sexy too, you know.”  Then shi took something out of hir saddlebags and said, “I made these for you.  I thought you'd appreciate them.”

Katherine handed me something gift wrapped in a couple of large broad leaves.  It proved to be a beautiful ‘tortoise-shell’ comb and a bone handled bristle brush.  I knew many people were trying to make decent combs and brushes.  Given our fur coats, everyone could really use a comb and brush since our claws made barely serviceable combs, but all of the other ones I'd seen appeared crude in comparison to these.  I stared at the beautiful gifts in surprise as Katherine took off hir saddlebags and waited for my response to hir surprise.

Shi was still patiently waiting when I hugged, kissed and nuzzled hir as I exclaimed, “Ohh thank you, thank you!  They're beautiful, absolutely beautiful!” I hugged Katherine again as I examined hir beautiful and useful gifts and asked, “How did you make such lovely things with no tools?”

Shi returned my hug and nuzzled me as shi replied, “I'm happy you liked them, but they really didn't require any special tools to make.”

“Then how did you carve the teeth of the comb or drill the little holes for the bristles in the bone brush handle?”

Katherine chuckled as shi nuzzled and lick-kissed me before shi said, “All I used was sand, twine, twigs, and a few pieces of flint.  The hard part was finding the right materials to make the comb and brush with.” Then shi took them and began combing and brushing my fur and mane as shi explained how shi made my gifts.

It felt so very nice to have someone grooming my fur, I was soon purring like a big contented cat.  Nor was it long before I found myself lightly dozing as I listened to Katherine's soft voice as shi told me how shi made the brush and comb while shi brushed my fur.  As shi did so, the scent I noticed earlier grew stronger.  I belatedly realized it was the scent of a male phase aroused chakat, Katherine's scent.  I felt myself responding to the very sexy scent, becoming more and more sexually aroused, but aroused in a way I never felt before which had nothing to do with getting an erection.  I gradually realized I very much wanted Katherine to ‘mount’ me, to fuck me, and shi sure smelled and acted like shi was ready to be accommodating.

Since awakening, I had not had the time, or the privacy, to try out my new equipment.  Nor had I really had all that much time to really think about what it meant to really be both male and female, to be a fully functional hermaphrodite.  I knew I could actually get pregnant and give birth now, but I really had not given it much thought.  Now, I was about to have sex for the first time as a chakat, but as a female instead of a male.  I had no doubt from Katherine's scent shi was ready, and shi sure seemed willing, to give me what my instincts insisted I needed, but I was still torn by indecision.

Katherine must have had as little trouble smelling how aroused I was, as I had could smell how aroused shi was, but shi just continued combing and brushing my fur as though everything was normal, as though nothing was different.  It was getting harder and harder to remain relaxed, to act casual, as though nothing unusual was happening except for the combing and brushing shi was giving me.  Our tails seemed to have minds of their own as they entwined and caressed each other.

When Katherine finally finished grooming me, shi kiss-licked and nuzzled my cheek and neck as shi said, “You know, you have lovely fur and a nice sexy scent.”

I kiss-licked hir nuzzle and replied, “So do you.”

We just cuddled and stared into each other's eyes for several minutes until, with some hesitation Katherine asked, “Uhh, White Tip, did. . . do you, do you know you are fertile. . . that you can be impregnated now.  If you want to be impregnated.”

I sighed as I nuzzled against hir cheek and said, “No.  I didn't know, not for sure.  I mean I didn't realize what I was feeling meant. . . well, maybe I did and was afraid to, to admit, to face what it could lead to.”

Shi asked, “You have smelled some of the others during their fertile period, haven't you?”

I chuckled and replied, “Of course.  With our sense of smell it's more obvious then wearing a neon sign.”

Katherine chuckled also and said, “Ahh, yes.  I guess it is.  I have a feeling that, that and some other things our sense of smell now makes obvious is going to be harder for some to adjust to as the fact of our transformation.”

I nuzzled hir as I said, “So I guess I smell as ripe as they did.”

Katherine nuzzled my neck and cuddled closer as shi said, “Ohh yess.  Very ripe, very sexy.  Uhh, White Tip, have you considered the fact that you can get pregnant and have a cub of your own?  Would you want to be a mother?  Have you thought about being a mother?”

I felt a tightening in my belly as I replied, “No, not really.  I know it's possible, but I've really not given it much thought.  You know, I have been kind of busy.”

Shi smiled and said, “You're not busy now.  What do you think of having a cub of your own?  I am sure you would make a wonderful mother.  Jay and Melissa love you.  They are as well behaved as any cubs twice their age, and a lot better than almost any cubs their own age.”

I pointed out, “I have had help with them ya know.  Everyone helps in keeping an eye on the cubs.”

Shi nodded and said, “Yes, but the only trouble Jay or Melissa get into is when they're tagging along with older cubs who should know better.  In comparison to the others, those two are almost little angels, or at least they're careful enough they don't usually get caught.”

I sighed and said, “Even if I wanted to have a cub, I'm way too busy with keeping everyone working together to take time off with a pregnancy.”

Katherine chuckled and pointed out, “That old excuse was a poor one before, and now it doesn't apply at all.  You know Lissa was out all day yesterday with a hunter-gathering group, and shi had no trouble at all carrying around the extra weight of hir pregnancy.  And none of the other advanced pregnancies has had any trouble getting around and doing any task anyone else could do.  So, you can't use that old excuse.  If you don't feel ready to have a cub now, then that's all the reason you need.  But I wish to point out from personal experience, don't keep putting it off, because one day you may regret doing so more then you can possibly imagine.”

Shi just held me as I thought over what shi said.  While I really had not given it much thought, I had watched the mothers with the very young cubs nursing them and I wondered in passing what it would be like to nurse a cub of my own.  I even considered becoming a wet-nurse as several others had done to help with the nursing of the youngest cubs.

I finally nuzzled Katherine and said, “It... it's a big decision.  Making a new life is not something to be done without thought or care.  I have never understood how two people could do such a thing with no more thought then to satisfy a temporary lust.  But, I, I guess I would like to have a cub of my own, if you will be hir father.  And if, you will care for the cub as your own if something should happen to me.”

Katherine smiled as shi said, “I hope you will be with me for a long time, but of course I will do whatever I can to care for our cubs and raise them to be fine upstanding adults.” Then shi laughed and added, “You will, of course be the sire of my cub when I am ready to have one, won't you?”

I nodded and said, “Well, let's do this before I chicken out.”

Katherine asked, “You are sure you want to do this, aren't you?  I don't want you to feel you have to do this.  You really do want to have a cub, don't you?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, I'm sure I want to do this.  It's just I've never been on the receiving end, and the idea of that takes a little getting used to.  I know it's dumb, but I've seen how big you are, and I keep thinking you might be too big to fit.”

Katherine laughed too and said, “Yeah, you are being dumb, and you're not even a blond.  Take my word for it, after all I am a doctor, I am not too big.” Shi nuzzled my ear and whispered, “From what Red Foot and Go Far and several others tell me, sex is even better went you can learn it from both ends.  I guess we'll be finding out if they know what they're talking about, or if they just like to tell dirty stories.”

I was more than ready, something I'm sure Katherine could smell as shi moved to stand over me as I squatted low beneath hir.  Glancing back between our bodies I could see hir fully exposed and erect penis, and I felt it brushing against my flanks.  As Katherine lowered hirself, I felt as if the butterflies in my stomach were getting ready to migrate before I felt what had to be the tip of Katherine's penis brush against my vagina, my slit, my pussy.  Shi paused with just the tip of hir penis resting against the mouth of my vagina as I nuzzled and kiss-licked hir muzzle and cheek, and shi caressed and fondled my breasts and belly.  Then shi slowly entered me.

Like everyone else, I had examined myself since our transformation.  So I had checked out my ‘equipment’, but it was very different to feel someone else touching me, touching my vagina, and it was a totally different sensation to feel a thick stiff penis pushing its way into my body.  I must have groaned, because Katherine suddenly asked in a concerned tone of voice, “Are you okay?  I'm not hurting you, am I?”

I kiss-licked hir nose and said, “Ohh no.  You're not hurting me.  It feels so different, and so very good.  Don't stop, you're not hurting me.” as I pushed back to emphasize I did not want hir to stop.

Katherine started pumping hir hips, thrusting hir thick hard penis in and out of my vagina.  Shi started off slowly at first, then gradually speeded up as shi got used to doing this from a male prospective.  As shi got up to speed, I nuzzled hir and asked, “How, do, you, like, ‘pitching’, instead, of, ‘catching'?”

Shi kiss-licked my nose and replied, “I, like, it.  It's, different, but, I, like, it.  How, do, you, like, ‘catching'?”

I gave a low growling moan and answered, “Mmmmrrrrrrrr.  Ohhh, yes!  I like, ‘catching’, I like, it a, lot.  We, will, be, doing, this, again, real, soon, and, often, I hope.”

I have seen enough nature programs to know cats, at least female cats, do not seem to enjoy mating at all, and the process usually does not last very long either.  As far as sex and mating is concerned, Chakats have very little in common with any felines I was familiar with, which I am learning to be very thankful for.  Because what Katherine was doing to me felt very, very good, and I was very happy shi was able to do it for a nice long time.  I did not know what a human female's orgasm felt like, but what I felt when I finally came felt good, very good, and I had no complaint at all about my first orgasm.

After a long build up, I felt something like an ‘explosion’ of pure ecstasy centered in my vagina and womb that sent out wave after wave of only slightly lesser ecstasy surging outward throughout my body.  I wasn't sure if anything I said or yelled was comprehensible, but I knew I was far from quiet as I came.  Katherine came a little after I did, and shi wasn't all that quiet either.  I could actually feel hir semen spurting deep into my vagina.

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A Distasteful Medical Problem

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