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The original ideas behind this story came to me in a flash while reading The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffery. At first I experimented with cybernetic starships, as Ms. McCaffery had done; later I tried robot ships, like Fred Saberhagen's berzerkers. Neither idea quite suited me, however. Many years later, the idea for synthetic organics came to me while reading an issue of Analog which talked about nanotechnology. On that basis I created a race of people who lived in space.

Ideas came and went. I used the race in various role-playing games. I had characters and situations; I had a general idea of a story I wanted to tell, but it lacked a context. So, for several more years, the idea stayed an idea.

I discovered the Internet and suddenly a whole, bright new world opened up for me. I stumbled upon the works of Terry Knight and Bernard Doove, a pair of talented artist/authors who gave me two things I critically needed: Mr. Doove created the fascinating world of Chakona and its inhabitants- and kindly granted permission for me to use them- thereby providing me with a location. Mr. Knight wrote a fascinating story called Lost. I read it- I loved it- and I thought, "hey: I could do that!" So I became inspired to tie it all together. The result of all this is the story which follows.

- John R. Plunkett -

- The Beginning -

Characters & Story © 1999 John R. Plunkett.             Chakona & Chakats © 1999 Bernard Doove.
Skippy & Liska © 1997 FoxSTAR Arts.

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