By Chakat Sandwalker © 2001


It was just after dawn when I awoke, 6:14am by my clock's reckoning. I just lay there and enjoyed the peacefulness that seems to come only in those couple of hours between night and day. Taking note of my surroundings, I saw that Deepriver was still cuddled up in the curve of my body. Smiling to myself, I began to stroke hir head with one hand, eliciting a soft purr from hir throat. Shi stirred momentarily, eventually rousing to at least half wakefulness.

"Good morning, love," I murmured softly to hir, scritching hir behind one ear. "Sleep well?"

"Mmm...yes, I did. It's lovely being cuddled up to on both sides, isn't it?" Shi yawned, displaying hir formidable-looking teeth for a few seconds before closing hir mouth again. "What about you?"

"Well enough, I suppose. I think there was a cricket outside the window that started making an awful racket about 2-ish. How you can possibly sleep through it...." I shook my head in disbelief.

'River smiled at me, hir eyes gleaming in the half-light. "Quite easily, actually. Usually when I'm asleep nothing wakes me. I've slept through my old neighbour's car backfiring numerous times. It's on the same level as a radio turned up to about three-quarters volume, or so I've been told."

I laughed softly at that minor revelation. "Now and again we get the Number 46 bus driving past on its route, and that's probably even worse than a jet flying past. It hasn't had a decent overhaul in years, I suspect." I yawned then, and raised an arm to scratch my upper back. "Should we get up, or should we just lie here and try to get back to sleep? I'm personally all for the latter idea, but...."

"Oh, I don't know.... Say, where's Greytail?" 'River finally noticed the absence of my older sister. "I didn't think shi got up this early."

"Every now and then shi likes to go for a morning jog...though I think the word 'bound' might be more suitable in our case, don't you think?"

Shi giggled in the musical way that I loved, and nodded. "I think so, yes. Well, now that you and I are fully awake we'd might as well get up. Are your parents heavy sleepers?"

"Usually. On the odd occasion they've been known to be roused by 'Rattle ya dags!' yelled at the top of one's lungs, but otherwise...only a bomb would wake them up."

Both of us shared a laugh at that comment, before we finally convinced ourselves to get up. "I claim first use of the bathroom," 'River said, dashing out of the room before I could stop hir. "Hey! It's big enough for the two of us! Come back here!" I yelled after hir, forgetting that my parents were in the next room. The odds were pretty good that they wouldn't have heard a thing, but still....

'River grinned at me innocently when shi saw my frown as I walked into the bathroom a few seconds behind hir. "Oh, come on. Surely you can't be that upset." Shi reached into the spacious shower cubicle and turned on the water.

"Oh, not really," I said, a slightly malicious grin coming over my face. Shi had turned hir back to me so shi could keep tabs on the water temperature by holding hir hand under the spray. This was the perfect opportunity to get my own back. The water had been running for only a few seconds, so I knew it would be still quite cold. With a quick push to hir rump, I sent 'River splashing into the shower.

The shriek of surprise was very satisfying as shi was almost instantly drenched in icy water. 'River leaped out of the cubicle a few moments later muttering sulphurous oaths a pirate would be proud of. Well, actually 'shouting' would be a better term.

Eventually shi ran out of words, and just stood dripping on the squared lino. "" shi spluttered, then shi gave up with a "Gah!"

I smiled innocently back at my mate, trying to keep my amusement under control, without much success. I finally cracked up, and embraced 'River in a strong hug. "Ooh...." I pulled away and looked down at hir breasts. The shock of the cold water appeared to have caused the nipples to harden, a fact which was not lost on me. I reached down to gently describe a circle around one with a finger, sending a small thrill of pleasure through hir. Shi raised hir eyes to look at me, and quirked an eyebrow. "How about we kiss and make up in the shower where it's warm, hmm?" shi said after turning hir gaze momentarily on the now steaming shower.

"Oh, certainly..." I agreed. I followed 'River into the cubicle, which was plenty large enough for two full grown chakats. The water, which sprayed from six jets set in three of the walls, was hot, but not unduly so, and I soon adjusted to the temperature.

'River took a large bottle of apricot-scented shampoo from its shelf in one corner, and proceeded to lather me thickly, working up a soft foam all over me, paying particular attention to my breasts and underbelly. Hir soft strokes and massaging soon caused my maleness to show itself, much to hir delight.

I took the shampoo from my mate and returned the favour, gently massaging the viscous liquid into hir dark red fur. Moving around hir breasts, I used my thumbs to give each one a gentle stimulation. From hir nipples came tiny trickles of milkwater, which pleased me immensely.

We helped each other to rinse off thoroughly before we went any further. I reached up to the water control and lowered the pressure on the water jets. "That's better," I murmured before I bent down to lap at 'River's breasts, gently flicking the tip of my tongue around the hard nipples, eliciting a shudder of pleasure from hir. Shi began to purr, quietly at first, then grew louder as I began to suckle on hir right breast, drawing the sweet milkwater into my mouth. I moved one of my handpaws down to hir underbelly and began to rub the fingers through the wet fur.

'River started to mewl in helpless ecstasy, hir orgasm painfully close. I switched breasts, and began to massage the one I had just vacated, still rubbing hir belly.

With a yowl of incredibly volume, probably amplified a lot by the surrounding walls, shi came, hir knees buckling to dump hir on the floor of the cubicle. Shi shuddered and writhed for a few seconds before shi began to wind down, panting heavily.

I looked down at my mate, hir fur plastered to hir body, with a big smile on my face. "That was interesting," I observed, adding a chuckle when I saw hir answering grin.

"Yes, it was," 'River panted, idly rubbing at hir breasts. "While I'm down here you'd might as well finish me off. I see your maleness needs some attention." Shi glanced at the throbbing thickness that bobbed around underneath me, and reached out to stroke it with one claw.

I shivered slightly and smiled down at hir. "I do believe you're right," I said, moving to mount hir as shi lifted hir tail out of the way.

We both purred loudly with pleasure as I slowly slipped my cock into 'River's hot depths. I almost came immediately just from the sensations that hir vagina was evoking in me. For a few moments I stayed still, just revelling in the softness and warmth of hir body, before beginning the slow, even strokes that would push us both over the edge.

As I made love to hir I reached around to hir chest and began to massage hir breasts again, while my handpaws worked at hir sheath, drawing the meaty maleness out of its hiding place, closing around it and stroking up and down its length. Hir purring turned into small mews of happiness, which in turned gravitated into feline yowls which echoed slightly.

I increased my tempo, thrusting into hir with more vigour, stroking faster, until with my own triumphant yowl I came, followed a couple of seconds later by 'River's double orgasm. Hir pussy crushed my cock with its strong contractions, coaxing more thick cream out of it, spurting in tandem with hir own member. I caught hir emission in my handpaws, lifting them to my muzzle to savour hir slightly bitter, yet sweet taste.

We wound down slowly, just letting the water run over us for a few minutes. It might have lasted longer if it hadn't been for a loud knocking at the bathroom door. With a start I realised that I had forgotten to lock the door. Before I could say anything the door opened, revealing Mum's very wry expression. "Um...hi. Sleep well?" I said lightly, as if nothing untoward had happened.

"Yes, I did...until I was woken by an odd yowling noise. I wonder what it could have been?" Hir eyebrows nearly raised off hir head when shi said that. "If you're finished, I'd like to have a shower myself?"

"Well, if you'll give us a few minutes to get dry...." I trailed off, raising my own eyebrow in suggestion, which Mum took as hir cue to leave us. "Right," I said to 'River, leaning down to give hir a kiss. "Time to get out, I think." I reached up to turn off the water, then slowly pulled my softened cock out of hir. Hir muscles clenched to try and keep me inside, and I gently swatted 'River on the rump. "Now,'ve had your fun! No more until later," I said with a laugh.

We stepped out of the cubicle, dripping onto the tiled floor. I touched the controls on the wall for the air jets, and we were blasted from all sides by warm air for a few minutes. Drying one's fur is quite time consuming. We turned ourselves a few times to make sure all our fur was dried, then I turned the jets off. "There," I murmured, checking myself over. "I think we're done."

I opened the door and went into the hallway, almost bumping into Mum coming from the kitchen. "There's some breakfast on the table if you're hungry...and I'm sure you must be after that refreshing shower, hmm?"

"Oh, yes, we're quite ravenous," 'River said, looking the picture of innocence. We both sniggered quietly as we entered the kitchen to find two large plates of spaghetti on toast and apple/orange juice waiting on the table.

"Ooh, I haven't had this for ages!" I exclaimed, parking myself at my place and digging into the culinary delight in front of me. 'River followed suit a few seconds later, and all that could be heard for the next few minutes apart from the shower running in the background were the sounds of two energy-depleted chakats eating.

At about five minutes before seven Greytail padded in, closing the door quietly behind hir. Shi didn't even notice us until 'River said, "Good morning, Grey. Enjoy your run?"

Grey gasped in shock, pressing a hand to hir chest. "Gods, you two. Give an exhausted chakat a heart attack, why don't you?" Shi came over to give us each a hug, then stood back peering at us. "What are you doing up so early?"

"Oh, nothing, really. We woke up around quarter past six, then we had...a shower together." I glanced at 'River, giving hir a little wink, and shi giggled in response.

"Hmm...if I didn't know better I'd say you did a lot more than take a shower, right?" Shi tilted hir head to regard us thoughtfully. "I'm right, am I not?"

I shrugged. "Yeah, we had some fun in the shower. We even woke Skywatcher up; shi surprised us a bit when shi opened the door on us."

"Really? That would have been quite the eye-opener; I wish I'd been here to see it." Grey winked at us then went into the kitchen to make some coffee. Well...she would have if I'd actually remembered to buy some coffee yesterday.

"Sandy!" shi whined when shi found the coffee jar empty. "I thought you bought some coffee yesterday! Who's drunk it all?" Shi paused for a moment, then shook hir head. "Never mind; I'm the only one who drinks it. It must be too early in the morning for me to think straight. I guess I'll just have to get some when the shops open." Grey opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice instead.

"Well, if you had told me we needed more coffee I would have got some," I muttered, rolling my eyes. I picked up our plates and carried them into the kitchen to put into the dishwasher, making sure there was plenty of cleaning solution in the reservoir. It had been a little while since I had poached fish in the machine, and I was starting to think that it might be time that I did so again. Just for a change of dinner, of course.

Grey drained hir glass and set it down on the bench. "So, what's on today's agenda?" shi inquired, leaning forward to rest hir elbows on the Formica benchtop.

I thought for a moment after I closed the dishwasher. "Well, I've yet to get those exotic plants I was going to get a week ago; I'll do that as soon as the garden centre opens up." I then slapped my head in forgetfulness. "Gods! I've still got a botany assignment to do that's due in on Tuesday! Ohhh..." I moaned in resignation.

"If you don't mind, I'll come plant shopping with you," 'River said, smiling at me. "I have a few plants in mind that should brighten the place up a bit."

I nodded at hir. "All right, then. What about Mum and Dad? Did they ever say when they were going home? As much as I like them, they're like fish they both begin to smell after three days."

"Um...after breakfast, I think. Or was it lunch? Damn...." Grey shook hir head at hir lapse in memory. "I so badly need a coffee; my brain is addled without that first jolt of caffeine in the morning."

Just then Trailblazer entered, immaculately groomed as shi usually was. "Good morning, you three. Sleep well? And I heard that comment about the fish," shi added sternly, but with a glint in hir eyes. "You'll be on your own again after breakfast, so enjoy our company while it lasts. We have other people to see too, and we can't spend the whole two weeks annoying our dear daughters."

"Smooth, Mother, very smooth," Grey muttered, wandering over to embrace 'Blazer in a fierce hug. "What would you like for breakfast? Oh, and I hope you don't want coffee because we've run out again," shi said, glancing at me briefly and pointedly.

"Oh, that's okay; I'll settle for a cup of tea instead. You know the drill. Perhaps some toast and cereal?" Shi sat down at another place at the table while shi waited for Grey to brew hir some classic 'PG Tips' tea and prepare hir breakfast. "You never answered my question. Sleep well?" shi asked again, looking at 'River.

My mate shrugged nonchalantly before shi replied. "Oh, we woke up a little earlier than usual, had a shower " At this point I giggled inanely, drawing an odd look from my father. " then had breakfast. How's that for an answer?"

"That was quite sufficient," Dad said, nodding appreciatively. "I take it that you had more than a shower, judging from Sandy's reaction to the word." Shi looked directly at me, raising an eyebrow.

"You could say that," I murmured. "It was the usual shower scene, complete with unwanted intrusion." I added, "Speaking of intrusions, here shi comes," when I saw Mum enter the kitchen area, fur smelling like apricots from the shampoo again. I made a mental note to get another type of shampoo. Apricots were nice enough, but after a long period of use one started to get sick of the fragrance.

"Good morning...again," greeted Mum, grinning wryly at me as shi padded over to give us all hugs. Gods, was everyone going to bring up our love-making in the shower? Chakats are rather sensuous beings, and the act quite often was part of showering, depending on where one was in one's cycle. Maybe it was the voyeur factor. People always seem to get kicks out of seeing other people 'at work'.

Before I could muse any further on the subject Grey came over with two cups of tea, setting a milkless one in front of Mum and a very white one in front of Dad. "Thank you," shi said, picking the cup up and taking a sip.

"The toast will be done shortly," Grey said from behind the bench, waiting for the eight-slice toaster to finish the toasting process. "The cereal...just a mo. I'd forgotten." Shi went to the pantry and took out a box of muesli, pouring a large proportion of the contents out into a bowl. Grabbing a spoon from the cutlery drawer shi padded over and set the bowl on the table. The toaster chose that moment to throw the customary two slices of toast over its edge onto the bench. One of these days we'll get it fixed....

Pulling the butter from out of the fridge's conditioner Grey brought the toast over, and set both down before hir fingers were burnt. "Ouch," shi muttered, sucking idly at hir left hand's fingers.

"Thank you, dear," murmured Dad, before shi began to tuck in. "Oh, and could you bring me the raspberry jam?" When Grey had done so, as well as a knife, shi slathered a coronary-causing amount of butter onto a slice, then some jam. "Honestly, Mother," admonished Grey, "One of these days you'll eat so much butter that the country will declare a national shortage!" shi said with a laugh.

"That may be so, so I'd might as well enjoy it while I can, then, don't you think?" 'Blazer chuckled quietly before stuffing hir mouth full of toast.

Mum leaned over and grabbed two slices, and began munching on them as shi sipped at hir tea. "Did you notice that I never once said anything bad about the place, or yourselves?" shi said, raising high one eyebrow.

"Well...there were a couple of comments that weren't too complimentary, but on the whole I would have to say you were, for lack of a better word." I gazed at Mum with a hard stare. "I'm sure you were hard pressed to not mention the dirty windows, the bare walls, the cobwebs in the corners...."

Mum laughed with a rueful grin. "It was hard, yes, but I was determined not to upset you two again...not after the last time." Shi then proceeded to give a verbal demonstration of the previous visit, accompanied by hand gestures. "'Where's the glass cleaner? When was the last time you could see into the neighbours' bedroom?' 'Do you mind if I vacuum the upholstery?' 'Oh dear, the stove is a little black. No worries, I'll just get the steel wool....'"

We all stared at hir, then burst into wild laughter at hir imitation. "Yes, well, that was a rather stressful time, wasn't it?" I said after I'd calmed down enough to speak coherently.

"I'll second that," muttered Grey, just within my hearing. Looking up I saw a faint smile on hir face before shi turned and went into the kitchen again.


After the rather haphazard breakfast we helped our parents clean up the room they had slept in, then after they'd had a quick wash we saw them out to their PTV. One final round of hugs, then they got in. "Bye, kids," Mum said, waving out of hir window.

"Bye, Mum and Dad!" we called. 'River just waved, a small grin playing across hir face, as they pulled away from the curb and drove off down the street.

"Thank goodness they're gone," I said, passing my hand dramatically across my forehead. I lead the way back into the house, holding the door open until the other two had stepped in before closing it.

"Why is that?" asked 'River as shi went into our room to fetch hir carry-bag, in which shi kept hir cash and cards. "They didn't seem all that bad to me, after the initial meeting."

I fetched my own bag from a drawer in the dresser, then turned back to hir. "It's hard to explain, really. You sort of live with your parents for twenty-odd years before moving out, and the next time you see them again you can't help but think that they're invading your personal space...." I trailed off when I realised that that might have been an insensitive thing to say. "Um...I guess you wouldn't know, would you?" I added gently.

"'re right about that. I suppose if I think about it, not having any parents is a good thing. You don't have to be subjected to 'You've grown since the last time I saw you' or support them in their old age." 'River went silent for a minute or so, an uncomfortable silence which shi eventually broke. "Oh, well. Dwelling on it won't get me anywhere. Anyway, let's get going. I like to be first in the queue." Shi grinned at me, tugging on my arm.

"All right, all right," I said, grinning back at hir. I followed hir out of the room, bag looped over my shoulder. Parents and sisters are great to be with, but they don't really compare to the companionship of one's mate, I thought, closing the door behind me. I put the idle thought away, and asked, "Now what kind of exotic plants were you thinking of?"

The End

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