Rescue's Love: Part 2
2001, Leighton Gelling.
Chakats Bernard Doove at The Chakat's Den.
White Blaze his player.
Sandwalker hir player.
All other characters L Gelling.

For my Denmate, White Blaze, a caring friend who I would not want to live without.

Dawn broke quietly, the sun's disc creeping above the horizon as if reluctant to show its light to the world. In the distance birds began to wake up, twittering sleepily in their various dialects, while other animals roused themselves to activity.

In a cave high up on a mountain precipice, White Blaze stirred, feeling the faint warmth of the sun's light on his tail. He opened his eyes, gazing upon the tabby-patterned chakat sleeping beside him, and recalled the memories from the night before.

Moving carefully and quietly, so as not to disturb hir, the wolgon crept out of the cave, opening his wings and leaping off the ledge to swoop into the air below, circling for a moment before heading off in the direction of the deer herds far off in the distance.

It did not take him long to arrive, and he spent some minutes hovering, inspecting the large herds below him for a suitable animal. Having chosen, he furled his wings and dived down, claws outstretched to grab his victim.

The deer never knew what hit it. Its last breath was cut off in a gurgling wheeze as White Blaze closed off its airway with a bite to the neck. With the animal dangling limply beneath him, the wolgon circled up into the chill air again, beating his wings with strong strokes, and began the return trip to his cave.

Sandwalker awoke just as hir lover returned from his hunt. "Mmmm...good morning, White Blaze," shi murmured, stretching hir limbs out to their limits before sighing contentedly. "What have you got there?" shi asked, noticing the large carcass being hauled in.

"Breakfast," said White Blaze, dumping the deer in the middle of the cave. "Which bits would you prefer? The rump on this one is quite tender, and I believe the breast is, too.... Is something wrong?"

Sandwalker's face seemed to have taken on a pinched look, as if shi had just eaten a raw lemon. "No, no...nothing's wrong. It's just that...." Shi trailed off, not wanting to offend White Blaze, but not wanting to partake of freshly killed meat either.

"You don't eat raw meat, I take it." White Blaze nodded in understanding. "I can cook it, if you like? No trouble at all." He muttered a few words under his breath and made a turning motion with his hands. The carcass lifted off the floor, and began turning, as if on an invisible spit, surrounded by a fiery glow. Within seconds the aromas of cooking meat wafted into Sandy's nostrils.

It took only a few minutes for the carcass to be cooked to perfection, Sandy's mouth watering as White Blaze dissolved the cooking spell. Out of thin air a sharp dagger appeared, and the wolgon handed it carefully to Sandy. "Breakfast is served," he said with a wry grin.

With deft movements of the dagger, Sandy carved a few slices off the rump, trimming the singed hair off before tentatively trying a piece. A smile crossed hir muzzle, and shi began to eat heartily.

"Mmm...this is really good!" exclaimed Sandy, swallowing another mouthful of succulent meat a few minutes later. "Tastes sort of like venison, but with a spiciness that it doesn't normally have."

"That's my little secret." White Blaze grinned, tapping the side of his muzzle in the 'only I know' gesture, before going on with his meal. "I may be a little while, so if you're finished, you might like to go outside and take a look at the view. It's really quite nice."

Sandy smiled and nodded. "That's sounds good." Shi got to hir and padded out of the cave, then gasped at the spectacle before hir. Until now shi had not had a chance to see where she was, and now.... "My Gods," shi whispered, floored by the incredible view, and the location of the cave. Shi stepped forward slowly, not wanting to get too close to the ledge's lip, and glanced quickly downward. "Wow," she muttered, taking a large step backward. Hir face lifted, and shi scanned the scenery all around hir.

For miles, as far as shi could see, stretched a massive forest of pine trees, terminating in the glittering sparkle of a far-distant ocean to the east. To the north shi saw a snow-capped mountain range, and to the south shi could identify more of the forest, and what looked to be a small village.

The awe-struck chakat stood for several minutes, admiring the splendour of the world shi beheld, not even noticing when White Blaze came up quietly behind hir. "A magnificent sight, is it not?" he said, putting a claw on hir shoulder. "I was very fortunate to come across this cave when I was searching for a sanctuary to escape the world."

"Oh, yes," Sandy breathed, delighting in the soft touch of his claw against hir fur. Shi turned hir head, looking up into his soft brown eyes. "Tell me more about yourself, and this world. And how I came to this place." Shi turned around and lay down in front of White Blaze, so hir head was able to rest on his chest.

After seeing Sandy was comfortable, the wolgon began his tale. "I was born many, many years ago...That much I can remember. My memories of when I was young are very hazy. All that I recall is that I had two loving parents." White Blaze started stroking Sandy's black hair, twining his claws through its silky lengths.

"My body was originally that of a dragon. Like all dragons I have the ability to use the magical fields that are present throughout this world. It was...I don't really remember...maybe a century ago, possibly longer, when I had what I call the Incident." The wolgon sighed, gazing out over the forest as he collected his thoughts. Sandy waited patiently, gently stroking his leathery chest, which felt odd, but pleasant against hir fingers.

"I was using a shapeshifting spell," White Blaze continued. "I was halfway through the spell to change back from a wolf when I was...attacked. As a result of that, I've lost most of my memories, and some of my spells as well...including the shapeshift one."

"And because you were halfway through the change...." Sandy's eyes widened in shock. "You couldn't change yourself back into a dragon?"

The wolgon shook his head. "The shapeshift spell was one that had been passed down through the generations, but it was lost with my memories. Only those that I have gained since the Incident have remained in my mind." He stopped talking, gazing eastward to the shimmering ocean.

Sandy felt a pang of sympathy stab into hir hearts. Shi rested hir head against White Blaze's chest for a few quiet minutes, before looking up at him again. Shi was surprised to see tears streaming from his eyes. "I'm the only one of my kind," he whispered in a broken voice.

"Oh, White Blaze!" Sandy exclaimed, concerned at this unexpected show of emotion. "Think of the positive aspects of being what you are."

"Like what?" replied the wolgon, a tear dripping off his face and onto his chest. "You have no idea what it is like to not have anyone else of your own species to talk with, to fight with, to...mate with."

"Well, those are all valid points, but think of what you have that others don't. You have attributes of a wolf -- an honourable animal with a keen sense of smell and remarkable powers of logic. You're part dragon -- a being with a tight grip on magic, and wings to lift you up above those who are groundbound. All those things, and more, make you who you are, and not somebody else." Sandy stressed hir words with as much positivity as shi could, gazing directly into the tearful brown eyes of hir lover. "Regardless of what you are, I still care deeply for you. I love you, White Blaze." Tears came into hir own eyes, and shi buried hir face in his warm, leathery chest.

"I love you too, Sandwalker," murmured White Blaze, his voice sounding hoarse with emotion. "Thank you for your support. You are right, I think. Individuality is something to revel in, and though mine is rather extreme, you have made me see that it can be a wonderful thing." He hugged Sandy, a few more salty tears falling to land on hir fur.

The two lovers stayed like that for what seemed an eternity. The sun rose higher into the sky, until it was directly overheard. The full heat of the day blazed down upon them, causing them to part reluctantly. "Now, I think it is time we had some refreshment. After that, I will tell you of this world, and why you are here."

Sandy burped contentedly, lying down upon the sleeping pad. "I wish I could do that," shi murmured, patting hir lower stomach. "Being able to conjure food up like that must be very handy for those times when you just can't be bothered going out to hunt."

"Yes, it's very convenient." White Blaze smiled at Sandy, carefully positioning himself beside hir. "Sometimes I feel like something that isn't easily available, so...." He waved a claw in a gesture of 'hocus-pocus'.

A giggle escaped Sandy's throat, followed by another quiet burp. "Oh, excuse me." Shi blushed slightly, hir ears going pink.

White Blaze chuckled, a warm throaty sound. "Now, for a brief overview of Furtasia." He muttered a few words under his breath, and pointed at the far wall. As they watched, the wall began to glow with an ethereal light, a pale white that gradually grew brighter, with other colours coruscating in subtle undertones. In a few seconds the colours separated, and swirled about aimless before settling. Before them was a large scale map, in stunning detail, showing mountains, oceans, forests, towns...everything that could be shown, was.

"Furtasia has existed since time immemorial, a world where, in some cases, dreams come true." He pointed to a flashing red dot positioned about two thirds of the way down from the top. "That dot is where we are, in the Escarpment. And that dark green area to the west," and here White Blaze lit up the appropriate area, "is the Forest of Darkness. It is always night; no light ever falls upon its decaying expanse." He looked down at Sandy intently. "That is where I rescued you from."

Sandy shivered; even the thought of it was enough to send chills down hir spines. "Why is it like that? And are there other places that are similar?"

White Blaze nodded, lighting up other areas in various colours. "They are very rarely visited, so their danger is much less than it would be otherwise. Only the Forest of Darkness gets any regular visitors, and those are usually people who have, through some sort of accident, suffered some sort of lack of consciousness in the real world they live in."

"So you're saying that all this is in my mind?" Sandy was taken aback by this revelation. "Gods," shi muttered, staring up at White Blaze's face. "And you don't really exist?"

"I exist, but only in this world. In your world I don't, and in this world you don't. Which is a pity, because I really would like you stay with me forever. I must point out here, that time does not run at the same rate yours does. An hour in your own world might be a year in mine. Or vice versa, so it is best not to stay too long, or you find yourself back in a world that you don't recognise."

A groan escaped the chakat's throat as shi put a hand up to hir brow. "I think I'm getting a headache. do I get out of all this? Regain consciousness, so to speak." 'I feel as if I'm Alice in Wonderland,' shi murmured inwardly.

White Blaze smiled, stroking Sandy's headfur. "I can use magic to send you back. After all, it was a kind of magic that brought you here in the first place." He banished the map with a muttered word and a wave of his claw. "But first, I would like to make love to you, for this maybe the last time we meet."

Sandy nodded, suddenly overcome with emotion. Shi found hirself not wanting to leave, despite hir worries for hir physical body, wherever that might be in relation to this world. "Of course, White Blaze," shi said, turning over onto hir backs and spreading hir legs to show hir femininity.

The wolgon repositioned himself so that he could bend his flexible neck forward to sniff at the pink opening nestled between Sandy's legs. His long, agile tongue flicked out to worm its way inside hir cavity, eliciting a mewl of pleasure from hir. He slowly lapped up the juices that were being produced inside hir hot tunnel, savouring hir rich flavour.

Sandy wriggled with delight as White Blaze pleasured hir with only his tongue. 'If his tongue feels this good, what will his cock feel like?' shi wondered idly to hirself. Shi moved hir hands to hir breasts, rubbing the nipples until they were hard, then gently massaging them, all the while moaning and mewing from the pleasure shi was getting from down below.

White Blaze smiled to himself when the cave began to echo with Sandy's joyous cries as shi came to hir first female climax, withdrawing his tongue before any damage could be done to it. While Sandy panted and groaned as shi wound down, he sat back on his haunches and began to rub himself, coaxing his thickness out of its furry sheath.

A quiet sigh of anticipation slipped from Sandy's throat when shi the massive length of White Blaze's cock again. Shi couldn't wait to feel that hunk of maleness sliding deep into hir body. Hir juices were still flowing, making the fur between hir legs very damp. The wolgon came closer, still rubbing his length, then he began to carefully mount hir, climbing on top and lowering himself down on top.

"Mmmm, yes," moaned White Blaze as he slowly slipped his cock into his chakat's lover's pussy, marvelling that shi could take his full length. He licked Sandy's muzzle, which opened to let them have a playful war of tongues, and began to thrust, spreading his wings out over hir like a mother might over her child.

Sandy was carried away on the waves of ecstasy as White Blaze pounded his thick cock in and out of hir slick vagina. Shi found hirself thinking, 'Now if 'River's cock was this big...I'd be in heaven!' Shi tried to focus some of hir energy into clenching around hir lover's length, adding some delicious resistance to his loving. Adding more to the pleasure shi was getting was hir own maleness, which had slipped out of its sheath from the stimulation it was getting from hir lover's body sliding over it.

For White Blaze it was all too much. After only a few more thrusts he slammed into Sandy one final time and roared out his triumph as his creamy semen spurted into hir pussy again and again, filling hir to overflowing. The chakat joined him in his pleasure when shi felt his hot cum jetting into hir body. Again orgasm swept hir away, hir blood pounding in hir ears like deep-toned kettledrums.

The wolgon had just enough energy to pull out with a wet slurping sound and rest back on his haunches. Seeing Sandy's still hard cock, he leaned forward again, putting his weight on his foreclaws. Slowly he took Sandy's cock into his muzzle, going right down until his lips met the fur of hir sheath. He then began to suckle on it, like a baby on a breast.

Sandy was still recovering from hir climax, and to have the other side of hir stimulated was just the final straw. Another yowl rent the air of the cave as shi bucked up into White Blaze's muzzle, filling his mouth with hir seed.

White Blaze took hir ejaculation easily, letting it fill his mouth as he savoured the sweet taste of it, before swallowing it to allow the next load to come in.

When the last of Sandy's cum had slid down his throat, White Blaze pulled off hir shrinking cock, watching it retract back into its home. "Oh, I wish you could stay, Sandwalker," he murmured, extreme longing colouring his voice.

"I do, too," replied Sandy, bending forward and reaching up to lightly trail a finger down his muzzle, "but I don't really want to risk too much time passing in my own world. Please, send me back now, before I change my mind."

White Blaze nodded, tears starting to leak down his furry face. "As you wish, Sandwalker." He embraced hir one last time, then stood back, trying not to cry. The wolgon raised his hands and began to sing, a hauntingly melody, with almost understandable words.

Sandy began feeling slightly light-headed, and hir vision grew blurry. The last thing shi saw was White Blaze make a casting motion, as if throwing something away. "Goodbye," whispered through into hir foggy mind before all went black.

"Sandy! Sandy, wake up!" An insistent calling, and hard shaking brought Sandwalker around groggily. "Hmm? What?"

"Are you all right? You've been out for ages." The concerned faces of hir mate and sister swam into focus, and shi blinked. "Hmm? I guess I'm okay. A massive headache, but other than that...." Shi tried to recall what it was shi had been doing before blacking out. "I had a dream...a wonderful dream," shi murmured, the memories of White Blaze still fresh in hir mind despite the vagueness of others.

Sandy looked around, and saw shi was lying on a couch in the living room. "What happened? The last thing I can that I was painting the ceiling." Which was currently in a half-painted state.

"The ladder collapsed," 'River said, gesturing to the offending implement. "You didn't secure the base properly." Shi bent over to feel over Sandy's head. "You have a nasty bump here," and shi touched the spot gently, causing Sandy to hiss in pain, "but that's about the only injury we can find. The doctor will be here in a few minutes."

"That's good. I'd hate to think I might have a concussion, though with this headache...that might be a distinct possibility." Shi yawned, suddenly feeling drowsy again.

Grey glanced at 'River, then at Sandy. "We'll leave you alone, okay? A sleep might do you some good."

Sandy just waved a hand in dismissal, shutting hir eyes and turning hir head away. Shi wanted to shuffle through hir memories of White Blaze, running through every second in hir mind. A smile crossed hir face as shi fell into a light doze....

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