Rescue's Love: Part 1
2001, Leighton Gelling.
Chakats Bernard Doove at The Chakat's Den.
White Blaze his player.
Sandwalker hir player.
All other characters L Gelling.

For my Denmate, White Blaze. May your wings carry you far, and your heart hold me dear.

Shi was surrounded by a hazy mist of grey, swirling in a sinister miasma around hir. The black outlines of dead trees could be seen dimly silhouetted, some seeming to have mouths twisted into frightening expressions.

Somewhere behind hir a howl sounded; like a wolf's, but imbued with a tone of dread. It sounded again, a little closer, sending a chill down the chakat's spine. Shi moved forward a few steps, unsure of where to go, for there was no discernible path to follow through the mist. The howl came again, even closer, and shi bolted, unwilling to stay in that spot a moment longer.

The blackened faces of decaying trees flashed past hir in a blur. From above came mournful hoots, as of owls in deep sadness. Tiny red eyes glared out at hir as shi ran past, watching hir flight with cruel amusement.

The chakat's breath came in ragged gasps as shi ran, not stopping for a moment. The howls still dogged hir relentlessly, keeping hir hearts beating hard in fear of the unknown.

Hours passed, or so it seemed, and the poor 'taur was exhausted. Only the threat of being caught up to spurred hir on. Every few seconds shi would throw a glance behind hir, anxious to see a glimpse of hir pursuer.

Suddenly, from out of the eddying mists ahead, appeared a large shape, seeming to tower above hir like a monster. Shi let loose with a scream as shi ran full on into it, but it was cut off when a large claw clamped itself over hir muzzle. Putting up with hir terrified struggles, the monster spread its wings and leaped into the chill air, beating them once, twice, thrice as it laboured into the sky above.

Slowly the howls faded away into the distance as whatever had captured hir carried hir farther away from danger. Clinically hir subconscious mind told hir that shi wasn't out of the woods yet, so to speak. Shi might be on hir way to hir final doom, for all shi knew.

The chakat was too tired and fatigued to get into a mental battle with hirself. Instead shi slipped gently into a dreamless sleep, uncaring of what might be in store for hir.

The wolgon, a hybrid of dragon and wolf, landed gently on his ledge, being careful not to jar the creature he had rescued out of its slumber. He moved slowly into his cave, carrying it to his sleeping pads. Gently he laid it down, arranging it into a more comfortable position, then brought into being a small mage light to shed light on it, before letting go of the magical energy that had augmented his flight capabilities, enabling him to carry the much heavier creature through the air.

It was feline in form, though it had two more limbs that it should have had. Two torsos joined at what looked to be its upper body's waist; the upper was vaguely human in shape, and the lower was clearly that of a large cat. Quickly, as if embarrassed to be doing such a thing, the wolgon lifted up a leg to see what gender it was. "Ah...a hermaphrodite, I see," he murmured upon sighting the male sheath lying forward of the femininity under the tail. He smiled, then put its leg down.

He glanced over the rest of the body, noting details. Soft grey fur, striped with various bands of oranges, browns and blacks, covered its body. Hair of raven black cascaded down from its head and partway down its back. He didn't know what colour the eyes were, but he assumed that, like a normal cat's, they would be golden.

Sighing quietly, the wolgon lay down next to the felitaur, kissed it goodnight, then put his head down on his foreclaws, closing his eyes, to fall into a light doze. As he did so, the mage light faded to a dim, inert state, hovering in the air just above the sleeping creature.

It was some time before the chakat roused sufficiently to take stock of hir situation. Shi blinked hir eyes drowsily, lifting hirself up onto hir elbows to glance around. The first thing hir eyes fell on was the large black, grey and white lump lying next to hir.

Fear suddenly washed through hir body, and shi scrambled backward as fast as shi could to get away from the monster, panting hard. As shi did so, hir foot dislodged a small rock, which clattered across the ground toward hir abductor.

The sound was enough to wake the wolgon from his slumber, and he raised his head slowly to turn a pair of warm brown eyes on his guest. "Good morning," he rumbled in a deceptively melodic voice. "I trust that you are somewhat more refreshed now that you have gained some rest?"

The chakat stared at him, blinking uncomprehendingly. " talk?" shi asked, losing just a little bit of hir terror.

"Of course I do. As do you, it seems." He lifted himself up to his full height, which wasn't that much higher than the chakat was. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am White Blaze, and I am a wolgon, a merging of a dragon's body with that of a wolf." He bowed clumsily, spreading his wings out to their full twelve foot length. "At your service."

"Ah...nice to meet you, I guess," the chakat answered, totally confused. Well, shi'd play along for the time being. "I'm Chakat Sandwalker...child of Skywatcher and Trailblazer." Rather than bow, shi nodded hir head politely.

As White Blaze returned to his normal posture, Sandwalker ran hir gaze over him. He was a little taller than shi was, about six feet, and appeared to mass little more than half of hir considerable four hundred and forty pounds. The front of his body, from chest to tail, seemed to be a soft grey leather, as were his wings. Elsewhere he had long white fur. His head resembled that of a wolf's, but had much broader features. Shoulder-length black hair cascaded down his back, and he had lovely brown eyes. Hardly the look of a terrible monster.

"A pleasure to meet such an interesting...person as yourself, Sandwalker," the wolgon purred. "I've never come across the chakat species."

"I haven't heard of a wolgon either," Sandy murmured, taking a step closer. "In fact, I don't even know where I am. The last thing I remember was that I was running through a horrible forest, and there seemed to be something that howled following me." Shi shuddered with the memory. "The next thing I knew, I was here."

White Blaze nodded, twisting his muzzle into the semblance of a smile. "Yes, that would be correct. That howling you heard was from a HeartHunter, a creature not unlike a wolf, but far more bloodthirsty, and about your size. It can scent a large animal, like yourself, at a range of about a mile. When it has found a target, it will pursue it relentlessly until it brings it down, or has it taken out of its reach."

"My Gods," Sandy breathed, almost collapsing from shock. Shi had been very close to becoming some hound's meal, and shi had this wolgon to thank for rescuing hir. "This seems like some sort of nightmare. It must be a nightmare, for things like you, or HeartHunters, don't exist!" Shi started to tremble, hir normally calm facade crumbling to reveal the fear-filled chakat inside.

A look of sympathy came over White Blaze's face, and he moved over to Sandy, enfolding hir in a gentle embrace, spreading his wings out and curling them around the shivering chakat in a protective way, much like a mother dragon would comfort her child if it was distressed. "Don't worry, Sandwalker," the wolgon murmured in his rumbling tenor voice. "You're safe now, and nothing will harm you; not while you're with me."

Sandy clutched at the wolgon's body, sensing the protectiveness in his gesture. Hir fingers twined themselves through White Blaze's lush white fur, hir body pressing against his leathery underbelly. Despite hir anxious state, shi found his presence soothing, and shi began to purr, quietly at first, then increasing in volume as the wolgon began stroking hir back.

White Blaze smiled as Sandy purred against his body, and ran his foreclaws down hir back, causing hir to purr with more intensity. When they reached the area where hir torsos joined, the chakat started, stopping hir purring momentarily, then resumed at an even greater level. "Hmm," White Blaze thought as he repeated the motion. "Shi finds that thrilling, does shi?"

He chuckled to himself when he realised that the vibrations from Sandy's purring had begun to arouse him. Slowly his maleness began to slip free from its furry home, worming its way between their bodies. In only a few seconds it was fully extended, and being rubbed delightfully between Sandy's breasts.

Nearly inaudible groans of pleasure began to escape White Blaze's throat as his cock was gently massaged by the furry mounds that were pressing against it. They didn't go unnoticed.

With nary a thought, Sandy pulled away a bit, and bent hir head forward to lightly kiss the now seeping tip of the wolgon's cock, before beginning to slowly engulf it, taking the length inch by inch into hir warm mouth. Shi smiled around it as White Blaze bucked forward, driving what little shi hadn't taken into hir muzzle, making hir gag slightly as the head went down hir throat.

White Blaze lightly held the chakat's head as he very gently thrust his member in and out of Sandy's muzzle, revelling in the sensations of hir tongue rasping along his length, tickling the tip, and the gentle sucking motions of hir mouth.

Sandy suckled on the wolgon's maleness as if were a teat, drawing a steady stream of slightly salty precum from it. Shi pulled half of it out of hir mouth, and began to massage the lower part with one hand, still continuing ministrations on the rest.

The feelings the wolgon was experiencing were exquisite, and he was hard pressed to not come to his peak too early. It had been such a long time since anyone had done this for him, and he was relishing every second of it. He did feel a momentary pang of guilt; after all, a creature he had known for only a few minutes was going down on him, and it seemed somehow that he had forced himself on hir. He knew it was nonsense; shi had initiated the intimacy, for which he was grateful.

These thoughts kept his mind occupied enough to delay climax just a little longer, but eventually he had to put aside his musings to give in to his body's urges. With a roar that echoed crazily around the cave, White Blaze came, shooting thick ropes of hot cream into the chakat's mouth.

Caught by surprise, Sandy choked on the first spurt, and pulled White Blaze's cock from hir mouth to cough and splutter. Before too much was lost, though, she recovered hir breath and pulled the squirting member back into hir muzzle, swallowing each volley quickly before it had a chance to mount up.

It seemed like forever, but sadly it was only a minute or so, and all too soon the wolgon's supply of spunk was drained into Sandy's stomach, where it churned about with odd liquid noises. "Thank you, Sandwalker," murmured White Blaze, lifting hir head up to gaze into hir eyes. "Very few have performed that on me, and I am grateful for your service."

"You are by all mean welcome, White Blaze," the chakat replied, smiling up at the slightly taller wolgon. "Consider it as a part payment for your rescue of me." She chuckled when shi saw the puzzled expression on the wolgon's face. "Yes, part payment. I would like to do something else for you."

White Blaze considered the offer for a few moments, then smiled. "Of course, Sandy. If you would be so kind...." He trailed off as he turned around and got down on all fours, swinging his tail up over his back to show off his puckered tailhole. "I once had a partner who made love to me every night, many years ago, but...." He sighed, looking away from Sandy's gaze for a moment as he remembered. "He was killed by one of those HeartHounds that so very nearly got you. Since then, I have missed feeling his solid maleness in me, and I request of you to perhaps give me back what it feels like to be filled again."

Sandy blinked at him, then turned hir gaze to regard the strangely inviting tailhole that was presented to hir. "I would be honoured, White Blaze, to make love to you as your partner did." Shi moved a step closer, and reached out with a finger to lightly touch the ring of wrinkled skin.

The wolgon shivered when he felt Sandy's claw brush him, and involuntarily contracted his anal sphincter, relaxing it again as the contact went away. He glanced behind, and smiled when he saw Sandy slowly stroking hir sheath, coaxing hir male member out into the cool air. "I'm not in male mode at the moment, so I need a little encouragement," shi said in hir purring tones.

"Of course," White Blaze murmured, nodding his head. "I understand perfectly." He waited patiently for Sandy to rub hirself into an erect state, then smiled when shi stepped up behind him. "Are you ready?" shi asked, cocking hir head at the wolgon. "I am," he replied fervently.

Sandy rose up on hir hind legs, and tottered forward to straddle the wolgon's lower back. Shi fine-tuned hir positioning, until the head of hir cock was touching White Blaze's tailhole, then shi carefully pushed inward.

A gasp escaped the wolgon's muzzle as he felt a cock invade his lower bowels for the first time in many seasons, and he revelled in the sensation of pain and pleasure mingled together at first penetration. He pushed back into Sandy, anxious to get every inch of chakat meat inside him.

The chakat grinned at White Blaze's eagerness, understanding what he must be going through. Shi took hir time, pulling out and sliding back in slowly to loosen the tight passage up, before getting into a faster rhythm.

Rumbles of happiness and pleasure spread through the wolgon's body, combining with Sandy's purring to provide a soothing, yet stimulating, massage to both partners as they made love, gradually increasing the tempo to a brisk pace, then going hard out as both careered up to an orgasm.

Sandy came first, with a wild yowl that was more animal than civilised. Shi thrust in deeply, spraying hot chakat seed into White Blaze's bowels again and again. The sudden influx of semen caused the wolgon to reach his own peak, and with another triumphant roar he joined Sandy in climax, ropes of wolgon cream splashing out over the ground, in smaller quantities than before.

A minute's ecstasy, and the rush passed, leaving behind it the lethargy of having had a night of passionate loving. Sandy pulled out, and managed to totter over to the sleeping pad to collapse onto it, panting hard. "Thus have I fully paid you for rescuing me," shi said weakly, smiling.

"Thus have you made me feel like a true male again," White Blaze replied, slowly making his way over to lie beside hir. "I am very much glad that I found you when I did. If I hadn't been there when I was...." He trailed off, letting the silence speak for him.

"Yes, I have to agree with you on that score." The chakat sighed, and moved up to cuddle with White Blaze. "Perhaps tomorrow you might be able to shed some light on how I ended up in that horrible forest, hmm?"

The wolgon nodded, a slight smile on his face. "Yes, I think I could do that. It might take a bit of explaining, though." He leaned over and kissed Sandy on the head. "Until tomorrow, though, we should rest up. Goodnight, Sandy."

"Goodnight, White Blaze. And thank you again, for everything."

"You're welcome...."

The two lovers were soon embraced up the warm arms of sleep, and their heavy breathing was the only thing to disturb the night.

To be continued in Part 2

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