Species: Lop-eared Rabbit
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Blue
Height: 173cm (5' 8")


Zatanna is a digitigrade lop-eared rabbit with light brown fur and white fur that goes from throat to crotch and under the tail. Zatanna prefers to be referred to as "she" or "her" rather than the herm pronouns. Her breasts are between a C and D-cup, eyes are blue, and hair is just typical fluffy fur. She is slightly on the chubby side. She likes to dress casually, but prefers dresses or skirts. She wears two 14g hoops in the top of the left ear.

Zatanna is a bubbly, easygoing but naive person – low-maintenance and simple. She is lifemated to Riley Costello, a herm Siamese cat. Zatanna is feminine-biased.

Zatanna only visits the Double H Club on rare occasions, usually just because Riley wants to go to socialise with some herm friends, or to attend one of the club's poker nights.


See Kitsuneko's homepage at Fur Affinity.

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