Species: Jackal morph
Gender: Herm
Height: 213cm (7 feet)
Eyes: Pink
Mother: Dierdre Frost
Sire: Theodore Frost


Wylhimena was born to two carriers of the herm gene, and sie is the only one of hir siblings to manifest the trait. Sie is the youngest of four, and was brought up in a relatively loving household. Sie joined the Herm Haven at the age of sixteen when hir first heat happened, triggering one of the many recessive traits that were bred into hir line during the Gene Wars. Sie is currently looking for at least a boyfriend, if not a mate. Sie leans a bit towards hir feminine side, except when sie's in hir rut, but overall sie is relatively balanced between the two. Friendly, once sie gets to know you. Can be a bit brusque to those who say insulting things around hir. Very into working out and takes exceptionally good care of hirself. Sie works as nightshift security at a local business because of hir albino nature.

Because sie's an albino, hir fur is entirely white, as is hir hair which usually has beads braided into it. Hir build is muscular, but not obsessively so. Sie does enjoy appearing mysterious, and has cultivated a manner of speaking which sie thinks helps make hir appear so. Sie has a playful attitude, and will go out of hir way to help decorate for any holiday that's coming up, especially Halloween. Sie doesn't really express many fetishes, but sie does enjoy 'debating' furs before sie'll date them. Sie prefers to wear things which appear to be leather armor, with vaguely Egyptian style heiroglyphics applied to the top. Sie is working on getting hir bachelor's degree in history, and has a facination with egyptology, but is learning how to expand that to other races. Hir tail has several bands, of varying thickness, gracing its length. Sie also wears a set of arm/leg bands that usually match hir outfits. Sie has 36D breasts and a 9" sheathed penis.

Despite hir parents both having the recessive herm gene, they had one normal female and two normal male children. Wylhimena's sister is named Veronica, and hir brothers are Kenjiro and Laurence. Sie is quite willing to either bear or sire some children of hir own if sie can find the right person. However, because sie likes all species including humans and taurs, it might be a little tricky finding someone compatible.


Character copyright George V. Woodrow IV.
Sample art by and copyright to Rita Lima and Dark Natasha.

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