Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height 164cm (5' 4½")
Eyes: Ice Blue


Winterrose is a specialist at being a generalist, and is in the employ of Star Fleet as an Earth Sciences specialist. Shi is versed in the umbrella that is earth sciences, and while shi is not “above and beyond” in any given category, shi has a knack for geology, oceanography, and meteorology. Shi is a frequent visitor to Herm Haven, exploring all the club has to offer between assignments and extended hiking trips. Winterrose has a fun loving personality and a complete adoration for the outdoors. Hir career as an Earth Sciences Specialist was due to this passion, and shi is not afraid of getting dirty in the process. Shi also has a particular, almost childish love for snow that manifests in an interest for mountain trails.

Shi has white fur with black, jaguar-style rosettes, and silvery-white, mid-back length wavy hair, which is normally worn back in a half ponytail. Shi tends not to wear jewelry because it would interfere with hir work. Shi's bisexual with a leaning to hir female side. Shi is not currently in any relationship.


Character copyright Michael Stacy.   Art copyright © Jennifer Doyle a.k.a. Zephira.

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