Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Dunewalker
Sire: Needlenose
Age: 27
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Blue


Winsoar was born on Earth and served in Star Fleet most of hir career. Shi is fair-tempered like most chakats, and although shi does not feel jealousy, shi comes close when others are having fun with new engineering toys. Shi has a sense of humor which as gotten hir into more scrapes than one, including programming the transporter to make certain members of the crew lose their clothes or get wallpaper paste on their body. Retired from Star Fleet after one term. Now works for a company managing loading and unloading of supplies.

Winsoar has an average build, blue tiger-patterned fur, black hair with added blue highlights, 40DD breasts, and prefers to wear nothing if shi can get away with it, but bikini tops when shi can't. Shi's quirky, and can go from humorous to serious within moments depending on the situation. Shi is in a relationship with a husky morph named Toko, and has an adopted chakat child named Icestorm.


Character copyright Chakat Winsoar.   Art copyright © Insomniac Platypus.

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