Species: Chakat (x Stellar Foxtaur)
Gender: Herm
Born: 30 October 2314 (age: 18)
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Mother: Morningdew
Sire: Ellianne Shorttail


Wildheart got hir name shortly after shi was born. Rather unusual for a chakat, shi was born a day early, and this caused much wild confusion for hir family. Since they all wanted to be there for the birthing, many members of the family had to rush to get there. Many called it wild panic, but when they all witnessed the miracle, they all seemed to forget how crazy it was to get there. When Wildheart was dried, revealing the tiny mess of red hair on hir head, hir mother, Morningdew, named hir Wildheart. Wild coming from the tangle of hair and the wild night before, and heart because Morningdew could "see a good heart when shi met one." As Wildheart grew older, the name only seemed to fit hir more and more.

Wildheart gained a lot from hir sire, including hir love for forests, hir thick, water resistant coat, and hir mostly vegetarian diet. Because of this, Wildheart was very close to hir sire. On hir first hike through the wild forests with hir sire, Wildheart found an old key that had long been lost, and it made hir curious as to where it came from. Ever since, shi has had a fascination with finding old things and finding out their stories. Shi turned the key into a necklace as a fond memory.

Though it isn't usually considered an "occupation," Wildheart is a "Picker." This means that shi likes to collect, buy, and sell old antiques and collectables. Shi loves to travel to other worlds to find things that people would pay anything for, or dig through old forests for old human objects that people would find interesting. Shi has a certain fascination for "junk," and often finds a purpose for it, even if shi can't sell it.

Wildheart has a rather plain coloration for the most part, but hir pattern is very odd because of hir family tree (hir family is a wide range of taur species; chakats, foxtaurs, wolftaurs, other felitaurs, and a hyena taur). Shi has rich, soft chestnut colored fur and a creamy white underbelly that spreads from below hir chin to hir tail. Hir arms, paws, tail, and ears all have the same black and creamy white coloring to them. Shi also has odd black markings on her cheeks, though hir family has no idea who shi received them from, and it makes hir very unique. However, most other chakats are usually either disgusted or curious about the markings, since they appear to be tattoos even though shi was born with them. Wildheart's hair is a rusty red, which shi got from hir sire. Shi usually keeps it up in slightly chaotic pigtails and wild bangs. Shi takes it out only when trying to impress somebody. Hir eyes are blue near the centre but shade to green around the edges. Shi has a rather slender build for a chakat, but shi is still lean and powerful nonetheless. Shi has an average size penis and C-cup breasts.

While Wildheart usually prefers not to wear clothing, shi does wear them more often than most chakats do, though the only clothes shi wears outside of protection are small halter tops, usually striped, glittery, or plain green. Wildheart doesn't usually wear jewellery, except when shi is going out or looking to impress. The jewellery shi does own consist of bangles, which shi also likes to collect, plus hir key charm necklace. Shi has a very strong empathetic ability, even more so than most chakats, and has matured (mentally) much faster than others. Even though shi is a young chakat, shi still feels as if it has been ages that shi has lived without a mate, and shi longs for love. Hir adopted cub, Blackeye, does relax hir nature quite a bit, however.

Sexually, Wildheart leans way towards female, rather than male. However, shi knows that love is not based on gender, and so it is just as easy for hir to fall in love with a female as a male. Shi has a thing for bellies. Shi just loves pressing hir cheeks to a warm, soft belly, and would be just as happy cuddling as she would being mounted by a lover.

Wildheart is a very trustworthy friend. However, even shi knows that shi can't keep a secret, even with non-chakats. Still, shi is very friendly, and would do anything to protect the ones shi loves, and even complete strangers. Shi is always acting like the hero. Shi is very energetic and very easily excited (emotionally). Shi often makes jokes to cheer others up, and makes for a very nice companion. Shi does pick on others, but never to the point that shi would offend them. Around others, shi is very happy and can make even the saddest people smile, but when shi is by hirself, shi can be very curious and sometimes sad. Shi knows shi is missing that one thing that would make hir heart whole, and that is why shi came to the Double H Club, in hopes of meeting the one companion who is truly right for hir.

Wildheart's mother is Morningdew, a tiger-patterned chakat whose stripes are silver. Hir sire is a Forest Breed Stellar Foxtaur named Ellianne Shorttail. Although Wildheart has had many companions and a few affairs, none have lasted. Shi does have a companion who shi deeply cares for – Sahara Nightsong, a red fox/bat-eared fox vixen. However, Wildheart has noticed that Sahara does not feel any sexual attraction to hir, and so shi has not tried to make any moves, though it makes hir kind of sad at times when shi thinks about it. Shi has no cubs of hir own, but has taken into hir care a herm white liontaur who had been abandoned soon after being weaned due to hir parents being single-sex and bigoted against herms. Wildheart named hir Blackeye due to a patch of black fur over one eye and passed hir off as being a legally adopted orphan. Shi hopes that growing up with the other herm children at the Double H Club will make hir proud to be a herm.


Sample art by and copyright to Allison Luvur (a.k.a. Chakat Luvur).

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