Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Moonpaw
Sire: Nightshadow
Age: 32
Eyes: Vibrant blue
Height: 170cm (5' 7")


Raised almost constantly on the move, shi inherited hir love for the land and wildlife from hir parents, Moonpaw and Nightshadow, who are both biologists in the Star Corps. At a young age shi helped them gather flora specimens and the occasional small critter shi came across. By far hir favourite place shi visited as a child was Africa. Vowing as a child to one day go back there, shi closely followed in hir parents' footsteps and joined Star Corps as a biologist, though hir focus is on ecology and conservation. As a result shi travels a lot, although only going off-world once, mostly studying ecology and conservation on Earth. Shi loves the wildlife on Terra and is happy to be stationed on hir home planet. Shi has a moderate house in Melbourne, nestled in one of its outer forested areas where shi is most content being surrounded by wildlife.

Recently learning shi was to be sent to Africa for a while to study the wildlife there, shi was ecstatic. Having some time off before shi was meant to leave, shi headed there early to explore and see some of the places shi visited as a cub. While only there for two weeks, shi was heading back home to bring back all hir equipment, when shi met with Blackstripe at the airport. Saving the stressed and frazzled chakat from totally melting down before the flight, shi accompanied hir on the long trip back to Australia, and invited hir to stay at hir home for a while. Since that day, Whiterose and Blackstripe have been firm friends, and Whiterose had hir assignment postponed for the time being to help Blackstripe adjust and start to meet new people.

Whiterose has a black pelt patterned with white rosettes with grey inner markings, and long white hair. While not super stocky, shi appears quite stocky next to Blackstripe but has an average jaguar-like frame with thick, but powerful legs and hir upper torso is defined, but not muscular, with D-cup breasts. Keeps hirself in shape and loves to go walking and camping to both keep fit, and almost constantly be at work monitoring various flora and fauna in hir local area. Generally wears a halter or loose-fitting top, but does have a pretty big wardrobe for all climates and occasions, and is happy to dress up when an occasion calls for it. Hir favourite ornament is a small white bone elephant pendant shi wears around hir neck. Hir mother, Moonpaw, bought it in Africa for hir as a cub when the family went for an assignment when Whiterose fell in love with Africa and vowed to go back there one day. Moonpaw got it to remind hir of the trip together and hir cub's vow. Bright and happy, always happy to meet new people and loves to talk about hir job and wildlife. Very passionate and easy going. Companion to Blackstripe.


Character and art by and copyright to Arinaca.

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