Species: Vulpinoid
Gender: Herm
Height: 175cm (5' 6")
Born: 14 February 2314
Eyes: Green


Voxanna is a happy Vulpinoid. Shi and hir mate are expecting their first child. He works for a building contractor. Shi has no skills in the work force, but shi is a great dancer. Shi came from a small town where herms are not common, but they are welcomed due to them being chakat teachers and sex educators.

Shi met and fell in love with hir current life mate, Daniel Claps, when he visited hir town on a building contract. Shi was ecstatic to learn that he was bi-sexual, and that he was recently single. They hit it off at once, and declared themselves denmates after shi became pregnant. Shi moved with him to Melbourne to start a new life and family. Shi joined the Double H Club when shi first arrived, to socialize and make new friends.

In 2332, Voxanna has just recently lost hir mate in a Humans First riot in Melbourne. Shi came to the HH for moral and emotional support; shi is currently 5 months pregnant, no job, no home and a small payout from hir mate’s life insurance. Shi meets Illumanati at the HH gathering, and they both became close friends.

Shi leaves Terra and travel to Chakona, to move in with Illumanati and hir family. Shi gives birth to a healthy baby herm, that shi calls Crysteen while on board The Purgatorio. Later, shi discovers that hir child suffers from a mental disorder, Autism. Shi now dances at one of the ritzy restaurants while hir child, Crysteen, is looked after by Stephan, Illumanati or Sunrise.

Hir fur is yellow with dark brown gloves and socks. Hir tail ends in a white tip. Black ears with a white tuft of fur inside. White fur belly. Reddish brown shoulder length hair. Shi is digitigrade, slim and cuvaceous, with E-cup breasts and a seven inch cock. Shi prefers loose-fitting clothing during hir pregnancy, but shi normally likes wearing pretty casual clothing, short mini skirts, and tightly fitting T-shirts. Shi likes wearing sexy sultry outfits when shi dances. Shi wears a Denmate bracelet, gold with 19 small ruby shaped hearts on it, plus a silver chain with a heart locket with both shi and hir mates picture inside.

Normally Voxanna is happy and energetic. Shi loves dancing and flirting, and shi has a quick wit. Loves telling jokes and funny stories. Currently though, shi's solemn and sad, withdrawn due to the loss of hir mate. Shi is moderately feminine by preference, but shi is also sexually repressed.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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