Species: Fox morph
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Mother: Francesca
Father: Matthew
Height: 152cm (5 feet)
Eyes: Dark amber


Vikki is a complex being. Shi is extremely shy with strangers, but as soon as the other person makes the first move, shi opens up completely. Shi is brutally honest, extremely generous though becomes irritable when shi feels shi isn't appreciated. Shi is prone to mood swings, though shi has become quite good at hiding them, and prefers to appear bouncy and happy even when that is not the case.

Vikki grew up with two loving foxmorph parents who both had herm recessive genes. Though they themselves were fully accepting of their child, the community Vikki grew up in was not. Vikki grew up, understanding who shi was and about hir dual-sex, but decided to masquerade as a normal female. Vikki never fully got to open up about the nature of hir sex, and it caused much internal conflict that caused her to break down. Shi self-harmed and attempted suicide three times before hir parents finally understood and moved somewhere that Vikki could be hir true self, and the family moved to Melbourne. Even still, Vikki prefers to dress as a female and keep hir true sex quiet. Shi is surrently studying criminology.

Vikki is a digitigrade fox morph, and hir fur is pure white, which shi keeps meticulously clean, with flaming red points at her paws, ears and tail. Hir hair is also red and cropped to the jawline. Shi is very small, with a slim build. The two together make hir moderate C-cup chest that would not normally be very impressive, become very distrating. Shi will wear anything to accentuate hir breasts and play down her penis which is of average size, something that shi is thankful for. While shi doesn't mind using it once in a while, anything larger would hamper hir ability to pass as a female. Hir style changes with the day, though shi usually sticks to something "punky". Shi has multiple piercings in both ears, and usually wears a gold chain with hir grandsire's wedding ring on it.

Shi does not pursue sexual relationships, and seems almost complacent, but inside the bedroom (or on the couch, counter, stairs, etc.) becomes either very eager to please or very dominant. Relationships had been a very hard thing for Vikki, as shi craves a herm for understanding, but one very male-biased. All hir attempts at a relationship end in a single sexual encounter that leaves Vikki feeling more alone than before. Vikki would love children someday, but wants a steady and loving partner first.


Character copyright Victoria H.

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