Species: Red Fox
Gender: Herm
Height: 173cm (5' 8")
Eyes: Amber
Age: 25


Always the one to be on the move, shi somehow found hirself here, and honestly, hasn't yet found a reason to leave. Shi's always got that certain air of mystery about hir, and shi knows it all too well, but then, what good vixen doesn't? Shi's been known to cater to a great number of partners and fetishes (shi'll do just about anything once, if not twice just to make sure), while still keeping hir wits about hir.

In hir own mind, where shi came from isn't all too important compared to where shi's going. While one can inquire about hir past, more often than not shi'd prefer to talk about the future. Shi isn't too much one to brood, but has been known to be rather vindictive towards those that cross hir, fortunately there have been few such cases.

While a bit reclusive, shi does tend to open up to those shi spends time with, and can be downright friendly given long enough. For those shi first meets shi covers hir insecurities with a good deal of flirting and the odd joke or two. Regardless, shi always seems to be in command of hirself even when struggling terribly with the matters at hand.

Vanny is a plantigrade rust-coloured fox morph with a 32B bust and a 7 inch sheathed cock (knotted). Shi is totally bisexual. Shi prefers to wear thongs, gym shorts and T-shirts for the most part. The image at right links to a character sheet.

Character copyright © Vanessa.
Art copyright © Tiger-Chameleon, Corgii and Seux

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