Species: Fox
Gender: Herm
Mother: Emily Whitetip
Father: Paul Whitetip


Tiff is a happy-go-lucky fox. Shi is not shy around anyone shi meets. Shi loves to have time to talk with everyone shi meets. Shi will drink a glass of a rare wine called pink wine, but shi only drinks wine when shi has to drink any kind of alcohol. Shi is smart on top of that. Shi loves being a mother, and shi will fight for hir family no matter what. Shi is a teacher by profession. Shi likes to wear dresses. Not currently in a relationship, but is looking for the right person.

Born of single-sex parents, Tiff was thought to be a female until hir penis started developing after a few years.




Sample art by and copyright to Bubble_kitten17.
Character belongs to Michael Parton a.k.a. Chakat Newme.

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